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  1. zEsteban

    "Teal Swan is like heroine.. only more addictive, thrilling, and dangerous." - the_initiated (2017)
  2. zEsteban

    Garnet- I am formally authorizing you to create a "Love and Twin Flames" category. Have a ball! Thanks!
  3. zEsteban

    Thanks. I'm counting on you now, Garnet, to make LOVE relevant again in society.. and more identifiable in the forum.
  4. Anonymous and Crystal Eyes- These could easily be twin flame situations. Energetic connection during physical presence, telepathy, and dreams are also big signs. Good Luck!
  5. Add "Twin Flames and Love" section May I suggest a "Twin Flames and Love" section be added?? (NOT for discussion on Teal's personal love life.. or anything) Also, maybe "We are Awesome" and "Music Sharing" can simply be rolled under (or into) Other Discussions or just be deleted. They are simply not that important. lol Love is CORE to spirituality (self and other. The forums are cold without a LOVE section Thanks for your time and consideration on this matter. Peace. --- addendum -- NOTE: I wasn't suggesting Music is not important, btw. Just that if you only want to have a small handful of sections on a spiritual site, "Music Sharing".. doesn't seem like something best for the top 8. "Music, Mantras, and Meditations".. maybe. Anywho.. sorry if I appeared a bit flippant.
  6. zEsteban

    You are definitely executing your plan, Teal. KUDOS! I think your spiritual resort and intentional community reality (and ambitions) are perfectly aligned and ideal for showing humanity new and better possibilities for high-consciousness living. Thanks for sharing your life and spiritual insights. Teal!
  7. Reincarnation is one of the TRICKIER topics... due to the fact our belief systems and emotional debris greatly affect.. or rather.. DETERMINE how our afterlife goes. If you want sources.. there are many New Age sources that describe the VARIED experiences people have after death.. including the Seth material. Plus, many of the more advanced spiritual humans, including Teal, don't have a "normal soul".. but an ET consciousness stream replacing it. In other words, some leading thinkers don't accurately describe the typical human experience. The (typical) human has a Soul --> Spirit Body ---> Physical Body Animals have no soul and just a Spirit Body --> Physical Body Once you have soul, you don't become animal.. as the Soul is eternal - and animals don't have souls. One can certainly say the Higher_Self is Soul. However, the soul is a flexible container for all that is YOU. - and is not SOURCE. Your Soul Level is determined by the amount of LOVE/TRUTH it holds. Your emotional baggage does NOT reset upon passing. However, it can be neutralized in spirit realms and then people sometimes reincarnate in this or other realms. You come from Source, but are not it. More importantly, God is Source, but Source is not God. These nuances of understanding are rather important.. because a soul cannot love a swirling ball of energy (Source) but it can love an entity (God) - - - - - However, probably the biggest point to get here is that many Starseeds have a form of karmic immunity from Earth (one might say) where they cannot so easily get trapped in lower astral realms after death.. because they came here to help out. Peace and Love to you!
  8. zEsteban

    Write something.. or put a new picture up somewhere. Thanks! ha-ha
  9. zEsteban

    TEAL, YOU ARE SOOO Fantastically wise!! ..Underneath all that Charisma, Killer Awareness, and Beauty. Love zEstaban
  10. I've been feeling super strange myself. (like something is going on)
  11. zEsteban

    @Li'shandra Realistically. There are MANY great uses for sexual charisma. Clearly, you are good at getting men's attention. Any presentation platform where you have a strong message (and appealing presence thanks to your charisma - but one where men (and women) cannot easily act on).. would be an area where your strong sexual charisma can be put to good use. Let's be honest. Teal has tremendous Sexual Charisma and uses it adroitly to capture attention and spread her global spiritual messages regarding higher consciousness and means of healing past trauma.
  12. zEsteban

    I don't have Teal's itinerary in front of me at the moment - because I've never met her , but her Philly blog would suggest she's in Detroit currently. Hope that helps some!
  13. zEsteban

    @Li'shandra Sorry. Can't help you here. I am TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED to answer this question! Despite respecting women substantially.. I tend to be hyper-sexual towards them.. especially if I am attracted. Here is a typical interaction w/me: [:I walk into room:] "Nice Ass! Hello. I'm here to volunteer for your community service program, Sister Maria."
  14. zEsteban

    I previously said ["There is NOT a "flood of critical feedback"]. I am correcting this statement. I see now there REALLY IS a surge in anti-Teal YT junk videos coming out. Of course, this is also because she is becoming more known and successful.. and this tend to bring haters out of the wood-work. I am not really sure how Teal takes it all. I hope she realizes it truly is simply due to her being such a unique & bright (feminine) beacon in society representing expansion into new realms of higher consciousness. There are are lot of jealous women and misogynistic men out there.. especially when one has the misunderstood past and potentially intimidating skill-set she has. Keep on soaring, Teal!
  15. zEsteban

    Clearly, I need to move to Philadelphia, since I'm a bewildered addict morse so now than ever before and perfectly equipped to help (either) city manufacture more pain. Detroit is a great place to read about another person visiting. (ideally an in-law and not Teal). BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT, DELICIOUS, and DIVINE are 4 things the city is not. However, it is a superb place to work on your auto-matic writing. I've spent much time in my past around there going to college and having a kid in Southfield. (Note: I also developed a promising career as a rapper once I made it out past 8 mile rd.) ["The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world.. are the ones that do"] If crazy is the starting point consensus will be I'm a fast starter. Have a great trip, Teal. Love, zEsteban