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  1. SDA

    Sound Bowl

    first, i LOVE this room!! AHHH i want...i so want...lol to even just be there! second, this sound first really touched my chest, my heart chakra. then it felt like it lowered a little bit to my stomach chakra...green to yellow? lol i don't know the actual proper names ?
  2. SDA

    Mulberry Cobbler

    "cobblers aren't very sophisticated, so i feel sort of guilty for making these as one of my favorite things, but..." interesting! so teal would def benefit from doing some inner work and IFS work surrounding the part of her that feels sophistication equals ____ (whatever) and figure out why any guilt or shame is surrounding a part that is the opposite of sophisticated or would come off as not sophisticated.
  3. SDA

    Teal's Parents' Back Yard

    "if you wanna see their back yard, it's even more impressive than mine. they've got a koi pond too.." *hearing mouth breath....thinks of stranger things.....MOUTH BREATHER! hahaha....* smeagle..my precious....only teal is their precious! jeeeez person filming just keeps it on teals face....lol the fuck?? is everyone around her just obsessed and enamored, like her fans are?? lol....jesus. i wonder about her closest besties besides blake but even him too.....it's like, if we become obsessed w/ someone, it feels like it's no longer a healthy relationship dynamic...and i guarantee at least one or two people in the intentional community are obsessed w/ teal. i wonder how she feels about this, and if it ever gets frustrating ..... cause in this kind of situation, a person def has a thick ass filter and overlay going on ...and objectivity kinda goes out the window...so hearing someone's opinions or thoughts will be very bias towards one side...so if it were me personally, i don't know how well i'd trust this or would like it...but it's all hypothetical to me...i have had people (well, guys) be my friend for reasons of wanting me for beauty and romantic reasons rather than really appreciating who i am inside and what i have to offer emotionally and mentally and spiritually.....and it is awesome having these people in my life cause they're loyal as all hell and it's like you can see the enamored expressions and feel the love they have for you......i think getting that from both men and women tho, like all the time, would be annoying after a while....i would want to be seen for more than external reasons..i wonder if teal ever struggles with feeling this way.
  4. SDA

    Free Will

    @Ingamun I'm happy to hear about your journey and where you're at. Yes honesty and being straight forward seems to usually work out best... It always makes me feel better and I usually get great reaction to this style of communication and authenticity. To those that have a hard time with it are usually those that are themselves struggling with authenticity and living a life full of their own personal truth and expression. I hope we all can manage to get to the point of being upfront and honest with ourselves and others...in a loving, tactful and discerning way. This really is such a key point and foundation to feeling good, I believe. Good for u, mama! Hell yeah.
  5. SDA

    Free Will

    @Ingamun oh come, on really?? i wish you could see yourself through other's eyes, like mine, or other people who love your work....you def need that! cause i am guessing you, like most of us, are your own worst critic...my philosophy, we should also be our own best friend! you're brilliant......you're intelligent and warm and the fact that English isn't your native language yet you articulate yourself the way you do, WOW!! you go girl!!! you're amazing! ? and don't you forget it! whatever has caused you to not see how damn special you are ... well, i suppose its a good time to meet it and address it ....many times it's a cultural and societal conditioning...like it's learned in many areas of the world that if someone is into themselves, they're narcissistic and it's virtuous and noble to put ourselves second and be painfully polite and beside oneself almost...but thats just shit! just absolute crap in my opinion! i am an only child, so i HAD to learn how to become my own friend and just enjoy my own company and thankfully, my mom would just go on about how ppl thought i was great and she built me up...and so i have what some would consider a self centered view on myself; but in my eyes, it's healthy self love and self identity! I love getting to know me better and i just have a solid foundation of me...that's not to say insecurities don't exist cause I think they do, i think it's human to have them...but i really believe it's great to be into yourself....as long as it's not an extreme, or at the expense of others and the person isn't ALWAYS putting themselves first. extremism in most things can be toxic. Empathy and selflessness are absolutely needed, but so is fierce confidence in who we are and what we have to offer and our worth, and having a real relationship with the self...with the ego and identity. i believe one should be the person they wanna date, they should even romantically have nights to themselves where they go on a date w/ them-self. lol. keep doing you and being you and putting out all the love you can...i can sense it and feel it and you're connected to something deep and beautiful .... and some of the ways you word things and ideas have been really inspiring and eye opening for me, which doesn't happen all too often, so thank you!!!!!! i think most people that would read your stuff would be taken back by you and how talented you are and special you are. we are all very special and it's this coming into oneself and coming "home" and finding godhood within ourselves and owning our power by seeing how damn amazing we are and special we are. so many have forgotten to see themselves as they really are.....they lose the insight of how amazing they are and it's so easy to focus on shortcomings or what we have to work on or how to better ourselves or where we fall short. this is human nature sure, but there's something in our soul that is completely perfect ...i think it's the inner child...im unsure exactly what it is someone once told me to be human is a rarity when looking at the billions and trillions of other life forms on earth....bacteria, animal, plant life.....we are special, you are special! especially you! dont u forget it ??
  6. SDA

    Curveball Workshop - 2018 - Part 2/2

    i really wanna know about the first dimension, is that the same as the twelfth? i have an idea of second and obviously third, an abstract slight idea of fourth and beyond that it kind of blends since physicality is gone but i'm VERY interested in the first......is it quantum level? like the perception of an atom is as big as the universe? i wonder..i'd like to hear what teal says about the first dimension...if anyone has heard her speak of it please send me in some direction
  7. SDA

    Free Will

    @Ingamun Thanks for posting your webpage! I enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) reading all your site and beautiful mind has to offer! Thank you for this
  8. SDA

    Exercise: What Am I Good At?

    @stace Teal has said a few things that have stuck DEEPLY with me and the moment i heard it, i resonated with the truth of it 100%. One of those was..."people (especially kids) set you up to feel how they feel." I love it so much i just had to share lol but the other one, that you may able to use practically, is "our inner world is a reflection of our outer world, our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world." So if you don't have friends externally, I would search internally about your parts and how you are your own friend....
  9. SDA

    Exercise: What Am I Good At?

    I did this with my 9 year old daughter and her friend, our 6 year old neighbor (boy.) We had a lovely time, I really enjoyed teling them what I thought they were naturally good at and also hearing what they thought they were good at. We all love talking about ourselves and love people knowing about us! I liked this excersize in particular because it gets people really thinking about us and what we like and their time they spent with us and its a fun way to get to know each other better
  10. SDA

    Coming Out About Sexual Abuse

    @addalight what has or is stopping you from reporting this person to the police?????????? has a report been made?? if you honestly fear another child being molested, you should absolutely do whatever you can to help some child be saved from this man....and once you really feel you've done this, then i would walk away from it feeling you've done your part. if you're still weighing this and what you could do, then your inner guidance system is telling you that its right for you to do something. you have many options as to what to do, ranging from the police, to speaking to another human, to speaking to him, to writing a letter to just get it out and then burning the letter as a symbol of moving on. If you are in tune with your inner guidance system and your higher self, then it wont be too difficult to find a direction as to where to go and what to do. Also, investigate motives. Why would you want to tell a church member and not the police? Could a church member really do something meaningful and pragmatic in terms of helping another child? Is it even in their authority IF THEY EVEN BELIEVED YOU, to stop him from doing this and that?? The police have this authority and theres a process for all this. It's not as easy to just tell someone and have it be that other person's responsibility. Are you wanting to unburden yourself and your sense of responsibility from this horrible situation?? I don't ask personally, just things for you to question and process. Also, it'd be good to investigate WHY you think he would do it again....is this a projection or fear...or is there legitimacy here? Again, I'm not asking personally, just something for YOU to consider. You follow teal, so you're at least somewhat familiar with inner work and self exploration and shadow side deep diving. A good video for you to watch would be one of teal's that talks about pedophilia...... i can't recall it, but it very well may have pedophilia in the title. It may help you understand another perspective in this dynamic. This is definitely concerning...and no child deserves to go through sexual abuse......if you want to talk one on one and we could talk more personally and in depth, you are welcome to message me on here!
  11. SDA

    Self Love Course

    @Sas if you wanna dive into knowing different parts, besides this course, please check out IFS... Internal Family Systems therapy. It is deliciously rich with knowledge, and on YouTube there r videos from Richard Scwartz ( the founder) n some others on meeting these aspects / parts. U r walked through and guided on meeting diff parts and it's pretty cool to discover and meet different parts within ourself. This work is so rewarding, and there r many modules and methodologies. Voice dialogue therapy is another but it's what ifs calls being blended, where we speak AS the part. In IFS, we talk TO the part(s).
  12. SDA

    3 Things

    when I heard retarded I replayed it like four times cause I was like no.. she didn't ! lol. yes Def disrespecful. surprising since she is so good w linguistics and language! yea it's definitely ignorant and hurtful and plain immature. interesting video.. thanks for sharing
  13. SDA

    Are You Friends With Wilson?

    I'm glad this is showing up in Teal's life.
  14. @Alex Shepps so many person truths, so much awareness of yourself and your feelings and your past and your situation... That is beautiful. Good for you. They say first step is awareness. A pet might definitely be a good idea. A dog might give u more of that unconditional love and attention and presence but they are a lot of work ! Cats are a bit easier to take care of since they are so very independent. I wanna say thanks for sharing and opening up on here...you reaching out is a good thing to do.... Thank you for vulnerably putting yourself and your feelings out there. There might be someone that reads that and thinks, wow... I'm not the only one who feels this way. That is helpful and healing in itself.
  15. SDA


    She have henna on her eyebrows ?? And a ghost crawling up your arm haha... I'd prob be like shut the fuck up... Cause the way I deal with ghosts is to starve "them" of attention. I try my best and usually am successful. many aren't worthy of my notice anyways. I'm not someone that is here to help aid and assist those trapped, although when I do notice some of them I do address them and either state they're not welcome in my presence and ask for assistance, or I may speak to them asking them to move on, but it's not my forte or my purpose. So I try to be blissfully ignorant. At certain levels of awareness, it feels like every square inch of space is filled with death and spirits and "being", many many many of them. We have no privacy... And that doesn't sit right with many people... When you really feel it. So it feels safe to shut this out and be ignorant. If we really get down to it, even our thoughts aren't private and most aren't really our own. As far as ghosts go, I have found attention feeds them ... And if someone becomes fearful, well that's like a filet mignon meal to a meat lover... fear fills them up ... Negative energy or fear is incredibly powerful energy. I prefer to starve most ghosts. It's not my job to help them move on.... It's not my thing and I'm not at the point of wanting to take that responsibility on. Lol crawling up someone's arm .. I bet she sees like ghosts raping people and all this shit... Wow ... I mean if she sees them on someone's arm without consent ... What else happens without consent ???? I would not like to see or have this "ability".. Cause whether it's actually happening or not, it's real to the see-er (seer) ...and then I'd constantly be questioning is this objective reality or am I just schitzo... (Something teal was once diagnosed with by some doctor ) ... ? It would torment me. You tell people what you're literally seeing and they just call you crazy ... Ouch. Good thing Miss teal can handle the second sight (has learned to.) It's def not for most people. My partner has this gift and calls it a curse.... Says he has to shut it out the best he can, cause it is so difficult to deal with. And here everyone is thinking the grass is greener on the other side, wanting it if they don't have it. We all have some sixth sense.. magical ability... Some seem more valuable than others, but all are amazing in their own right.
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