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  1. Kate Sugak

    Hi Jason, thank you, i actually never tried turmeric tea, I will do some research on it and try it!
  2. Kate Sugak

    Hi! I don’t recommend you doing Botox, even if I perfectly understand the emotional space you are coming from. My mother had botox, and she had it only 2 times. Now she really regrets it. Botox is super toxic. The active ingredient is botulinum toxin - a chemical so toxic that it has to be measured in trillionths of grams . This toxin paralyses your face muscle, and this creates this illusion of smooth face. My mother did this procedure for the same reasons as you want to do it. After only 2 times doing it we saw that her wrinkles got much bigger than they were before. Because her face muscles were weakened by this toxin so without it they couldn’t support her face like before. Botox makes you dependen on it by making your situation worse and worse and making you freaking out and always come back for a treatment. Doing Botox is not worth it. To abuse yourself with this toxins is not worth it. In my personal opinion, a person will look his or her best only if his or her health is at it’s best. So instead of doing any dangerous and toxical treatment to your body, I would suggest using natural ways to look your best, like spending time outside in nature as much as you can, exercise and eat clean diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. I would suggest focusing on your health. And also would be a good idea to stop using any conventional body and face care products, like creams and lotions. They are also full of chemicals and hormones and are designed to make you dependent on them by making your skin situation worse and creating an illusion that you really need this cream or lotion to have a good skin. My friend followed this advise and stopped using any face care products on her face, the only thing she uses now is coconut and jojoba oil if she feels that her skin need hydration. Her skin quality got much better after she stopped using this products, because her skin doesn’t have to deal with this chemicals and hormones anymore. Hope I was helpful!
  3. Kate Sugak

    Hello M-dai, thank you for replying and to relating with me! Yes I understand you very well! I watched Teal’s video and working out this process she described. I am very committed to understand the purpose of this skin issue. I feel that I am ready to do this, because I am tired to fight it, now I want to learn from it. I will write later what I find out because I think there are many people that feel this way and have similar problems.
  4. Kate Sugak

    Fungal skin issues Hello guys! Is there someone who managed to get rid from Tinea versicolor, or maybe other fungal skin infection permanently? I suffer with it already for 6+ years. During this years every several months i start seeing a lot of white spots on my body, i treat it and they disappear for next several months, and then everything starts again. It is never ending cycle. Before i treated it with shampoo that contained ketoconazole but i don't want to use any chemicals on my body, now i switched to tea tree oil that helps to make them disappear even better. Now i am trying to treat it with combination of green tea and tea tree oil, because i heard that green tea actually is one of the best cures for fungal infections. My diet is vegan and is super clean, since eating this way i feel much better but it didn't help to cure this skin issue. My problem is that even though when i treat tinea versicolor it always dissapears, after several months it always comes back. I hate this. I am so tired of fighting it. When it comes back it is all over my face, chest and back.I literally go to sleep without any white spot and the next day i wake up and see lots of them and it gets worse and worse if i don't treat them. It scares me when i look at myself in the mirror and of course it makes me feel a lot of shame. I think that this fungus is always coming back because it wants to remind me of this aspect of myself that feels ashamed and unwanted and is full of insecurities. I tend to run away from it and want to do everything that prevent's me of feeling that way. I think i should do a completion process to meet the unmet needs of this aspect of me instead of just running away from it as i always do. When i was kid i was always made feel that something is super wrong with me. I felt abandoned by my parents because i am not good enough to deserve being with them, i was bullied at school by my classmates and always disapproved by teachers. I was always told that i am ugly and stupid. I grew up in a person that suffers from perfectionism and lives only for people's approval, desperately trying to prevent myself from experiencing those feelings of my childhood. I am obsessed with controlling everything, and this fungal infection is out of my control and this is freaking me out, i feel like i can not do anything about it and i am left here alone in shame. I feel like so much internal work has to be done here. If you have or had similar issues feel free to share how you feel and your story.