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  1. :-) yes, I am starting to bring this idea out on fb groups, it is so beautiful because the resonance is pretty amazing.... the next days I am meeting a woman from Switzerland, she is full of passion for this project. But I feel that people have a real issue with committing..... I understand that, yet for this type of living, I guess, we need to be committed... I feel that many people wrote to me, but kind of as searching for an alternative of what they have now, but they are not really IN it.... like they want to come out of a situation, but I dont feel that they are not having the same desire.... Non-commitment is the issue, I am facing...which is a bit difficult for making this dream become REAL. Of course it is challenging to become serious about an idea, but if we want to live together we all need to create emotional safety and protection for each other and this involves to be commited, I guess. I never had a family!!!! So this is my deepest desire, to build one with like minded, creative, shy, sensitive people and of course with my bunny. Anyway you are more than welcome to join or meet or just write me back. The house is beautiful, simple and very cosy. And the sea is only 1/2 hour away... Much love, Lena.
  2. I am from Germany originally. Living in Berlin since 9 years. What about you? I am now trying to build a community in northern Germany, my goal is to live together with other creative people. But I am still in Berlin....in Wedding. But I am needing nature What are you doing in Berlin and where are you from?
  3. Hi Maida. Thanks for your answer. Because I want to be loved. Hahahahahaha Where are you living? I am still based in Berlin, but I am going to buy this house in northern germany. Would be nice to meet you!!! Love, Lena.
  4. Building a community Hello everyone. My name is Lena, I am 32 years and live in Berlin. I am going to buy a house, half an hour from the east sea between Hamburg and Kiel. I found the perfect sweetest place after searching 8 month intensively. I wish to live with other people. Myself is an artist, dancer, musician, writer. I found a beautiful place with a huge garden where we could plant vegetables. It is quiet and a beautiful village with an amazing lake. In the garden we have more 12 fruit trees :-) I am so sick of living alone. I need you, I desire to live with people who are sensitive, emotional available and honest. I am not into drugs and stuff. I live myself dedicated to healing, self-discovery, art, freedom and peace! I love you guys. Please love me back. For more infos, please contact me. Love, Lena.
  5. hello. yes, my name is lena. I am based in Berlin. Musician and dancer, writing poems