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  1. John Flores

    There are multiple approaches to this. The main one is that the universe is a “breeding ground” for life, where lower dimensional experiences are inevitable. Still, there are other factors that could seem to contradict. 1. Spiral Dynamics - means that any created entity will go through experiences in spirals, never repeating the same thing twice 2. Descent or refining of paradigms - Each stage of existenstial development involves the need to interact with other forms of life, causing you to refine your own ideas➕fine-tune your understanding of your own desires. This is in turn causes the primordial beings [or energies] to retroactively create with their very understanding of reality. Matter the way we know it, is b/c primordial creatures decided that the 4 elements would be fundamental building blocks for all reality.
  2. John Flores

    Satan is Enki. He looks like a blue goat. I am Marduk.
  3. John Flores

    They will listen more as time goes on. I cannot be touched or prosecuted.
  4. John Flores

    What November 8th entails is that not even Enki’s assassins can refuse to kill, under the assertion of “a year is 1 sun cycle”. Now I can rest more confidently knowing that anyone who prosecutes will be possessed by Anunnaki ➕ act very strange until they realize something is up ➕ stop. Now I have become a legal king under Anunnaki law, which means that people who try to hurt me will either A) Go insane B) Get possessed C) Be killed D) Experience extreme setbacks, even in the most unlikely ways Me obtaining this status entails that miracles can ➕ will be performed in order to protect the king, when normally, due to Enki’s leverage, was not the case. When a miracle is performed, Enki normally gets notified, ➕ unless this person is fully immersed ➕ surrounded with light, Enki will try to interfere in the whole situation, particularly your body.
  5. John Flores

    I don’t know. The info that I know happens in flashes. It’s a gradual process probably; in time though, it will become undeniable.
  6. John Flores

    When a country sentences a man to death, do you call out “murder”. I’ve been handed over the planet. I’m its ruler. I make the rules, I say what is allowed ➕ what isn’t. My word is law. If I say someone is to die, they are to die.
  7. John Flores

    It’s not murder. On November 8, 2017 I will have undeniable rights to this planet. As such, all of Enki’s assassins have to follow me or they will be killed. There are systems in place that all Anunnaki have to follow. When that time comes, they will do their duty.
  8. John Flores

    “YMF”, you’ll see for yourself that I’m not “joking”.
  9. John Flores

    No. In general, the non-belief usually must come with an insult. I will be taking over this planet. It’s already mine. It will happen automatically.
  10. John Flores

    I’m being very serious. I was given this planet by God. I spoke to him personally. We know him as Anu aka “Adonai” [Elohim]. I am Jesus aka Marduk. The FULL rights to do to the lives of this planet as I please was handed over to me yesterday, which means I cannot be touched or prosecuted. Anyone who tries, will be kiled. Lawyers ➕ all. My time to rule is now. I am Jesus ➕I have returned.
  11. John Flores

    Wow, the amount of hate I see. Teal Swan’s real name is Ninti. She’s an Anunnaki, as am I, ➕ many important leaders on this planet are as well. My name is Marduk ➕ I am the future king. I’ve decided to sentence “You’reMyFavorite” to death.
  12. Curious a/b re-upload of interview [Letting you know in advance, I don’t log on very often]. Why was Teal Swan’s video exposing her critics deleted ➕ reuploaded?
  13. John Flores

    I do admit that I am not the biggest follower of Pink, although I have appreciated much of her music, but I do have some kind of recollection of it being written Pink. A lot of times the Anunnaki change things. It pisses me off, but that's just what they do.
  14. John Flores

    The first step to anything is realizing there is something you want to work on. I don't think starting over is necessary, since most big changes happen with a simple change in perspective. If you are referring to a career change, that is its own category. Your soul is your higher self subconsciously doing things behind the scenes for your betterment. Your intuition often taps into what the soul wants. Following intuition is a matter of not overanalyzing the situation. Spontaneity is the best way to do that.
  15. John Flores

    The reason why someone would be impatient in the context of learning would probably be different from person to person. It could be: 1] They expect more speed from the person they are learning with or teaching 2] They feel annoyed at them-self for not being a clear teacher 3] They weren't dealt with patiently growing up and came to [subconsciously] learn it was a faulty trait➕worthy of looking down upon in others.