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  1. Dang! I don't have facebook Thanks!
  2. Where can I find the full video of this interview or Q&A?
  3. Gretchen Huff


    I am SO GRATEFUL for all of the amazing free content you guys pump out. So generous and amazing.
  4. Gretchen Huff

    Play Time

    Looks so fun!!! Glad to see Teal having a good time
  5. Gretchen Huff


    Yes!! PLEASE write this book!
  6. Gretchen Huff

    Back in the Snow

    You look SO HAPPY Teal! Welcome back to Utah I hope you do the Get What You Want workshop next year in slc so that I can come next time.
  7. Gretchen Huff

    Health Freak

    I do the EXACT same thing!! I can totally relate
  8. Gretchen Huff

    Happy New Year!

    My best friend and I just counted down to midnight and read the new blog post about 2018. WOW! What amazing news! You just made our night Teal We love you!!
  9. Gretchen Huff

    Graciela's Birthday

    Happy birthday Graci!!!
  10. Gretchen Huff

    Winter Cheer

    Such a handsome boy! This made my day!
  11. Gretchen Huff

    Animal Cruelty

    Thank you Teal for being part of my decision to go vegan about a year ago. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I’ve loved every minute of working towards becoming more connected with the non-human animals around me.
  12. Gretchen Huff

    Beach Fun

    I can tell that you all are having so much fun! Can’t wait to watch the replay of this workshop
  13. Gretchen Huff

    Gingerbread House

    What a SWEETHEART! Love little Winter.
  14. Gretchen Huff

    Christmas Spirit

    Carol of the Bells is THE BEST! I never meet anyone else who loves that carol the most. Thanks Teal!
  15. Gretchen Huff

    Las Vegas 2017 - Part 1/2

    I'm really bummed that my time on stage with Teal was not included. I would really like to go back and listen to what was said.
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