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  1. MXO

    The Tea Room

    Teal: don't worry, I'm pretty good at it. *proceeds to read one of the best poems ever created on the planet*
  2. MXO


    Captain here. "30 degree weather" is "-1 degree weather" in normal units of temperature measurement. Which is def cold as water turns to ice at 0°C. *flies away*
  3. MXO

    Questions With Cassio

    (1) If you could give all human beings one virtue, which would you choose? - Compassion (not only for other humans, but also for animals, aliens, etc) (2) What would you like most to do for someone else if you had the money and time? - I'd like to help the youngsters (human ones, animal ones, alien ones, etc) to have a good and happy lifes, including envisioning how to break free from the current prison-school systems, how to have a lot better conditions for shelter and farm youngsters, etc
  4. MXO

    Adorable Teal

    Ok the blankies situation is indeed adorable. For me personally one of the most adorable things about Teal is her "aggressiveness while spreading the truth", for example, in the recent instagram video where she talks about misery and says "coz ... it DOES need company.. really we need ... we need attention and presence whether in happiness or sadness...". Sooooooo good. Such an adorable video.
  5. MXO

    Looking Forward To

    I'm looking forward to apply some of these teachings in my life. I've got a few new great ideas to look forward to, thank you very much Teal. Your are sooo clever, I love that. FYI, this video is even catalytic to anti-suicide, and also catalytic to better-eye-sight. I'm looking forward to create an eco-app that basically does "convenient environmentalism", this video was very useful to get points from when I'll have the inspiration to write stuff to App's organizers and programmers. I'll definitely rewind and rewind this video then. Like I do now as well hahaha. By the way, I could
  6. MXO

    Volunteering Mission

    I would probably help the cats. Volunteer in cat-house or cat-shelter, provide cats with emotional and other support. Build cozier surroundings for them, places to run around, to jump to, to chill out. Envision and brainstorm how to acquire tastier and healthier foods. Etc
  7. MXO


    So basically, Teal gets naked, gets on the horse's bare back, takes the archery bow in hands, and rides the horse while shooting at stuff? It's kinda hard to believe, but if it's true, it's super unexpected
  8. MXO

    Stuffed Peppers

    What is inside stuffed pepper?
  9. MXO

    Wedding Dress Shopping

    Why Teal did put her mask on after talking????
  10. MXO


    Very cute and cozy couple Teal is "on the wings", that's funny and cute
  11. A mix out of these: matrix 1, inside out, welcome to marwen, lars and the real girl
  12. MXO

    Race Wars

    Just for fun, a list of races/groups I have negative racial generalizations, stereotypes, beliefs about. AMERICAS: -> USA's a lot of the Black males - they seem dangerous, they seem to hate Whites and to be constantly calling them "White". -> USA's cops - they seem dangerous, too entitled, privacy invaders. -> That region between Mexico and Costa Rica - they seem very dangerous. -> A lot of Carribean islands - they seem dangerous specifically to White people. -> Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil - they seem dangerous. EUROPE: -> British male boomers - they see
  13. (1) What are you doing in your day to day life right now that makes you feel better? -> binge eating -> playing computer games -> occasional alcoholism -> pursuit of environmental and animal welfare -> binge watching Teal Swan's material -> binge watching youtube and twitch -> binge knowledge seeking -> binge napping (2) How are they coping mechanisms? -> I bypass or numb out my pain of not having social life. (3) What is my pain trying to tell me that I want and need? -> I want and need connection and intimacy. (4) How am I to g
  14. MXO

    The Most Difficult

    The most difficult thing for me was (and is) to not overeat. I work from home now, so it's breakfast, brunch, lunch, afterlunch, dinner, afterdinner, and some teas in between some of those. Another difficult thing is that my pants are getting smaller for some reason. While the shops that sell pants are closed. Another difficult thing is to convince myself to do some exercising. I feel like what's the point. Another difficult thing is that I don't see beautiful women on my commute to work anymore. Because I work from home. Those few encounters daily were what made me at least som
  15. MXO


    Q: What I am the most proud of about myself or about my life? A: same as Teal, that I do not abandon my values, such values as freedom for animals, and freedom for children (including freeing them from the "modern" school system), and that I'm extremely open to various points of views and behaviors and can hold space.
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