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  1. andi0211

    Liver Flush

    What about bodylotion? I have to use it because my skin is dry as hell. What kind do you use?
  2. andi0211

    Mercury Retrograde

    I can't find the online tarot reading anymore And also the page where you can submit questions for Ask Teal
  3. andi0211

    Brain Healing Meditation

    That was sooooo amazing! PS: Do I miss stuff if I'm not on facebook? I don't wanna miss ANYTHING
  4. Will you ever do an update about your current relationship with your parents? You are always such an inspiration and I would love to know how you're handling things with them. I'm at a crossroads with my parents right now, where I just don't know how to go on. Your personal story would be a great source of inspiration for a lot of people on here I'm sure. ?
  5. andi0211

    Ask Teal

    Thanks ???
  6. andi0211

    Ask Teal

    And also: what about the self-love e-course you filmed last year in fall or so? Just curious. Would love to watch it! ??
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