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  1. Stretches. Hi. I am straight. Love life is in


  2. Thank you teal for you. Joey

  3. I have had alot of harrassment texts and phone calls when saying hi to someone on facebook and instagram. I am not sure what to do with this when I was always about success. When all this gets piled up

  4. Are you ever taunted where you might be living like it's some kind of monster. Where no one believes you and some want to ruin you without you knowing about almost seems like a dream. Dream

  5. Hey Teal. I would just like to say, you are great.

  6. No one is trying to help her. Moto of the night. In are often. 

  7. I don't like the word bye. I get told this word too often when I hadn't heard it in years. Lately several relationships of aquaintences I have noticed absolutely nothing besides the word bye, no and I don't want to with you and please stop when I was just sitting there. when asking for trouble or being sincere. It's a cycle that upsets the ones I am in.

  8. Happy new year teal.

  9. Don't over work your staff. Work at a steady pace. 

  10. I have been job searching and ill get a job with a resume and still get set up to not pass through to get the job like five years ago. A struggle with paycheck to paycheck but my spirits are high. I feel really good and am excited about my day. I try to enjoy what I can with what I can. I like to take walks, medicate as in meditate and study my family history without knowledge and my own self. Put it all into a story and turn into a song if need be and play a show if I could. Right now. a nap sounds good.