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  1. Nina ♥

    About Cancel Culture

    What is Cancel Culture? I have NEVER heard that term before! Ahh looked it up ... I hate that! .. I feel bad for those who have been shamed and suffered for something said.. .or misunderstood.... I get very triggered and am overly cautious to say or do things I can't take back because of it... its like you never live it down! ..
  2. Nina ♥

    Don't Minimize Pain

    Wow.. I have huge trauma with this... I have love hate issues with my sister to this day.. I was 3... I saw the baby and told my mom to send IT back... I used to punch her a lot growing up not realizing what I was doing... I had a mother that was narcissistic .. and yet at the same time caused enmeshment trauma.. I have been mothering my mothers emotions since the day .. before the day I was born... It was all I know..and then this new THING took over?? .. I was getting older and more "harder" to manage.. I have SO Much anger and rage inside me because of it... abandonment ... resentment!! .. RAWWWWWWWWWRRR
  3. Nina ♥

    Feeling Supported

    What makes me feel most supported is when someone sees something I am doing or have done and they take interest in it.. They participate in it with me ..even if it is not something they would have done on their own... They are doing it because they want to support me.
  4. Wow..that last line... I can look back and see my family line and the mental health .. weight.. skin issues that seem to get passed down.. I am the one in my family that is waking up and shifting things and doing the work .. and now my own two kids both don't want kids!! .. Here I am changing things and my line is pretty much complete after myself and my own two humans after me.. I am at peace with that actually! My Trans daughter actually wants to foster kids though.. she just doesn't want babies..
  5. I feel like I would be a great contributor to an intentional community.. I love watching the natural rhythm of things take place... taking others interests as part of mine.. and find ways where I can contribute focusing on my strengths.. Mmmm I am visualizing that community.. It is out there waiting for me... I think I feel like I am not just ME thought.. I am ME and my 23 year old and 15 year old daughters living with me... I think that is what holds me back..
  6. Fantastic... I am the one healing and working through my trauma's and shadows in my family line ...and not passing the shadows onto my own children!! .. but now they don't want to have children!! .. Its stops there... *ironic* Is it because the traumas I am healing are ones related to the whole damn reason I had kids in the first place?? .. If our kids of course are here to teach us..
  7. Nina ♥

    Happy Mother's Day

    I avoided Mothers Day like the Plague, avoided all social media as much as I could.. ... I have a mother and I am a mother and have been a surrogate mother x3... and all I feel on this day is pain and resentment and sacrifice and I fall into a deep depression that day ... I cry much of it... Its just painful! But reading all your comments I can see many don't suffer like I do ... I am glad you all can find love and appreciation for this day.. how ever you all my perceive it to be .
  8. Nina ♥

    Most Important Right Now

    I feel safe when I am alone...Yes I know in a relationship I can be happy .. but it can also feel vulnerable.. so how do I feel safe being vulnerable so I can be in a relationship and be happy with out feeling I am sacrificing contentment and feeling safe to do so!? .. I need to watch the zero sum game video again! I think that is where I am struggling the most right now. (currently trying to start a relationship with a kind man... and I am panicking and freaking and nearly having a nervous break down as I try to scurry back into my hole - aka suffering )
  9. Nina ♥

    Wind Down

    For me.... Purging objects from my home Organizing Cleaning Baking or new recipes Music Bath Movies Hair brushing
  10. Nina ♥


    How do you know if you have Protein loving hair or Moisture loving hair?? Sorry if this is a silly obvious questions but was curious
  11. Nina ♥


    What kind of birth trauma would come up for a child born through surrogacy? Leaving the gestational mother... to form a bond with the genetic mother!??
  12. Wow... thank you ... both of you ... I resonate so much with this.. Although I am an actor in life and not in film. Its scary how deep into nothingness I feel sometimes.. Especially when I feel the shame of being myself as a young child. ... I am self aware at the fact I take on parts of other peoples "personality" and act it out..because I know that they are accepted for it! ... and I deeply don't feel I am worthy of acceptance and often question if I exist!! .. It all just feels very similar.
  13. I remember asking this question to her..
  14. Wow... speaking of the split that happens with teachers these days... reminds me of a moment in my life when I had my nervous breakdown (awakening) The mental emotional pain was more than I can bare... in a therapists office after thinking and going over in my head what I needed to talk about I hit a state where I could not even think a thought no more...My only choice was to be still... I then said to the therapist.. "what if all this isn't even real.... and life was just an illusion.."... (I don't know where that came from at the time but) he said.. " I would not think that way if I were you... that is to dangerous.."... I realised I had to help myself and focused on cleaning and then connecting with the trees..and slowly felt better! .. I would not doubt if in that very moment is when the split took place when the pain became to much to bare..
  15. Nina ♥

    Cooking with Teal

    Wow... so beautiful to watch... Everything looks delicious... I am drooling right now! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing more moments in the kitchen..I would love to make that soup recipe! ?Wow... so beautiful to watch... Everything looks delicious... I am drooling right now! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing more moments in the kitchen..I would love to make that soup recipe! ?
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