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    Korean spa are my favorite. The scrubbing is to create circulation, plus baths of various temperatures to promote a healthy and detoxed body. Amethest Rooms, gold rooms, ect. ect. Korean people are the most advanced when it comes to quality skincare. Go to more of those, especially in densely populated asian areas. Best and they're good quality. There is a section to eat, the food tends to be rich in collagen to help elasticity in the skin ect. King Spa is the really popular one, but there are more. The Japanese spas are called Onsen. And the top floor is a rest area and workstation. In Japan, Korea, and other similar countries it is common for people to work really long hours that they fall asleep on the trains or buses; usually they have a few hours before they have to go back to work, so going to a spa to relax, eat, and take care of themselves plus get blood circulation is a natural way to keep up their energy. Experience more of these things and dive into the culture, especially around self-care, it's really amazing. Another holistic approach to skincare.
  2. Teal you look bomb in that dress. Aside from that, awakening through the way of the cross is something I'm noticing a lot too
  3. Yo, I don't want to have some of these other worldly abilities, sometimes it scares the living daylights out of me. And I go to school in NYC, being around people and their stuff is so overwhelming and all their stuff. OMFGGG, I've been craving just being alone. Even being at home and everyone being home is driving me nuts. As soon as I can get my school work done with enough time I try my best just to sit in nature. I turn my car off and sleep (since it's getting colder) in nature (and i'm scared of being attacked by creeps, but that is old trauma coming up/self-trust worries, but that i'm diving into. Great thing I have people whom I can reach to to help me get grounded. I look to being in my body, but sometimes it's really hard to connect to other higher things when I'm so in my body. It's a weird thing, there is definitely no control. It's reflecting my own young adult life
  4. MsPhoenix

    Birthday Traditions

    Wondering the same thing
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