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  1. Oh oh really are we so many to be like that! As for me I don't know which category I fit in, but what you said about the other being at arm length totally make sense for me. Trauma by death of very close people in my childhood, twice sure does explain attachment issues I'm facing as an adult. A lot to accept here and get through....painful as hell it is and it was. Death is....death. One moment somebody is here in a body and the next moment she is no more in her and his body, no way around that physical reality.... The up and down of physical life....
  2. Bienvenue en France <3 et je vous y souhaite de merveilleux et delicieux moments <3 Amusez vous bien
  3. Yep I relate to that 100% and know the feeling... Acceptance is the key that will allow me to be in peace again and yet at the moment it still elude me. The pain of avoidance and resistance is somehow lesser than the pain of acceptance, until it is no more I guess and that it is the key to it finally <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. Oh God I know this one so well..... if I can take everybody under my skin to come with me. Oh God separation anxiety my big consuming friend. I am the one who cries whenever I bring a friend or family member to the airport or leave them or they leave after a wonderful dinner we had together and so on (and they are fine them!).... I actually cry in the middle of the train station, the airport, the street, at work, I mean I can't help myself, separation is an unnatural thing if I had my way! And others look at me : what the hell is "wrong" or happening, they're clueless and I'm heartbroken in this "big brute world of not-so-hypersensitive-anymore-adults". Talk about the pro and con of our today world ;)....!!
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