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  1. Sound Warrior

    Hi there ... Nicobox Vue Sur Lexterieur. Jazz Hop Album (You Tube.) A new playlist for an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class I am hoping to teach for adolescents at some of the schools in my local area. All about raising vibration .. Do what you love, love what you do !! Love to all Xx
  2. Sound Warrior

    Hi , I really enjoyed the blog or maybe "enjoyed " is not the right word considering the themes of it's content and the incidents that have sparked it! My thoughts (won´t ask a penny for them.) Welcome aboard the runaway freight train of change ... destination raised consciousness, oneness and unconditional love ... but first making stops at economic, social and political upheaval followed by a refuelling lay over at stations anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, greed, separateness and finally ( saving the best until last) finger pointing. You get the picture, despite the trite analogy (yes influenced by Teal's Train blog.) We are experiencing extremely intense times. Teetering on the brink of changes which look to be triggered into motion in the scariest possible scenarios . What can or should we do? (for those of us that feel concerned or indeed powerless ) ... do your own work , look within, see your shadow .... acknowledge it and move to a place of love with your thoughts, words and acts. It is plain to see what "an eye for an eye" mentality is edging us towards and it`s not a pretty picture. Feeling grounded ,centred and walking in your light has never been as important as it is right now. I thank Teal for her authenticity and for speaking up in a heart felt and eloquent way. I admire her courage to put herself in the line of fire for expressing her opinion, because after all, that is all it is ! Whatever happened to the "land of the free" . Oh I forgot , that is just for some people, which of course is kind of how this whole topic of discussion began. Keep the vibration high peeps and keep keeping it real Teal. "Only Love is real , Only Love is real, I crush everything else based on ignorance and fear "( MC Yogi words from his song you guessed it Only love Is Real) Love to all
  3. Sound Warrior

    Hello From Fuerteventura ! Hi everyone , Big hello from the little island of Fuerteventura. New to Teal ( found her through a friend´s recommendation) and new to this site . Looking forward to raising my vibration and sharing with like minded people. " Travel Light, live light, spread the light , be the light " Yogi Bhajan.