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  1. Catherine Allen

    Pizzas good or bad? Hi all, My children love pizzas. I used to try different varieties of pizzas in the recently bought pizza oven for sale. When I make pizzas I do not add too much of artificial flavors in the toppings. I mostly make the topping with homemade items. But last day, when I visited one of my friends, he said that pizzas are not a good breakfast. Is it so? What might be the reason for that if pizzas cannot be taken as a breakfast? My children always ask me to give them pizzas for breakfast. The main intention of giving pizzas to my children is for them to eat vegetables. If I give them a veg dish they never eat it. But when I give the vegetables as a topping of pizza they eat it.
  2. Catherine Allen

    Sounds Good. I think this method can be practiced by all those who are trying to quit smoking.
  3. Catherine Allen

    Stay healthy Kids don't always listen when parents tell them to wash their hands before eating, after using the bathroom, or when they come inside from playing. My brother's son is a very careless and a naughty child. He is in 5th grade. He never washes his hands after playing although we strictly say that. He always eats food with his dirty hands. Because of his carelessness, he quite often falls sick. Earlier we had soap in the washroom to wash the hands. Since he is very lazy to wash his hands, we are planning to change it. One of my friends suggested touchless soap dispensers would be a good choice as kids will get attracted to the color of the liquid that is kept inside. Hence they will use it. What do you think about it?
  4. Catherine Allen

    Baby sleep and health issues Hi all, I hope everyone is doing good here. Presently, I'm here for my sisters baby. The baby is 3 months old, our lovely charm, Serah. Serah has a very poor sleep. She refuses to sleep both during the day and night. Since the baby is awake most of the time, my sister also has to stay awake. Lack of proper sleep is affecting the health of both baby and mom. I think it is better to get baby sleep help from sleep training consultants. What do you think about it? Any suggestions?
  5. Catherine Allen

    Professional plumbers I have a friend whose brother is deaf and dumb, a cute looking boy of 14 years, named Ruke. My friend, Jake is 20 years old. Both of them are staying in an apartment near to Jake's college. Their parents passed away in a car accident 4 years back. Since then it was Jake who took care of his brother. Even though he is deaf and dumb, he is a studious boy, the class topper. They are living in a small 1 BHK apartment. Recently, Ruke fell in the bathroom and broke his leg. Due to the leak in the bathtub, water overflowed to the tiles. Since Ruke didn't see the water, he slipped and fell inside the bathroom. Not seeing Ruke for a long time, Jake went and checked the bathroom. Then he found Ruke lying down, not able to move. Immediately he took Ruke to the hospital. Due to God's grace, there was nothing much serious. Then approached professional plumbers to get the tub repaired. I would like to know are there any ways to safety proof the bathrooms of deaf and dumb people?
  6. Catherine Allen

    Stain removal Hi all, It is not easy to keep the houses clean when you have kids. Every day when I clean the house, I can see new artworks on the walls or on the bed or floor by my naughty children. When I understood that there is no use of scolding them, I stopped it. Two days before, I noticed some coffee stain on our new sofa. I think it is the children who made it while having coffee and watching TV. Although I tried to remove it with a stain remover, It didn't work. We have a maid coming from one of the professional cleaning services once in 2 weeks. It has just been a month only she started coming to our house for cleaning. So we don't know much about the cleaning. My question is should I inform the cleaning company that there is a stain in the sofa for them to bring the necessary supplies to clean it? What do you people usually do to remove such stains? Please help me with tips.
  7. Catherine Allen

    Fire monitoring system Fire is one of the most leading cause of death in most of the homes and offices. Recently, a fire accident occurred in our neighborhood. The cause of fire is not yet known, which is quite disturbing. But due to god's grace, nothing fatal happened. Hence I think it is very necessary to install a fire alarm in each home and office. Now I'm in search of a fire alarm system. While browsing online, I came across several fire monitoring systems. But I'm confused on which one to choose. I heard about one of the fire alarm system monitoring company in our area and contacted them. Being a novice, I would like to get more guidance about security systems. For a residential area, which one is the most adequate, Fire alarms or fire monitoring? What if a false alarm occurs? My friend said that fire monitoring enables us to have direct contact with the service professional. Could you please help me?
  8. Catherine Allen

    Hello from Canada Hi all, This is Catherine from Canada. Glad to meet you all.