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  1. Ryuraven

    Unspoken History

    "You comply, or you die." I can see how that sums up my life until now. This is the kind of topic I'd be interested in seeing more of. Especially in the public eye.
  2. Ryuraven

    Sport Needs

    This is interesting. I never understood why people watch sports. Especially soccer, the whole country brings out their flags and it's everywhere and I hate it. But I've always seen this country more as where I currently live than where I'm from, even though I was born here. I guess it hurts to see other people flaunt that they find a sense of belonging or connection where they are, which I've never had.
  3. Ryuraven

    False Humility

    My sister is currently studying psychology. We don't talk that much but just based on what she says I'm not too fond of the stuff she's being taught. She said she didn't see anything about Freud because it's outdated, and my mom went on to say he still needed to be credited because "he started it all" and it just pissed me off. Sure, maybe he was the first to be able to reach a wide enough audience to remain noticed (and the time he lived in probably helped with that). But I think it's completely ridiculous to sign the entirety of psychology on the creation of one person. Psychology has always expanded by new people coming in with new ideas, some that completely throw old ideas out the window. To rely upon some paper stating you learned the old ways for validity in opinion is to not understand the nature of discovery. Teal has helped me greatly, but I've also figured out a lot of stuff by myself. The fact that there are people who would completely throw what I've learned to the wind because I don't have a degree in psychology is so infuriating. One of my biggest issues with humans is that they tend to enter a conversation believing their opinion is right instead of entering it to understand one another. Also, fuck the mental health system.
  4. Ryuraven

    Self Esteem Matrix

    "...feeling good in your own skin" does that mean it would help ease dysphoria? because that sure as hell would be great.
  5. Ryuraven


    I'm slowly going towards veganism and eating sugar free too. I still like eggs but tbh I think that once I live on my own I just won't bother buying any, and in the beginning of this year I noticed I get sick when eating even relatively small amounts of sugar, so I'm trying to cut that out as far as possible. I so relate to "you can't call yourself an environmentalist and still eat meat" I shortly followed someone on insta who was all about suffering-free makeup, and then she said she wasn't vegan and I was so surprised. I already kinda felt she could fall in the group of people who try to act more woke than they are and after that I had enough. It pisses me off when people act anywhere near enlightened but the act is a lie. I just can't stand people like that.
  6. Ryuraven

    Recipe - Teal's Tamales

    I definitely wanna make this someday. Never knew what tamales were but it looks delicious.
  7. Ryuraven

    Narcissistic Service

    The only thing of doing a service that I can think of is that I give a lot of compliments. But that's something I've had to learn in the last few years because I never said a thing and it felt bad. idk if I have such a narcissistic service. I decided quite a while ago to only care for myself so I guess this is a sign I'm on the right path regarding this.
  8. Ryuraven

    Why Do You Vacation?

    The only vacations I ever went on were the ones my parents forced me on. But I think that if I'm going to go on a vacation at some point, it'll be with people I love, not alone. Just picking places we'd like to see and experiences we'd like to have. I don't really see a vacation as a break from the "normal", I see it as traveling to a place too far for a day trip. Going to see a movie in your city or flying to the other side of the world are based on the same desire from my point of view. Doing something you want to do with someone you love. Besides, I've already decided I'm not doing the whole "this is stressful as fuck but I gotta do it" thing anymore. I learned the hard way that doing so will only make me want to put an end to life so if I'm gonna live I'm gonna do things that make me feel like life is, at the very least, not that bad.
  9. Ryuraven

    Late Development Universe

    Where are the details? The juicy details? I hunger for knowledge. ...and food.
  10. Ryuraven

    Hot Seat

    My crush, so I can know her better. I hope she's enjoying her day.
  11. Ryuraven

    What Men Need To Know

    It has nothing to do with women being confused. It has nothing to do with mixed signals or anything like that. If you were to ask me what makes a man a man, I'd know the answer, even if I might not know how to put it into words. But ask the same question for women and my answer would be "I don't know." It's like I innately know what makes up masculine energy but not what makes up feminine energy. (completely unrelated to the views society has on masculine and feminine)
  12. Ryuraven

    What Men Need To Know

    As a trans guy I'm very curious to find out if I know this thing about women. Because even though I was socialized and treated like a woman all my life, there's definitely things about women I don't get simply because I'm a man. Being more confused about women than about men should've been a telltale sign.
  13. Ugh I remember every family member insisting I give them a kiss upon meeting even though every time I met them I told them I didn't want to. Doesn't help that 3 kisses upon meeting is considered normal when greeting even a new person (between 2 men or business type meetings it's a handshake). I so hate never having had the chance to set boundaries. This pisses me off. People should just let kids be.
  14. Ryuraven

    "Ask Teal" Mood

    Meanwhile I am here, being eager to learn how people act in all of their different moods because I just want to know all of who they are.
  15. Ryuraven

    Toxic Masculinity

    I fucking loved this ad. Masculinity is a bit of a dilemma for me. As a trans guy I've had enough of the "female experience" to understand the problems women have with men. But I'm also beginning to see how hard it is to be a man. While I completely agree with Teal that masculinity will express itself if I just allow myself to be authentic; I really want others to perceive me as a man simply based on my behavior, and since so much of what we consider masculine falls under toxic masculinity it can be tricky to keep myself on the right track. An example of healthy masculinity that is perceived and accepted as masculine would be nice.
  16. Ryuraven

    Toxic Masculinity

    "I can't walk through a street without men feeling entitled to my time and attention." That is the problem women have with it. You are right that there is no problem if he can accept rejection. However, most women have learned through experience that men can't take rejection, instead they feel entitled to their time and attention simply because they're men who talk to a woman. In an ideal world a man would be able to approach a woman with her feeling completely comfortable and not fearing what could happen if she says no. And personally, I've never met a guy who could take no for an answer. But I can see how it's confusing for men, as it requires understanding what women go through.
  17. Reading this, I can tell I've already been headed in that direction. Last week I asked myself why suicidal thoughts kept coming back and it came down to discarding my truth without even considering I had a personal truth. With that out of the way I really feel like I'm ready to tackle challenges on my authenticity and free will. It won't be easy, especially since people will get pissed off by not getting their way with me. But for the first time in my life I am actually positive nothing will sway me. I don't ever want to go back to having suicidal thoughts. I want to live, and I won't let anything get in my way.
  18. Ryuraven

    Happiness Painting

    I'm interested in that hawaii retreat. It'd be especially useful to get Teal's insights with the way things are in my life right now. But with the way things are in my life right now I have no idea how to make traveling anywhere a possibility. I'm trying to make use of frequency paintings to figure out a solution, I really hope it works.
  19. Ryuraven

    Nourish Yourself

    I'm just sitting here comfortable and relaxed watching this. I don't need to do anything other than enjoying how comfortable I feel.
  20. Ryuraven

    What's Cooking?

    Was anyone else's first thought when seeing the title "what's cooking, good-looking?"
  21. hhh this looks like fun. Family time is nice.
  22. I actually had a conversation about suicide with my family the day before you posted this. I was trying to make the point that suicidal people are being treated in a very detrimental way without mentioning the fact that I had tried to kill myself before. My family believes so strongly that there is no better way to deal with suicidal people than there already is, and they would not listen to a word I said about what is actually needed. People who have felt suicidal often feel shame regarding that time in their life, or at the very least feel like it is wrong to speak up about what they learned is actually needed. You're very brave in what you're doing, Teal. I think that what we need is more people to be brave. More people to get better after having been suicidal and daring to talk about what they actually needed at that time. If there are a lot of people saying "this is the only thing that actually helped me back then" or "if someone had told me these words I would not have attempted suicide," then slowly the reality of what is actually needed in these situations will become acceptable in society instead of taboo. I'm sorry that you're going through all of this. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up for those who are not seen. Next time the topic of suicide comes up, I'll try to be brave too. I may not be famous, but you don't have to spread this message on your own. Together, we can remove the taboo around suicide.
  23. Changing my name is definitely on my plans. The video stopped twice at 5:24.
  24. Ryuraven

    Saving Mom

    Just got premium and looking through all these videos. This one really helped me. I worked through this and along the way I realized I could get everything I ever wanted from my mom out of a cat. No wonder she refuses to allow a cat in the house.
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