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  1. It is only hard with unconscious codependends. You are very conscious so you are not the kind Teal is talking about ?. And another thing: we all use our talents to cope with things. Since you chose ‘serving the other’ probably feeling into people and knowing how to nurture them is your talent. Nothing weong with that! The only thing ro study in yourself is your intentions. That is all.
  2. The stockholm workshop will give you a lot of insight!! She speaks about this in depth! I am sooo in aw of your wisdom Teal. Nothing, nobody comes even close to how tour words resonate deeply. you DO speak objective truth. That is so obvious to me. i wonder if people actually realize how wise you really are. I know you have human shadows, You have human ego, ofcourse you do (and explain why that is important to even be able to relate to people), but besides that,in moments like this, I see source it self speak to you. You are a gift.
  3. Alfredo Armero


    Or.. you can choose with your free will to appreciate the attention and take time to reply each of them individually with words like ‘Thank you! It’s been a while, how are you?’. We all want genuine attention and connection. Why wait for them to take the steps? They probably feel the same as you do but maybe unconscious. Wake them up lovingly. It moght feel good. But only if you do want to connect more with (these) people.
  4. Hope you don’t mind me giving you a tip. I know it can be very not appropriate to give advice so just put it aside if it is something you tried already. people have forgotten how wonderful it feels to help people or animals.It can be little things you can do to serve another and enjoy it. So when life is depressing for yourself, give a little part of you to someone. There are so many lonely elderly people for example and poor families or abused animals in animal care waiting for a new person to love. It might give you new purpose to pick an aimgroup and give it what you can offer. Maybe only for a certain period till you find out more about what you love and what you want to do with your life.
  5. Your energy in this video is like a blanket. Soft and warm and making me sleepy. Love it. and the content nothing I did not know already but very nice and confirming
  6. Alfredo Armero

    False Humility

    I also enjoyed the Sabrina series and also just finished! Still watching shadow hunters now..
  7. Alfredo Armero

    False Humility

    So wonderfly put in words what i also wanted to say!
  8. Alfredo Armero

    False Humility

    Ok here is a different sound: I agree partly. Maybe it is different in the Netherlands... my sister studied psychology. I had and have great conversations with her and compare my knowledge that I got feom Teal in her trainings and tetreats with what she learns in her study and I am pleasantly surprised. The field is in development and alternative approaches like IFS and parts work, inner child work are common now! There is one very important aspect in these studies that I miss in the alternative field and that is: as a starting Psychotherapist you are under guidance of a senior and you stay part of a support group of collegues. There is constant alertness on possible triggers and projections of the counceler towards the client. Therefore one of the most important regulations in psychotherapy and also in the field of coaching is proving you have professional intervisions every so so period. You need to discuss cases together and support eachother and exchange feedback. To protect a vulnerable client this support system is important. The councelers have their own personal blind spots and it is crucial to know them and be alert. Lastly: communication. How do we commuicate with a client? What are the do’s and don’ts? Yes, a super concsious person like Teal knows naturally, from a space of compassion what to say and how to say it. But some newly trained cpcp’s or coaches just don’t! It can be very damaging to say things in a certain way. Or for ecample to say ‘I had that too...’ and start talking for half an hoir of one’s own experiences. I believe Teal selects cpcp’s because they are able to hold presence duting a session. But what happeneds before and after the session? They might flip back to their more unconscious way of relating to someone. I would sooooo much reccomend ttraining in communication skills in the alternative field! And this is also what in the official courses is an inportant part of the study: how to manage a professional but compassionate client-therapist relationship. So let us please not judge too quickly and easy. I know wonderful wonderful therapists who keep developing themselves and have a great mix of knowledge and experiences and do great work.
  9. The blog before this one is solaly on the big island. The big island is also called the island hawaii that might be the comfusion. She wrote the blog while she was there in the middle of the curveball retreat. She had not been to the other islands.
  10. Alfredo Armero


    Teal has a video on abortion! and she always stresses the fact that we all come here with a completely blank ssleef. No past life trauma. All trauma is from this life. When we are in a competion proces experiencing past life memories it is our system avoiding going in the real trauma of this life. So the first layer we work on is a past life (ancestoral) trauma.
  11. I would love that for you! I wish that for you!
  12. In the two years I am premium member I never saw evidence that Teal is involved in this premium area of her website. I don’t think she reads anything and certainly never replies. If you want her reaction you have more chance on facebook. She is quite active and does reply to her fans there! I love your comments and reactions and it is so great that you are actually a pastor following Teal’s material. It makes me sad to see you talk to her while knowing she never reads this. To answer your last question about multiple splits in us. During all her events it is all about fragmentation and working on splits. It has become the core of her work. I would recommend you to join an event! Specially the mirror event. Or even the completion proces training. At the mirror and cp trainings we practice channeling in a controlled way and work with parts of each other. Shadow parts but alsow part of the body that have a message for us. You will enjoy it very very much.
  13. Yes I did enjoy it very much ?
  14. Alfredo Armero


    Love you two!! Teal brings up what we need to see.. that is a fact. Strangely with me she brings up only hidden good soft feminine stuff...she never ever brought to my mind negative thoughts about her.. that is exceptional. I think Osho had the same handicap!! He also was a mirror. oh and one more thing: Teal never never never pleases people in any way.. she is the opposite of a people pleaser. When you experience her in real life that can be hard to swallow for people. For example she might choose not ro give volunteers a minute personal attention to say thank you and leave that to her team. So when you volunteer you might get aced with your true intentions if you are dissapointed or angry even becuase of that. She is picky to what and whom she gives her attention. Completely 100% true to herself. People can not handle that. I am so inspired by that.
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