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  1. JeskaFaye

    Time To Respond

    You got this Teal! Just remember you're not alone you have alot of people that love you and are greatful for all you do. <3 I am one of them. Your teaching have made my life better.
  2. Hello everbody? Anyone planing on going to the workshop in Los Angeles,Decmeber?
  3. JeskaFaye

    Fluorite Healing

    please do more videos like these on minerals and crystals <3
  4. Where are the questions Blake? nevermind...(in video)
  5. Wow this has been very helpful <3 Hard to admit it but I myself really do smoke too much (strong) mj now days!!IHate to admit it but honest,It's become a dependancy and I dont feel comfortable with the extent it has reached.Especially the past few years since I have been recovering from neck injury which caused many life changing obsticals and health issues.I really want to build the streangth to kick back my smoking habit.I do not want to be a slave to dependancy but I do enjoy smoking and it helps very much with pain for me. Long story short..... I really needed this video!Thank you
  6. JeskaFaye


    <3 I am so happy I found her on youtube!
  7. JeskaFaye


    <3 I am so happy I found her on youtube!
  8. My goal is to attend your workshop <3 I am planing on being at the workshop in Los Angeles. I must say I am extreamly happy I found Teal Swan on youtube.Her strength is most inspiring.The timing is perfectly in sync with the crossroads and need for healing I have been experincing .I've only been watching maybe a week or twoand I aleready feel so much more awakened spiritually. Needless to say I joined here <3 and I never sign up for these types of things but i feel her words really speak to my soul and have already helped heal me in many ways.
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