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  1. the question im asking myself is WHAT CAN WE DO? what can we do to help create what we want to see?
  2. I just want to say to you, you are so brave for sharing this. this is what I feel as well, word for word! I am right here with you. This IS EXACTLY what I feel. Thank you so much for putting this into words and sharing it with the world. I am literally so relieved to know I am not alone in feeling this way. I was trying to tell my other family/community members about this and ran against a wall, which made me feel crazy and alone. Reading this I feel so much more at peace and less crazy. Thank you so much
  3. what the heck are these camera men doing????? how many close up shots do they need?
  4. Angeldust

    Halloween Explained

    Is that why i have no interest dressing up? I feel im pretty aware of many internal parts and do express them in healthy ways most of the time
  5. Angeldust

    L.A. Social Life

    Yeah san diego seems more down to eArth youre right!
  6. Angeldust

    L.A. Social Life

    No i didnt move awAy yet. Its depressing still where are you atm? Im in sb area
  7. Angeldust

    Portland Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Gracie, im sorry youre having such a hard time. That must be so dreadful and very discouraging. I want to tell you i love you. In my eyes you arent fat either. Nobody is fat. You are incredible and beautiful is what you are. I hope its okay if i share something with you and not because i dont think you are okay the way you are. Its something ive discovered for myself. And that is that sugar is actually fine to have. I know teal is against sugar but sugar isnt as bad as she thinks. I also know teal is trying to eat very ‘healthy’ etc, but let me remind you that healthy is what makes you feel tr
  8. Angeldust

    Portland Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    I looooooooove that dressssss
  9. Angeldust

    Portland Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    I looooooooove that dressssss
  10. Angeldust

    Liver Flush

    I love you teal but i really dont believe in this. Not to be rude but How would you know what came out is plastic and chemicals? I think its dangerous and not healthy to drink half a cup of oil. The stuff thats coming out is just the oil combined with all the other stuff you injested hardened. People with an already fatty liver should not be drinking oil every two to three weeks. Its much healthier to eat a lower fat healthy diet long term made of abundant fresh fruits and veggies and other plants and keep a healthy lifestyle with plenty of water daily exersise sunshine early nights and plen
  11. Angeldust

    4th Of July

    Yes im so relieved you dont like 4th of july!!
  12. I found that instead of asking the question what can make me feel better? Ask the question what feels good to me?
  13. Pleeease teal make more workshops like this ??
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