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  1. Money and the Law of Attraction Okay guys. Let's talk about money. Has anybody had success attracting money with the law of attraction, or does anybody try to get money with it like I do? Has anyone had any success or learned anything interesting about manifesting money?
  2. How is your week going? How are your guys's weeks going? Do you have any news or cool pictures? Here is my new cactus. His name is Conan:) Love, Zoe
  3. Authenticity & Rejection I really want to be myself and to be authentic around people. But so far in my life, whenever I have tried to do that, I've just gotten experiences where people tell me to be quiet, and then they hate me until I decide to hide myself again. I feel alone, like this is just me and like this doesn't happen to anyone else. I just really want to know if this happens to anyone else.
  4. <3 Can you describe what it was like for you before, when you were in love with Life? What kinds of things were you doing and what were you focused on? Can you remember how it felt?
  5. @Garnet That looks awesome, I signed up for a class already!! Thank you for sharing this:)
  6. I love y'all
  7. @Garnet Hey!! I'm sorry your son got sick, I hope he'll be feeling better soon <33 What kind of online class are you taking? Your plants and cats are so beautiful!! <3
  8. What are Your Weekend Plans? Hey my name is Zoe. I'd like to start connecting with people more so I want to start by asking you guys what your plans are this weekend? What are you doing? How are you guys feeling? Also if anybody has any cute animal pics feel free to post them here. Love, Zoe
  9. Hi!!! Welcome to Teal Tribe
  10. Hi Desiree! I'm Zoe and I live a couple hours away from Charlotte
  11. Thank God for Teal.Over the past few years I've started to feel like I'm surrounded by thought police. Everyone is always talking about who is racist and who isn't racist and they are so split but they totally freak out if you have a different perspective on racism, so I never even talk about the fact that we ALL need to acknowledge our racism because I'm like, I don't have the energy to be attacked for thinking differently, when I already have all my own stuff to deal with. It's super frustrating. Hiding and watching everybody fight. In fact, it has gotten to the point where I hide so much that I actually wasn't aware of of this protest or what was happening in my country until I read this blog post just now. Wow! I'm going to go back and watch the video on racism and do that exercise tomorrow, Thank you Teal for keeping us all awake!! Love, Z
  12. It is completely understandable why you feel frustrated. You aren't going crazy, and you are not doing anything wrong. Anyone in your position would feel exactly how you are feeling. Every relationship we experience is a perfect reflection of some aspect of our relationship with ourselves. So keep that in mind and ask yourself: 1. What are 3 ways that I am mean to myself? 2. What are 3 ways that I am not nice to myself? 3. What are 3 ways that I do not listen to myself? 4. What are 3 ways that I do not try to understand myself? The mantra "How people treat you is a reflection of them, not you" is flawed. What's actually more accurate is this: "How people treat you is a reflection of how you treat you." People intrude in your space; this means they cross your boundaries. This is the Universe reflecting to you that you are not respecting your own boundaries. The Universe gives you people who cross your boundaries because it wants you to see that you don't respect your boundaries. Ask yourself: 1.What are 3 ways that I don't listen to how I feel, or make myself do things I don't want to do? When you met the schoolmate at the party and she treated you that way, it was a reflection of some aspect of yourself. So ask yourself: 1.What are 3 ways I treat myself like garbage? 2.What are 3 ways I pay attention to other people but ignore myself? 3.What are 3 ways I am rude to myself? And then after you ask all of these questions, put your hand over your heart and ask yourself, "What can I do right now that will make me feel like I value and love myself?" And then do it. Ask yourself this at least once a day, do it as much as you like. Once you begin to ask these questions and make loving yourself your top priority, I promise that the people who make you feel bad will naturally start to fall away, and the ones who make you feel good will naturally flow into your experience.