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    Try "Billie Ellish" and perhaps you might like "Aurora"- pop music
  2. Thank you, and I just wanted to say that the video is so beautiful:) Really all the dust flakes look like snow falling and in the fourth part the sun is just illuminating you both... it's great. I really appreciate mentions of how to create a loving home raising children. thank you thank you.
  3. I love cooking too! Not vegan but vegetarian & gluten free most days. Have you tried growing your own Kombucha or fermenting foods? It is a fun part of my families diet ... it takes more time rotating our kefir but it's not so hard. Chia seed chocolate pudding is a desert we do sometimes if you wanna check it out. Those plates are awesome! Ours are sage green (my favourite colour) and artisanal but yours are so pretty and colourful. Bon appetite
  4. I enjoy the parallels I see in the people I am discovering to be part of my "clan". It is nice to feel belonging? Symmetry? It happens a lot at my permaculture courses. People and their paths looking like familiar traveled roads... good times. Thank you for sharing and being genuine it is soooooo refreshing.
  5. Another thought or problem I run into often (being someone who knows what they want) is receiving the infinite list of what the other person does not want. This leads to hours of guessing and energy given to searching for solutions for them (ultimately the relationship); and then being rejected and resented repeatedly. Finally moving toward my desire (away from them/us) and then literally being attacked, shamed, bullied. Having a child in-between was actually incentive for the move. When does it stop? How do I fulfil everyones needs to keep the peace? lol! omg!! is this not a proper comment? Ps. thanks lots of validation/ help like always. bisous
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