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  1. sparklinghueman

    Whoaaaa that reading is on point! Thank you!
  2. Do we have to share our shadows with others to heal? Hello all. Really want all the perspectives I can get on this. I’ve been doing healing work for years now and I had been in a great place of light for some time, until some things resurfaced that I couldn’t fully accept about myself. So. I think I’ve gotten to the root of my shadow. The darkest shadow(s) I carry. And I believe it’s the root to my shame, fear, and insecurities. I feel it would set me free to embrace it but it is so bad. I have accepted my actions/thoughts pertaining to this shadow all on my own. And felt incredible and realized this just aids my purpose in healing others. (Which is what I wish to do) although sometimes I fall back and feel awful. I feel this push in myself to get honest and just tell someone. To feel accepted by them. But I don’t feel ready to admit this shadow(s) to people yet. Because I know many people in the world would hate me or be very afraid of me, I’d one of the biggest outcasts according to society. Although when I was on San Pedro with my current partner (who loves and accepts me completely) I told him the brut of my shadows I’ve never told anybody. But I still don’t feel relief. How do we deal with these dark dark shadows? Do we have to share them or can we heal and integrate just by loving them all on our own? Like I said I did share pretty much all of it with him, he’s intuitive so we spoke on an energetic level and he was able to feel what I meant without me having to verbally say exactly what it was. I still did say it though, through energy. But no relief now! Is it just that I need to find that love and acceptance inside? Because when I think of telling someone I turn white. I feel my life is over. Perspectives on this predicament? Hope I conveyed it good enough.
  3. sparklinghueman

    Hey there! Just a few things to say about this that will hopefully help. Feeling is the best indicator in this situation where you're confused of up or down and have no idea what to do with whats right. In this moment now think of the choices you have before you and go through each of them one by one. You may visualize them or think of them vividly, now see how each decision if it were chosen, would make you feel emotionally. The one that feels like the most relief, or joyous, less agitation, or any form of improvement from where you are now is most like the choice best for you and your life from where you currently stand. If none of them quite feel better, which one feels like neutrality? This may be the best option in this case. Remember, there may not be a choice that has strong feeling of improvement. especially if you're in low states like depression or feeling overwhelmed, the choice may not feel much better. But any slight form of relief or joy is the goal. If you feel overwhelmed to the point that none feel like a good option you may need to ground yourself. Do some breathing or sit in the dirt to ground yourself physically and take in the earths pure vibration. This will bring you back to balance so you can make the choice again. Or just make any choice. Sometimes with physical or emotional depression our mind will not allow us to perceive any form of improvement in any choice so you may just have to pick anything that will move you out of that feeling state. Hope this helps
  4. sparklinghueman

    You say you're out of alignment. Usually not being ourselves is what causes the most pain in life. Can you acknowledge where you're stifling your own energy? Where you may be holding back from how you feel or want to do? In these moments try to move through that false wall and do this anyways. I understand where you're coming from with doubt. Doubt also is a form of fear. Which you can say is 'false evidence appearing real'. Whats the underlying fear? There's something beneath the surface doubts that you're experiencing. Why do you have a such a desire for him to 'individuate' from his twin sibling? What are you afraid the outcome will be if this doesn't happen? Also you say you know this won't change. That sounds more like a rigid belief than a full truth. Can you challenge the belief? And be open to it changing or not and accepting both perspectives? We should be able to unconditionally love somebody from where they're at. Meaning the way someone is shouldn't affect our happiness. If its literally keeps us from being free beings and living our purpose, we should question and maybe think about changing paths. But if you feel you can be your full authentic self with this person and live the life you want regardless of his actions. Then this has potential. Maybe its a perspective change about him that needs to occur. Maybe you need to try seeing his perspective from a compassionate sense to understand where he is at, without looking it from how you see it. Without fear attached to it. I hope everything works out. I'm free to message more if you need help. Always welcome to contact me:) Much love, Lex
  5. sparklinghueman

    Hey there! First off, before assumptions or resentments build, have you tried communicating to them first? Sometimes communication makes all the difference. If we choose to not say anything and only listen to our perspective about what we're experiencing (which is completely valid) we never give them the oppurtunity to share their perspective of how they're experiencing things. Resentments and frustrations tend to build when we are experiencing an opinion about someone and not communicating them to understand them. We assume things are the way they are from where we're seeing them. Which we know in this reality that every perspective is valid and none or more right or wrong than another. It may help to hear their perspective openly and honestly. Without taking it as fact either. It doesn't mean you shouldn't feel the way you feel or that what your experiencing isn't happening. Because it is. But it may ease your perspective by seeing their truth as well. Sometimes people are so absorbed in their own reality that they are completely unaware of how much they're affecting the outside by their actions. Also, don't forget, usually this means those people are most likely treating themselves with the same level of respect. From a compassionate sense, think of these people how they only do things for the outside appearance. This means they have a deep rooted insecurity in the fact of how they appear to the world. Which means they may have people pleasing tendencies and have a deep rooted fear of not being good enough. You may even be a representation of qualities they admire and desire. But because they have an inherent fear of not being good enough, they cant be that good because their negative belief systems are limiting their potential. So of course they will treat you the same way they treat themselves. If they give the cold shoulder to their greatness, of course they'll do the same to your greatness. Try perceiving it from a compassionate sense, look for yourself at what internal wounds are reflecting behind their actions. See what the root is. This may help. Much love, Lexi
  6. sparklinghueman

    Sure. Want to message me with more information? I'll help to the best of my ability
  7. sparklinghueman

    Yes it can be influenced by trauma. But there's a reason your body and emotional state is responding in such a profound way. Listen to these gut feelings. Technically everything is subjective. Because we are each unique pieces to the whole with our own unique perspective as source. But it is valid. Each subjective truth is true and valid. Let's forget whether it's induced by trauma or not, there's a reason for it being there and if your body and mind is telling you to get out or stay away, listen. Because the body and emotions re here to keep us in allignment. And they guide us always out can trust the body and the emotional guidance system
  8. sparklinghueman

    Looks like you already know what's causing this; expectation. Where did the expection begin? Why do you feel you need to be in this higher state of feeling to have a good time? Is it an issue of morality, between whether you or it is good or bad? We must recognize that there is no one way; that goes for all experiences and concepts in existence. All ways exist and all ways are true. Also, everything exists as part of your growth. So if you can tune into these two concepts I just explained, then you can begin to see that even when you're in this state of expectation and frustration, it's ultimately leading you to something more. Also, There is no right way to meditate, it's all subjective. Just try going into meditation with the vibrational state of total allowing, for everything you feel, it will transcend If you go into it with open arms, and shift right before your eyes. When you begin to meditate, and you feel the decreased feeling of happiness due to the expectation of wanting it to be like the great time you had before, continue to meditate and fully embrace this state, this is where you are, and it's great in the fact that you are alive to even experience this expectation. Receive it with open arms, allow it to be, and it will transform. When you allow energy to do it's thing, it will flow and pass through you, it's impermanent. Once we hold strong perception onto a concept, or feeling, whether in the body or mind, it becomes static because our focus maintains that vibration to hold that state until we change the thought. This keeps it to stay what you see it as instead of it changing, which it would've done if you didn't restrict it to this perceptive box. You expect to have an expectation now every time. And ironically now that you expect to expect, you will always expect that expectation of expecting! haha! Once we allow it, we let it do what it wants, it will change and flow, up, down, around, become whatever it is. Just allow it to be, it will shift I promise!
  9. Maca powder is a root, from the Maca root. It is best mixed in with smoothies or drinks, it tastes great with combinations like cinnamon, coconut milk, bananas, mangoes, it smells sweet the only thing I can compare it to is it tastes great with cinnamon, it's a great complementary to that. And almond butter etc. hopefully this helps. Research Maca, it's a great one for boosts of energy and vitality. And very good for your health. I use a tsp. Every morning in any smoothie I drink. It can actually be combined with anything it doesn't have an intense flavor so it won't ruin anything, you just add a tsp. A day in whatever you have it with.
  10. If you have an intense or vivid dream, then seem to be waking up directly after that, you could be waking up during a REM sleep cycle, which can definitely cause drowsiness. Melatonin and 5-htp can help regulate your sleep cycles. I suggest researching this topic and the supplements I mentioned. Also, what does your diet consist of? Are you eating a lot of high vibrating foods? Leafy greens, Chia Seeds, Fruits, Coconut Milk, Spirulina and Maca powder are all incredible things that can boosts energy levels naturally and effectively! Also I suggest Raw Cacao or Dark Chocolate of 70-88% pure cocao included in it. This is an incredible super food that will get you going, and make you feel great, without a crash, and it's also a great bodily detoxifier, so is Spirulina powder (Great in smoothies). Chia seeds are packed with protein and Omegas that will boost your energy!
  11. sparklinghueman

    The thing with Ancesteral/Generational Trauma is that within most people, this will bring out a feeling of innate powerlessness as if this is some outside source out of our control, or far out from a seperate source brought upon by another's choices, thoughts, and behavioral patterns. What we need to realize is the patterns existing in you are soley yours, since they obviously exist within you now. Whether they are connected to a past life or previous generation/ancestor, we must work from the source of ourselves instead of getting rapped up in all the generations before us. I have come to the realization that working from the angle of past lives/ancestral generations gets too confusing and can create too much complexity to deal with correctly. This creates a war within ourselves and a rabbit hole of misunderstandings which is what you're experiencing. Also, crossing a bridge that hasn't been built is a bit of a problem as well. We must heal and work through all emotional traumas existing within ourselves to even get to the understanding, clarity, and complexity of past lives and ancestral trauma. Bottom line, if you're lacking clarity around figuring this out, it is because it is not necessary in your expansion to know this information right now. I promise you will gain clarity, if at all necessary, at the right time, when needed. Focus on yourself, and your own emotional blocks existing now. Because everything existing now is yours to work through and expand on or it wouldn't exist now in the first place. Going "back in time isn't necessary. Everything is one complete moment of all past, present, future, and alternate timelines. All exists now in this continuous moment of now. So technically nothing is past. Feel free to message me if you have more questions regarding this
  12. Feeling unsafe is actually the vibration of being in danger. Safety and danger are opposite contrasts of the same polarity. So the question is how do we become safe when we are in a state of danger or perceived danger? You said you're continually going into downward spirals. What is the initial thought or experience which triggers the down ward spiral? This would be the first thing to figure out so we can get to the root cause of this. Downward spirals are essentially the law of attraction not working in our favor. It is when we choose an intial thought, which becomes a point of attraction, which then attracts the next thought, and that attracts the next, and the next, and they continue to become lower and lower attracting more of the same as the previous thought because we are focusing our attention towards that direction of low. Since you have recognized this downward spiral as occurring after the specific experience or thought to trigger this, you will begin to create a secondary point of attraction. This point is "I always g into a downward spiral when ___ blank happens". Now you will certainly go into this spiral every time. And this becomes a secondary trigger point that whenever this experience or thought occurs, it will trigger the downward spiral again and again, which creates another downward spiral and another expectation of that happening, which becomes another point of attraction, and another trigger, it's another spiral, and the cycle continues. We must decipher this initial point with which the first thought of the downward spiral occurs. Because a downward spiral is nothing more than a series of thoughts strung along together that get lower and lower attracting like with like. Once discovering this initial point, we can begin to uncover its true meaning and deconstruct the spiral from occurring again.
  13. sparklinghueman

    Thank you I resonate with all of this!!! I have transcended most of the things I recognize in people so I believe you are spot on. But if it is a foreign feeling that is an even more unique experience because it's like feeling something I've never personally felt! And I knew this, I have an issue of total lack of self trust, I always need a second validation, and that's what I need to get past; it's still real even if nobody else says so. Do you ever feel, or is it possible to receive an intuition, have it be valid, and then a second after, have a projection or ego judgement on the intuition/feel you felt from another? This gets tricky. I think I believe it is possible to have a feeling about an intuitonal message you receive what do you think? I think this is why I get confused with my intuitions thinking they're just projection. Maybe I'm having the intuition, and then having my own feelings or thoughts about it after. That's the ego fog diluting my messages!
  14. sparklinghueman

    Thank you for this. Love the awareness on this remembering morality/right wrong doesn't have to be anle the forefront overlaying atop our intuitions. I will try being more playful in my being. That's something that's been said to me a lot lately through source "be more playful" I think it can serve us all when we get rigid or a bit too serious. I've always heard in synchronicity form empaths lately saying "You've got to take some risks as an empath and trust all will work out" and also I've heard many say sometimes people can't face up to the intuitions we receive and they will tell us we're wrong but it doesn't mean we are. Synchronicities! So important! This definitely helped thank you I have just begun actually identifying me ultilizing being an empath. Have been one since birth but never identified as one completely. So this is the beginning! Definitely lack of experience so you're right thank you
  15. Hello everyone. New here. Apologize if this is in the "wrong" section, not formatted right, etc. but I'm seeking advice for myself, as well as for anybody going through a similar issue. I feel called to voice this because I realize this isn't an issue that just I am going through, my guides have told me this concept has been at the forefront of my awareness and the strong desire to be fulfilled because this is a collective issue now, many are tuning into their abilities at a quickening rate; we have come to a state of limbo where we know our gifts but can't fully utilize them due set-backs/fragmented parts of self/lack of trust and other traumas. My question is, for those who have begun or already have mastered their abilities, as Intuitives, Clairvoyants/Clairaudients/Clairsentients/Empaths, how can we learn to trust the messages we are receiving from our internal guidance system/guides/higher self/empathic abilities? I've come across in many occasions due to complete lack of self trust from emotional trauma that I can't seem to discern between what is a true intuition about another or whether it's not to be trusted at all. I have a fear of being told that my intuitions were completely wrong and being made to feel like I can't trust myself even further. How can we learn to clear out the confusion and know completely that we can trust the intuitions we have instead of feeling like we're just going to be told they are incorrect if we voice them? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I think this can be a great fun fueled debate between all extrasensory beings of what has worked for each other, what hasn't, and our journey as becoming more integrated extrasensory beings. Much love lex