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  1. Mellissa Marie

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    Try "Billie Ellish" and perhaps you might like "Aurora"- pop music
  2. Mellissa Marie


    That's what happens to me. The polar views people have of me in any situation all my life. I don't know what to make of it sometimes thinking it's me good and bad but I am always trying to answer this question why and then how to deal with it. I just moved to a country where the language is foreign and into a mountain where the people are sparse... but it still comes. I wonder how you interpret these polar opposite opinions so constantly in the face of your popularity. This is also why I just don't want to sing anymore. People fall in love and in the same concert hate me. Anyways feel you girl. Sorry.
  3. Mellissa Marie

    Self Gaslighting

    So I started watching this movie (thanks) and it reminded me of "The girl on the train". Yikes what a book it was ... and movie was really good too. I totally grasp this gas lighting concept now. The worst.
  4. Mellissa Marie

    Resistant To Teal

    The world is set up so that resistance is the easy path and creating is the hard one. We are so naturally creative creatures...why do we train ourselves and our children out of it? Safety in order? Man we are there. Bored even. Let us fine tune back a bit into the chaos of creativity. Mirror back what you feel, that's why I would be there. Wish I was in LA LA land for a day to support you. It's hard to be the mirror though, do what makes you feel good
  5. Mellissa Marie


    Maleficent! I always was like..."why would someone just curse a child, there must be something else going on here" and then the story came out! I was like YES! and love Angelina Jolie- she is good at dark.
  6. This is such a huge subject you should have a separate part to your blogs for it! People all over are living and learning into this awakening!!! Check out CAL EARTH they have great programs to learn to build or "contacts" people who want to help you build. You can combine COBB with the eco structures (like in our building plans) for a strong, lasting work of art home cocoon that anyone can build with their own hands!!! We are just starting building eco domes on our land in Spain (living in yurts for now) hunting around for people to integrate, families. So looking around the net and just around our local area we discovered many communities... it is definitely a "thing". I was wondering this whole time when you might get into this idea! Or sometimes rather why you did not get excited before (or I just missed it) . Figured you were just wayyyy to busy! Sweet! I am excited to see what you build! your art can be something people live IN!
  7. Mellissa Marie

    Trusting Yourself

    We know what we know for the reason to decide things from the perspective of unknowing. Knowing is different from feeling and sometimes the same but we can only be who we are at this point in time, deciding our own fates, making all the mistakes it takes to grow. We think too much. Trust what comes and ride the waves. There are many tools in your basket already ?
  8. Mellissa Marie


    Wow! That must have been so hard to come out like that. Super great and they did it together! Tnx
  9. Mellissa Marie

    Community Dynamics

    It is interesting because I have offered for my family to be a part of the community short term (3/4months) to offer what we have skills in. So for example my daughter thought to teach your son french (cause my daughter is french and loves new friends; and also your family is now french) and help with cooking, massage, singing because those are the things I can offer. I sent the email about two months ago I think. I was feeling like the need was arising with how some of your conversations were going. I wrote a letter and was kindly declined saying he does not need to learn French. Perhaps my point was missed (understandably as you receive so many offers) the thought is that you might need some short term community member/s who can offer to help fill and manage those what I call mommy position. My family aside this is just an example of what I was feeling would help expand and ease into what your community will (might) eventually become; clusters of families working together permanent and non permanent members. So as a first step finding someone who is in love with doing those traditional mothery things might be best... and so would come with her family. Well I hope you find your help : ) Thank you
  10. Thank you, and I just wanted to say that the video is so beautiful:) Really all the dust flakes look like snow falling and in the fourth part the sun is just illuminating you both... it's great. I really appreciate mentions of how to create a loving home raising children. thank you thank you.
  11. I love cooking too! Not vegan but vegetarian & gluten free most days. Have you tried growing your own Kombucha or fermenting foods? It is a fun part of my families diet ... it takes more time rotating our kefir but it's not so hard. Chia seed chocolate pudding is a desert we do sometimes if you wanna check it out. Those plates are awesome! Ours are sage green (my favourite colour) and artisanal but yours are so pretty and colourful. Bon appetite
  12. Mellissa Marie

    First Time Hiking

    I enjoy the parallels I see in the people I am discovering to be part of my "clan". It is nice to feel belonging? Symmetry? It happens a lot at my permaculture courses. People and their paths looking like familiar traveled roads... good times. Thank you for sharing and being genuine it is soooooo refreshing.
  13. Another thought or problem I run into often (being someone who knows what they want) is receiving the infinite list of what the other person does not want. This leads to hours of guessing and energy given to searching for solutions for them (ultimately the relationship); and then being rejected and resented repeatedly. Finally moving toward my desire (away from them/us) and then literally being attacked, shamed, bullied. Having a child in-between was actually incentive for the move. When does it stop? How do I fulfil everyones needs to keep the peace? lol! omg!! is this not a proper comment? Ps. thanks lots of validation/ help like always. bisous
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