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  1. I was named Jenna after a character Priscilla Presley played on a tv show. I was conceived on Valentine's Day. My last name Zadorozny is Austrian.
  2. I'm sure Winter will make a lot of friends.
  3. It took me like 10 hours to understand what you just said, but sounds like a topic worth exploring and finding a solution to.
  4. This was such a wake up call when u posted this. i miss you, love you, keep posting.
  5. Winter is stealing the show, he might have to get his own channel soon. How to build a gingerbread house, what else? How to take a long Winters nap.
  6. That's actually a good idea.
  7. You have to make it so it feels ok, to leave your son for a few days, and so it feels ok to go to work and on travel. It might be different than people before you have done, but you can make it so it feels ok. No matter where you go, you'll always be with your son. When you make your time for him, and create good memories, that's very valuable. You are not like other mothers, you're different! It's ok.
  8. When you feel sorry for yourself, it confuses other people, and they will actually find in you what they envy... That's when they will begin to put you down. the mothers who put you down are ones who would probably give anything to have the life and career you have. They're envying you. the only thing you can do with envy is realize it, and appreciate it for what it is --at least they're thinking about you... And if they're jealous, then isn't it flattering--at least a little bit? the ones you should feel sorry for, are the ones who envy you... They are the ones to feel sorry for.... But if you don't want anyone to feel sorry for you, then don't feel sorry for them... It will feed the cycle. it's not your fault, just take care of yourself. They should envy you! Why not? Be glad.
  9. It will be okay! When you tap into your mothering and nurturing side, no one can say anything to you. You have to be this for yourself also. Sometimes you identify with parts of you that make people uncomfortable (and maybe yourself too). You don't have to feel sorry for yourself, because you don't really want other ppl to feel sorry for you.Learn to carry yourself the way you perceive yourself (with love) and no one can touch you, they can only look at you with love. That's just me though. You could try listening to Whitney Houston over and over again until you stop caring about anything. That's what happened to me. Lol but I don't have kids, so maybe I'm wrong.
  10. Good message, this is exactly what I'm feeling when you described your analogy about the boats. :-) Get a duvet. Lol
  11. Take care. u r the one who said it's ok to put relationships first omg. Get well soon everyone!
  12. This morning you r referring to was really cool. I wasn't doing breath work, but something felt really out of the ordinary and wonderful.
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