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  1. And its been interesting how letting other people be near me without really focusing on me, just doing their own thing, not needing anything from me completely re-wired my nerves over time.
  2. Hey Katja, wow, thanks! You are right, it is confusing and I will gladly share. It's so tricky to work with. So a lot of different factors gave me the opportunity to heal, hope you have some time - I removed myself from my family and started a new one. - In between lots of solitude and slowly re-introduced relationships. "Needy" people I couldn't handle any more at this point. - Still, being anxious (PTSD) I rehabilitated with a trauma specialist, super lucky! So, psychology is a big one. I used to cope with meds and drugs, at one point drugs might have been the only thing that saved my life. These past years I am a new woman, so fresh and so clean! - Honesty, being straightforward. It got easier to get the feedback I needed, right kind of help, understanding and to gain trust from others, transparency too. OH and my partner, so him and I have similar personalities, that's important. To find someone who feels right themselves about autonomy. I never feel suffocated. - Being picky about friends/partner has helped a lot when I got so much healing through my new relationships (relational trauma) One of my friends, so she is super emotional, I am more mental. We can trigger each other like mad but then tend to almost always get healing and relief in spending some time together, help each other to gain awareness too. - Feeling my pain. Think I was the most afraid of meeting myself and not run away (poor sense of self, who even was I?). But yeah, doing the actual work to transform my life still keeps making a tremendous difference. (if I skipped the work it didn't really matter how much I would read and listen to stuff) I never thought it would actually work out for me but it did, it's so strange and wonderful. You can be surprised how over time it dawns on you how you suddenly feel better and better, without even trying to feel different. It's so awesome! -Hard work and responsibility. I am not "cured" but it does get easier and relationships healthier. Like I said I never thought I would get anywhere (doomed, stuck, forsaken) didn't really matter what I believed as long as I kept taking one step at the time. - I'm sure Ayahuasca and DMT in particular, played a role in my healing, yet I found day to day, practical steps to be more powerful in the long run. So glad to hear from you, and how wonderful what you are working on! It's good to see that other people struggle similarly, wish you didn't of course but you are definitely not alone, best of luck
  3. I can relate! I did get confused at first too since I experienced both abandonment and enmeshment. Autonomy has been super healing for me and my relationships. I even get it now in my closest relationship. Even expecting my first child in a month, autonomy is awesome!
  4. mushylui


    Happy birthday, Winter Currently pregnant with our first one, when will you do a book on parenting, Teal? Blessings from Norway
  5. Appreciate this, Teal! Blessings from Norway
  6. mushylui

    Gucci Guru

    About 20 min in you talk about how people can "get you'r crap for free", then you realize: "oh my gosh, i just called my work, crap".. I mean.. thats just rude. Still love you Teal, your work has helped me. That is why I felt put off about the "crap" thing. Its no big deal, people make mistakes. I hope you continue your path with a clean image to present to the world. I'll check out the "Gucci Guru" thing to see it from both sides. Its interesting to see how you tackle the media, Teal. Good job and take care.
  7. mushylui

    Not Ready

    Witt: LMAO, Heisenberg is my favourite, perfect for the meme, I can just hear him saying that. you made my day <3 haha!
  8. mushylui

    Happy Parts :-)

    oh my god, i can resonate with that! haha Blessings from Norway <3
  9. mushylui

    Damn You, Tripod!

    what would we do without Blakey! thank god for his comic releaf when feeling down. love from Norway, I appreciate you all guys <3
  10. mushylui

    Decisions, decisions…

    So damn sweet to see you'r child like nature come out, super satisfying, and you look amazing! Blessings from Norway <3
  11. mushylui

    The Voice of Women

    thank you for talking about this, this is THE topic to talk about really. Blessins from Norway <3
  12. I hope to meet you in person one day Teal, and Blake also. You guys are amazing revolutionaries. And I dont mean to feed the ego. But truly, a heart felt compliment. Love you both. Hugs and kisses from Loveise. My name is Lovise, meaning "Infamouse warrior" ???
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