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  1. @Raederle I have a lot of life experience.... but regardless of that, what I am saying is I don't buy anyone truly wants to be invisible. There may be parts of us that are hurting and want to hide........ but hiding means you can't connect, invisibility means you're not there ..connecting... and connection is at the center of our human experience. There's parts to everyone that probably wants to hide, but I don't believe that's the soul speaking or us truly being authentic. That's just us feeling hurt and ashamed and whatever else that makes us want to disappear.
  2. @Raederle to say she'd be rejected for complete authenticity is ridiculous. How can you say that? How can you say she already is being that?? You don't actually know that...you just hope for that. She read someone else's work in an akashic records video, and she is using byron katie's material for one of her own processes...it's not wrong to spread good work around, but we HAVE to give credit. It's not authentic to KNOWINGLY pass of another's work and leave out their name, as to then let it be understood as our own.....that's not authentic. it's no simple mistake, this was intentional. Why not in the processes page say byron katie's the work is incredible, here's my own take on it. then all the shit. and in that video where she READ word for word, sentence after sentence, to not say before or after or even in some credits the source/book she was reading from?? What the hell is up with that??? Would you do that?? And Gracie saying she felt "safe" not being seen by others, is bullshit. Nobody wants to be an invisible ghost in human flesh while alive.....otherwise why be incarnated?? She was probably saying that to cope with the situation. You really think she'd rather feel second best and invisible? Who wants to feel like that, truthfully?? We can tell ourselves that's what we want if that's what we get so it is easier to cope with.....but i am not gonna believe anyone wants to be unseen and invisible. " Seeking a friendship or a relationship that starts with seeking someone who is ugly or beautiful is not uncommon or stupid " No, it's not uncommon at all, but does that make it right?? Nope. Is it stupid? Well no, it's smart in terms of a strategy, but a good friendship shouldn't be played as a game where we need a god damn strategy. Staying safe by being the prettiest girl in the group of friends is a strategy, and very egotistical and narcissistic. As spiritual people, we shouldn't be seeking friends based off of their looks....that shouldn't be a prerequisite to talk to them or approach them, period. And to say people choose to be ugly...unconsciously.....wow. I think the people that are subconsciously choosing to be "ugly" is a very low percentage. The point is, we shouldn't be looking at someone as beautiful or ugly based off of their appearance. It should be about who they are and how they act!!! This is what needs to be hit home!! Especially in the spiritual community. And we aren't gonna get to that point if we write someone off before talking to them based on how they look. This was the advice given. If following this advice, she wouldn't even get a chance to talk to some physically beautiful women. Sad. Regardless of this vain, superficial, middle school aged advice, and the plagiarism, i still really do like teal. But to not speak out or accept everything she does and says cause i like her? No. If someone is doing something that I find goes against my values, I will speak out against it. And I see some people not having a strong sense of personal values or their value system is whatever the person of their obsession's is. That's dangerous. Lisa88 said it well....Teal has a very big responsibility now, and she might not be handling the responsibility very delicately.
  3. Wow I hadn't realized she read word for word another person's work.... she never gave credit? That's super wrong and fucked up . I'm disappointed too. Not for speaking another's work but to do so without giving credit ! Sadly I found another example of teal taking another's work and not giving credit. 'The Work ' by Byron Katie is featured in one of teals processes...Dissolving the pain reversal process. It's identical to the work...sadly though teal doesn't give any credit. I'm so disappointed. Confused too. Why wouldn't she give credit to these people?? Is she really that greedy and lustful for exclusive attention and appraisal????
  4. @Lisa88 thanks for posting what you did. I too have feared backlash from people brainwashed by teal. Sadly there are many that are "brainwashed " .... people that are hypnotized by her beauty and persona rather than her content. I suppose that's a part of fame that all people with a following have to deal with. I too hope people find their way back to their own wisdom. 5 years is a long time. There are things about teal that also make me go "huh wtf" lol, but with that said, I'm happy she has helped people and is continuing to. I hope she can wisely navigate the ways fame is affecting and changing her. This power is a heavy one, that can wear a person down and feircly control them and change them entirely. The ego becomes inflated. Anyways, I'm glad you're someone who does look at two sides of something. Someone who does the research. I have also listened to the gizmodo podcast. Good for u for speaking out and saying something. Feel good about it.
  5. she goes "she feels terrible about her body, you know she's overweight." hahaha. the bit that comes after, about gracie loving to be able to hide around people cause no one notices her essentially cause they all focus on teal, i really don't believe she loves that,... i also wouldn't say she's jealous... but i don't think anyone truly desires to be hidden and not seen. all women wanna feel beautiful. we all wanna be seen. i wish teal represented her friendship with gracie in a more honorable and graceful way. not saying things like find an ugly friend, it worked for me. but really helping gracie see and feel beautiful. who cares if she is over weight. beauty goes beyond physical appearance. maybe teal is still grappling with this concept and lesson, since i'm sure a lot of the attention she's gotten is because of physical appearance. i asked someone who follows her heavily if she was a man if he would still feel the same about her. the answer: nope! lol. i wonder how many people really value her and love her for her personality and value her for her ideas and WHO SHE IS vs. what she looks like. I think there's a lot of people who are just attracted to her looks. I myself have even dealt with attention from men and the father of my kids say they all just want to have sex with me. i say what.... is it so impossible to think they like me for who i am ? my personality??? but 90% of the men in my life really are just interested in the sexual aspect, that's what is highly motivating their friendship. I think people in the spiritual field, especially popular people like teal, need to hit home time and time again the message that beauty doesn't equal health. one video she tlks about her beauty regimen and all i could think was she's talking more about being healthy, but it seemed for her that was synonymous and equally identified with beauty. i find gracie's smile really beautiful because it's warm. i find gracie's presence to be loving and comfortable and accepting.... which makes her truly beautiful. where as teal sometimes seems a bit rough and gruff around the edges and so like i said, the way we carry ourself adds so much to the way we look. when teal is being soft and open and vulnerable and warm essentially she becomes more beautiful, where as sometimes she is really cold and it takes away from her appearance. in my opinion at least. im straight and don't have a dick therefor am not thinking with my dick .... like guys so often do... lol so this perspective comes from a straight woman. lol.
  6. One thing teal says in the later part of this interview is about attraction nd our conscious focus... and that we all would be feeling in love with everyone we meet if we were to be focusing on what we love and appreciate about another person... and nothing else! She says higher beings and civilizations have this happening. So if she knows that why would she tell this woman to practice the oppisite? To not focus on all of what you love and admire in people or women.... but she advised her to pay attention to ugly and find THAT. That's like intentionally lowering the woman's vibration if she is gonna pay attention to ugly. And if she follows the advice and seeks a friend who is ugly, then her point of attraction and focus will be towards vanity and physical beauty and ugliness and the lack there of which will in turn make her see herself as ugly. Which I'm thinking she already does. She may think she is beautiful but deep down she has a thousand insecurities and also believes she isn't pretty ENOUGH... she's a model for Christ sake. If we attract things into our reality... shouldn't her focus be on positive things and beauty and love instead of focusing on ugly.... I mean the prettiest woman alive can still have something ugly... It's all on what we focus on.... why would any spiritual teacher tell someone to seek out an ugly person? That's reinforcing the practice of judging physical appearane which just seems elementary and not so very enlightened or spiritual. Could teal be threatened by any and all beautiful women? Could she be manipulating this woman in a subconscious way and trying to make her more ugly by directing her point of focus to that? Hm I don't know. I really don't know. My saying is "anything is possible...but is it plausible?"
  7. @Bjork thanks for posting the video. It didn't start for me where you wanted it to lol it started from the beginning. I watched like half of this interview a long time ago and idk something came up or i got distracted. I didn't make it to that part. But was Gracie teals bff at that time ? I think they lived together... but I think she had a few close girl friends.. one of them being Cameron Clark... LOL there are websites "truth about cameron" "truth about teal " haha that go on saying teal is shit and then teals saying from other people how she isn't shit. I read a lot of interesting stuff on Cameron's website. They even reached out to the famous doc...... and he sent them hand written letters of teals. Some interesting things to look at. I like to see things from all perspectives and then I like to make up my mind on something and even then I still try to stay open minded.... So I looked into teal from all angles.... from super fans to ex husbands (sarbdeep also had some really interesting things to say...) I mean these are people that lived with teal and got a first hand experience. Well anyways, I'll try to find that part in the video because I am curious to hear what she's talking about and if it's same context. @Treyoung1990 yea the reason I think people assumed it was Gracie were cause of teals statements... did u hear them? I have made it clear on here I don't find her ugly. I think she's a bit over weight. But i don't think body weight defines beauty. From a physical perspective l, i would say Gracie isn't ugly or pretty but average. When you add in who she is, i would say she becomes a lot more attractive and even beautiful. When teal says "it worked for me" .... she is saying she's followed the advice given... "find an ugly friend." Her words, not mine. If i was her those words wouldn't be said cause they wouldn't be felt or experienced. @Nancy31xo I'm happy to hear this helped you. That is wonderful. Teal still gave rubbish advice in my opinion. And I hope you don't go seeking an "ugly friend. " I dont think anybody should engage in seeking out another human for friendship cause we think they look ugly and therefore friendship will come easy and will feel safe. Our perspective "friend" deserves better than that from us. Would you want a friend that thinks you're ugly? I don't think anyone would. I think you would have gotten just as much from this if that bit of advice was taken out.
  8. @Bjork Do you really think she doesn't notice the effect she has on other women? She didn't understand exactly why women were afraid to be her friend, (because they didn't know what she was after and felt they couldn't trust her,) but this woman def noticed the effect she had on women. I feel like she played dumb and innocent a little bit, just a little bit in a few parts of the conversation. Do you think the right "next step" for her craving friendship/female companionship is to seek an ugly friend?? She could miss out on some potentially damn good friends because she's being selective. And like I have said before, if she is focusing and selecting a woman based off of appearance and being ugly, isn't that a dishonor to the friendship from the get go? Who wants a friend that thinks we are ugly. If she wants friends, she needs to learn how to be a good one. And a good friend isn't gonna pray on people that are less pretty just so they feel safe. That's so selfish and narcissistic in a way. I keep asking myself what advice I would give. And it has something to do with inner work. Like dream of the friend you want to have, and be that person to yourself. See what people you'll attract into your life. Something like that. And to find a friend, let us be open to being friends with any woman. Let us look for a person that makes us feel good to be around. Someone we have fun with. Someone we can talk to. She's right, she can go up to a woman and say "i need some friends..... would you want to hang out ___ ?" ya know... but to go after ugly women so it's easier and less scary.... is a cop out and insulting to the other woman. It's just not something an enlightened person or highly conscious person would do, in my opinion at least. That's why i was so suprised to hear teal say this and that she does it. Where else have you heard her say something like this?
  9. @Bjork very disappointing, indeed. And yes teal does have a difficult time with her mom. She says her mom loved her little brother so very much, that must have been really tough growing up. As kids, even as adults too but especially as kids, we crave love and attention from parents. We want to be accepted for who we are and we want to please them. I don't know how that really is in relation to this though. And yes we are all in different stages. But i don't care what vibration a person is at, it's never good advice to tell someone to find a friend based off of how they look. To find someone you consider below yourself. That isn't gonna promote this woman get to a higher vibration. That's gonna promote this woman focus on superficial shit, and send her backwards. That's what I think at least.
  10. thank you @Bjork to speak up on how you think/feel. I think teal was really,... "in the moment" in this particular conversation. and it so happens thousands of people were witness to it!! that being said, i wish the solution was not to find a friend in some uglier woman, but to find the friend in thyself, and then she would attract a certain person. she needs to get past physical beauty (the girl , the blonde, and even teal!) and get towards the middle pinpoint of the heart... that fragile, delacate, new born baby type of delicate feel of the heart that is so pure and so precious and so heavenly. This woman DOESN'T need others, she needs herself. the blonde. and teal, as well. she needs to find that part of herself that finds herself beautiful! teal's advice is helping her find ugly amongst not only women in the outside world, but the woman that she is on her inside world! and if she focuses on ugly, she will also see it in herself. we gotta get the HELL away from that. hashtag$$$ ##TRUTH
  11. @Raederle thanks for the suggestion, i have seen it. And do you feel ugly enough to be her friend? Cause according to teal's advice, the kind of friend she should find should be an ugly friend... i hate to think any woman find herself ugly, and i hate to hear a woman promote we view others as beautiful or ugly...... I see your picture and don't find you are qualified to be her friend since you aren't ugly by any means. The way teal is suggestion she find a friend (basing it firstly off of beauty) is some of the worst advice i have ever heard because of how superficial it is. It's full of vanity and self-centerdness. I don't think you're in the middle bracket. I think in some ways we all can be super gorgeous and in other ways we can all be super ugly and we can all be average as well. Teal needs to be promoting the message we are all goddesses.... she fucked up here, point blank. She needs to address this in my opinion, this statement, and go more in depth as to what she meant, and if there's nothing more to say, then own her vanity and her ego and own her superficial side / fragment that gave this advice and wanted to so badly connect with this woman and feel as pretty as her. I would love to hear her give feedback on this as she has time to reflect on it. And i really hope that the side / fragment of her that feels this way finds more healing and peace and safety amongst women, all women, especially drop dead gorgeous women. I have faith in her that she will figure this out. But wow I see how dangerous it can be for someone like her (a person that is popular amongst the crowd and has follwers) to give advice..... this terrible advice can do harm and create issues and insecurities and hurt amongst people. To seek a friend based non their looks is not wise, it is not enlightened, it sounded like teal's 10 year old deprived girl side that craves pretty friends came out and took over. And for you to say most beautiful women are not self-aware, and conscious...etc... i hope you redefine what a beautiful woman looks like to you. consciousness and kindness makes a woman beautiful. and with 7 billion people in the world, and half women... well there are so many people out there, women out there, beautiful women at that..... that you have not met.... so i'm sorry if you haven't had the best experience with beautiful women... but just as you haven't found beautiful women to be conscious and aware and kind, i have very much seen it, and it's not a rarity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When we look for something we will find it. If we look for ugly we will find it. If we look for beauty we will find it. Focus is powerful. We have a lot on our shoulders... us women, us girls. We have so much history as women.... so much rich history. And beauty runs deeper than outside appearance. I think it's ugly and not intelligent or conscious or enlightened to tell someone that is in need of female companionship to find someone she perceives as less-than herself so she is safe. That right there made teal the opposite of beautiful. Humans are so much more than our looks and what we need to do is focus on how we treat people and the values we stand for. We need to love and accept all people. We need to see less with our eyes and listen more with our eyes. We need to hear with our heart. We live in a society that's obsessed about physical appearance and when we focus on that we become shallow and superficial and vain. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with loving to put on make up and wanting to look sexy and good.... but to filter people and their possible role in your life on their looks being less than ours?? that's just wrong.
  12. @Treyoung1990 She most definitely was talking about Graciella..... I hope gracie doesn't feel she is ugly..... sure she isn't a size 4, but she is good looking, and her personality really is what adds to her beauty/looks. I also didn't like the middle bracket comment. Funny thing is, Teal is in that middle bracket for some people. Some don't find her attractive, others find her ok, others find her gorgeous. We all have different tastes. I was floored and shocked that she gave the advice to find an ugly friend. It's encouraging the girl to seek ugly.... something no one should focus on finding. If anything, we should seek beauty within ourselves and other people. We should not prowl upon people we find unattractive to stay safe within a friendship. It's safe because amongst men, the gorgeous girl has no competition. It's garbage advice. Teal isn't perfect though. She has sides of her that need work, like us all. I just worry she doesn't find anything wrong with her advice and that way of doing things and thinking. It's egotistical and selfish.....the intentions behind it are one sided, with no regard to the other person.... and that doesn't make a good friend. If I was gracie, I would be hurt to hear my best friend say "find an ugly friend, that's what I did." So hurt. We all want to feel approved of, and loved, and accepted. It's not okay to tell someone they're ugly or to exploit that. Plus, it's reinforcing the practice of superficial beauty and vanity. We need to be stepping away from that as we become more conscious and enlightened. So sad...
  13. ha it's funny cause in her example of volunteer guy with nice clothes gives her belt, and she has it, she's saying all this stuff about......temporal self VS. eternal self or soul....and the band/belt/connection between us is all about DESIRE.....well she is talking on a huge subject of Abraham hicks, and teal says in a blog i think, google "teal and Abraham hicks" she mentions she LOVES the Abraham teachings that ester (is it esther? idk lol ether haha funny coincidence) channels, however she does NOT like the advice or formula that's given to deal with emotions, teal thinks Abraham doesn't get emotions because Abraham hicks is ALL ABOUT positive focus, but here she talks all about desires and RESISTANCE, so resistance is equal to negative thinking, or maybe even shadow self in some ways, if you wanna be arbitrary.....but teal is in my eyes, my perspective, really portraying another message of the Abraham philosophy...and what teal is saying is negative thoughts is equal to resistance...... and the more we are in alignment with our thoughts focusing on positive desire our soul wants, the more we will align or LINE up with that on the temporal/physical sense...
  14. oh my god.....my heart just broke!!! Teal and this Blonde woman are talking and the topic comes up of being safe around women, and Teals says something like, wanna know what i did? I found a woman that couldn't compete with me. It keeps women feeling safe. It worked for me. Then the lady is like how do i do that and she goes find super ugly women. the lady goes that's super wise. (puke) and teal is like, thats the only strategy that's ever worked for me. I'm being raw and authentic so it's okay that i just really stomped the piss out of my best friend's self esteem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING HELL!! Teal, wow. You Absolutely have a side of you that is a huge narcassit, and i still love you but damn, now is the time to work on that!! Now all I think of is graciela. She's teals best friend. She is the woman teal is talking about, or one of them. Physically... She has some weight on her, and she isn't as pretty as teal in terms of PHYSICAL BEAUTY. However, if you talk about soul beauty, in so many ways gracie blows teal out of the water! Teal can overcome that, and she will later on in life as she continues to integrate, her soul will be just as beautiful as gracie's. But if I was gracie and I was there, or whenever gracie hears this if she wasn't there, she will most likely think teal is speaking of her.....and I wonder how that would make her feel. PROBABLY HURT!! Der! What teal is saying isn't tactful or kind. It's so important in my opinion to be honest. But I've run into this problem with being honest :" honesty without compassion is cruelty"(as the father of my kids used to say to me)!! Abrasive honesty is uncalled for and never needed. We can get to the heart and truth of something without being a fuckin JERK. So now I'm learning how to be honest, yet be tactful while doing so. The strategy isn't to find super ugly women. In my opinion, teal should be telling this woman to start diving DEEP about physical beauty. Not to look outside for another but to work inside and then she will be a match to the right female through the law of attraction. My good god. There are women that could be a great match for this girl , women that are gorgeous, and conscious, and the key isn't for the woman to only go after ugly women...wtf?? thats so wrong in my opinion!! The key is to do inner work and work on the parts of her that she feels are ugly, and find the aspects of her self that are that ugly friend, and most importantly, figure out why she feels unsafe around women to begin with. I don't think it's right to go for a quick fix and only seek ugly people. We shouldn't be seeking anyone to begin with based off of looks. Teal will find a friend one day that she feels is either equal to her, or above her. And she will need to deal with those feelings of competition. They aren't wrong. Many times its a natural thing. And so we don't just avoid that because it's hard and feels unsafe, we journey inward, and take what comes. The feeling of envy and jealousy are not feelings a truly enlightened being feels, and this is one of Teals weak points. She's the first to admit it. If we see someone beautiful or successful or having something we don't, if we are ok with our-self, we will be happy for that person. Them having things in this life that make that person happy should make us happy, not envious. When someone wins or someone succeeds, even if it's unfair how they got there, there should be something inside of us that is selfless enough to look at their experience and be grateful and joyous that that person is experiencing a good moment. If there is something or some part of us that is wanting that, we need to address that and look at that part and figure out what we can do to give our self what it's wanting. If there's a part of us that feels so rotten ugly, we need to figure out 1, why...2....accepting we feel this way...and 3....figuring out a way to give the part of us that feels starving a sense of fulfillment. Well I'm ranting and raving .... but I felt the need to comment and say I'm sorry gracie! Even if you are like "i don't care" still you're not ugly by any means. It's true, some people are more aesthetically beautiful than others. But the minute a person opens their mouth, an ugly person can become the light of the room and so beautiful and attractive...PHYSICALLY....while a beautiful person can drop 10 points in a second based off of their energy and personality. I am sad to hear Teal give this advice..."find an ugly woman" .....to find an ugly woman, we would need to have eyes that see that ugliness, and we see what we feel....when we feel beautiful, we will see beauty. What we focus on is important. The advice from a spiritual teacher to seek an ugly friend for your own benefit and safety is just so elementary in terms of spiritual anything. Is there something lower than elementary? Jeez. Poor looks isn't something to focus on. And we shouldn't seek people that are inferior to us so we can benefit off of their short comings. How narcissistic and egotistical and selfish. What if that person has low self esteem, how would a beautiful woman being her friend help HER? Especially if the intention to even become friends is so the beautiful woman gets over her issues of feeling unsafe. It's like using this person as a pawn. It's USING someone. That person needs a friend that finds her/him BEAUTIFUL the way they are. Not physically ugly and inferior. I just think this is a quick fix and really fucking terrible advice. Well with that said, I still adore teal, she's only human and she has come very far from where she started so I am not mad at her, I don't blame her, but I think she needs to do some soul searching and do some "shadow work" or hey lets try some light work for a change lol, and do some integration and meditation on this. It just makes it seem like gracie is less than. There are ways teal is less than gracie, even physically. Gracie's smile is warmer than teals, for example. I know teal feels so lucky to have gracie, and they have a beautiful relationship. But all i'm saying is OWWWW. what a major sting and burn and selfish ass thing to say. **I paused the video, and the advice just keeps getting more fucked up and more fucked up. "Stay away from the middle girl, who's kinda pretty but not super gorgeous, either go this way, ugly or go this way, super pretty." cause it worked for teal. What the fuck. lol omg. this is so wrong. I can see so many higher ups just shaking their head. Teal what the fuck! Girl, you should not be telling this woman to judge judge judge, all you're doing is REINFORCING COMPETITION AMONGST WOMEN. although you say its an issue. So much for trying to help change things? Ha. Good god.