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  1. The more I look around and the more I just see people sleeping and unconscious and in denial and very few people actually aware. Which is scary. Authenticity requires you to have a certain level of awareness, if not it's just being an asshole.
  2. Hahahaha that's great with graphic interpretation as well!!!!! Yeah that's okay I look forward to it too!!! Let me know!
  4. Sii!! anch'io ci stavo pensando ad aprirne una, io ci sto
  5. Hello, where can I watch the replay? @GabijaCij
  6. Thanks walt I don't know if it has to be a quality to find an approval for it.. but I'm trying to learn about complete acceptance of oneself. Basically I'm always fearing that he's gonna let me down or leave me. In fact when we don't see each other I am afraid I will never see him again coming back. And that's where also the separation anxiety comes in because when we separate after meeting up I feel the fear again. I fear it less if we agree on when the next meeting is gonna be, so I can be more certain I will see him again.
  7. Finding approval for having separation anxiety Helloo Can you help me find approval for having separation anxiety in relationships / fear of abandonment ?
  8. until

    anyone looking for a group?
  9. until

    Hi there! I am looking for a place to stay.. where are you gonna stay? @Diana Zirbel
  10. Hi, that's exactly what I experience too! I was actually thinking about this very thing. With this current person I feel attracted to: 1. I feel pain when he's giving attention to somebody else (it feels like jealousy in my case) and 2. if I would know I would not see them for a while i would feel pain (abandonment). I was thinking that either way this situation comes from like you guys said an insecure attachment with parent/s. If it feels like jealousy : you might had to compete with someone in the family to gain attention (love) when you were little. If they both feel like abandonment: you might have had a trauma around similar situations so you feel that old pain again. Because fear starts from a memory and it projects itself into the future. Hope it helps anyway.
  11. Look at this !!! there's so many in the world!
  12. Finding a job / source of money online Hello community, I am wondering if any of you have experience and/or can help me finding a source of money or job online? That is because I'd like to feel more free and not feeling like I have to do a job even though I hate it because I need to survive. So far I've created this project through which you can do too. Thanks
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    @Delina Heyy yeah I was thinking of staying the whole weekend where are you gonna stay? do you live there? I live in Scotland
  14. until

    @GabijaCij Cool! Thanks for the super quick reply! Can you let us know when you know for sure if it's possible? And also same question for the one in Amsterdam.
  15. until

    @GabijaCij Are you guys organizing anything for the day before or after the workshop? Like book-signing, or other things. I don't live in Dublin so I'm wondering how many days I should prepare myself to stay over there? Thanks:)