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  1. Daemic V

    Now everyone is going to approach the topic differently and interpret it in a different way. If you cast your perception outwards to a point that you can experience that moment from the person involved (Great Grandmother). What do you feel? What kind of personality are you experiencing? Is the block you're feeling associated with another person? Reach out with your minds eye and try to experience that moment from the other person. See it how they saw it, feel it how she felt it, and withdraw that energy back into yourself. Reach backwards into time, knowing as we speed through space on this rock an imprint is left. Space and time are malleable and don't let resistance convince you otherwise of your success. Use your intuition and feel, dont over think, try not to think at all, feel.
  2. Daemic V

    I don't know who Black Pigeon is but I'll take your word to cut out it out of my life experience ahead of time.
  3. Daemic V

    a e s t h e t i c
  4. Daemic V

    I linked it in at about 13m12sec and there's some fun bits of information in her discussion, consider checking it out!
  5. Daemic V

    The thing that is new is the thing you were interested in and think would be worth saying outloud
  6. Daemic V

    The physical tools that is praised and utilized the most in a five sensory society have been twisted over hundreds of years into a calculated system of spiritual suppression and division of self. The more tools we use the more we are left longing as we begin to focus more what's "on the outside" and less of "what's on the inside". The idea that tools are "on the outside" in itself is a fundamental flaw because everything we have ever seen, felt, heard, tasted or smelt has been within. The mind picks up on these stimuli and process them into a perceivable reality. The world is a range of frequencies and information wave fields that our mind, like a biological computer, processes and computes into a given set of parameters (with poor graphic quality). The trick that there is nothing more then the five senses is one of the biggest scams known to the history of mankind. It is what it is, and we've collectively decided to allow these struggles to manifest regardless of influence. Just keep on truckin' and find the high ground where you can enjoy the view, friends.
  7. Daemic V

    The price of fame is only worth as much as someone's willing to pay for it.
  8. Daemic V

    This is What is Feels Like
  9. I wouldn't take it very personally. I think a large majority of people tend to tread water and do things they don't naturally resonate with in order to make the cash the survive. You could be attracting these people because there's a part of you that wants to help them overcome and become happy. Just continue to be a shining, bright example by being yourself!
  10. Daemic V

    Right, the light spectrum and sound aswell
  11. Daemic V

    Formal intro right Introductions aren't required at this point but rather than give a long drawn out explanation of my bio, I wanted to open up a bit about "this experience" we are all having together. My name is Rich and I am a 28 year old male, military veteran outside of Ithaca, New York. I wandered in here a few weeks ago by the law of attraction. I passively felt my way into some of Teal's videos on YouTube and was intrigued by her clear and radiant energy followed by the way she was able to describe things In a unique way. My purpose is a passive spreading of genuine love and understanding, to encourage insight and perspective after a history of relatively traumatic series of unfortunate events that opened my mind to new experiences. This left me able to sense outwardly, hear and feel variations of energy and aspects of the universe that are always there but we tend to ignore them. I am an artist and can essentially create anything if I feel motivated enough to follow through with the process. I lived in former Mesopotamia during 2012 when I didn't really have a choice but it was a solid experience to reappreciate the things we commonly overlook. I wouldn't say I'm a "normal" guy but I'm very approachable and easy going enough to encourage conversation with strangers (especially if they have the same interests). There's a vast depth in range of topics that I might have insight on and I generally try to be helpful where I can. I like it here and plan to stick around for awhile. //end creepy bio blog//
  12. I can't judge you, I don't even know you and it's not generally in my character! It's a mixed bag of jelly beans, you just have to eat the good ones! (im full of metaphors tonight phewww)
  13. These are the trials and tribulations that your soul decided for you to be faced with. You can try both?! Sometimes flowing with the current is better then trying to fight and move the stream. The medications are a frequency pattern just like anything else and sometimes having this option is a way to tune your body into the proper alignment. We are all energy waves and patterns and experience this reality but everyone deserves the chance to experience a harmonic, blissful one. If I may quote Yoda, "Luminous beings are we...not this crude matter“.
  14. Daemic V

    The expanse of the cosmic universe is an interwoven spiderweb that is maleable that sways and flows with the energy of its own construct. The other dimensions aren't necessarily "higher" or "lower" in a linear up and down sense that we percieve when we say 3rd, 4th, 5th. Rather these dimensions are a different wavelength and frequency of speed. The speed that these dimensions exist as are the very foundation to how certain frequencies regulate the very nature of the universe. Our current perception in relation to these other frequency ranges which may feel more expansive and larger since they govern different aspects of space-time (or outside time). These layers exist simultaenously in the same space, all at once, operating and existing as the universe. Expansion occurs in relation to our perspective at this "radio channel".
  15. Daemic V

    VD, a few inches.