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  1. I did a value exercise with cards a while ago. I put connection as my top value. This made me realize there was no card labeled freedom in that deck because it sure as hell is much more important to me. If I can't be free I can't really be myself, which would make real connection impossible. Moreover, connection is a choice both people must make for it to exist, freedom is inherent in myself and no one can take it away unless I choose to give it away. As important as connection may be, it leaves the door open for someone to control you. But freedom only opens the doors of your choice.

    Besides, are we not united in our choice to be free? Even if it turns into the shadowy "united against" it still creates a feeling of connection.

  2. On 3/17/2020 at 12:45 AM, George. said:

    Dear Ryuraven,

    the person at the checkout might just fulfil their emotional need for connection by chatting with the cashier. Seems to be a great opportunity to implement/apply Teal's advice to take other people's best interests as a part of your own best interests. 💗(expand your heart)

    As Teal suggested: The most important thing you can do as an individual, which will change the way you respond to anything you fear, is to take that which you see as ‘other’ as a part of yourself and by doing so, to take their best interests as a part of your own best interests. 🧩⭕(different part of the whole; ONENESS)

    Additionally, you could take care of the unwanted feeling that arises while waiting at the checkout 🛒or while thinking about "this whole thing"/the virus 😷. You can take this feeling also as a part of yourself (love it) and take responsibility of it as if it were a crying child. 🌞🦋(shining your light initiates transformation)

    The checkout thing was just an example to better explain how I felt. Something like that hasn't happened in years.

    No amount of shadowwork is going to change the fact that I am annoyed at how nobody fucking cares about how their actions affect others. So what if the best some people can think of to feel safer is to hoard 20 packs of toilet paper? Them feeling slightly safer is not going to help me wipe my ass. Buying a stock of soap just means the next person won't be able to wash their hands, and it won't be enough to make those hoarders feel an actual sense of safety.

    I'm so fucking sick of everyone telling me I need to care more about how others are feeling when the exact thing I'm pointing out is how nobody is caring about others. I'm just worrying that there won't be enough resources for everyone at the stores and that suicide rates might go up, all because everyone only thinks of themselves. But the second I start to express my feelings I get told I need to care more for others, as if I wasn't already doing that. And in telling me to care more for others specific for the virus and nothing else people are also discarding my feelings.

    I'm not capable of caring for everyone, that's too fucking stressful. I can get their perspective but I have no better solution. A change in perspective might make people less scared and self centered, but forcing a change in mindset is not a loving thing to do. 

    People need people. Right now I need someone to be able to hold space for how I'm feeling. The ability to hold space for the emotions of others has always been lacking in this society, but because of the virus it gets highlighted. That's why I want this to blow over fast. Because as crappy as it was, we did better in terms of taking care of others emotionally before we panicked over covid. We are so focused on overcoming 1 problem that we are blind to everything else falling apart.

    Everyone agrees that they want to be well. What we disagree on is what it looks like and how to get there. And since this is a global thing, resolving the cause is not something within my capabilities (and I have no interest in becoming anything related to doctors or therapists). Even if I don't feel that strongly about this, the fact that it lasts so long is what's wearing me down.

  3. 52 minutes ago, Josephine said:

    Thank you so much for this post, Teal. I'm afraid fear from this virus will truly deteriorate society in ways we can't even imagine right now. I'm hoping it doesn't lead to food scarcity or war-like behavior between neighbors. I was born with a genetic illness that switched off my ability to make red blood cells on my own and depend on blood donations to survive. I've been shamed by energy workers for not thinking myself out of this illness and now people are becoming so fearful of leaving home that they are not donating blood. My hope is that people will continue donating blood and in the meanwhile, I will lead by example by taking everything and everyone as part of myself. You're right. This is truly the only way for humanity to continue to exist. We must evolve into true compassion.

    If you want to practice taking people as part of yourself, and you depend on blood donations, maybe focusing on how others are literally keeping you alive by physically becoming part of you is a good place to start?

    And if you were born with that illness, I'd wager those light workers are talking shit. Just like Teal was born extrasensory, maybe you were born with this illness because you could not fulfill or discover your life purpose without? I don't know you so it's just a guess, but maybe really taking others as part of yourself like this plays a role in it? It'd make sense to me, at least based on this single comment of yours.

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  4. When I first heard about the virus I just wondered why it was big news. It was still located in Wuhan at the time, which I still have no clue how big that place is, but I never heard of it before. It seemed banal and not really something worth any attention. Since then it's just been an increasingly raised eyebrow to the reaction of other people to it. It's annoying to have to wonder if a service I need will still operate normally, when in my opinion there is no need for any change due to this. I try to find any potential good things this could have but honestly I just want this to blow over already.

    Even before reading this I had already wondered what affect this would have in terms of connection. No touching and avoiding going out seems really bad for several emotional and physical needs, especially with the governments backing it up.

    What I feel about this whole thing is equivalent to being next in line at checkout of the supermarket, and the person in front of me is technically done, but they're having a really long chat with the cashier and I just want them to pay so I can go on with my day. That's the same feeling. It's taken long enough, be done with it.

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  5. I am excited for the new year!

    Been waiting for this forecast and it all sounds pretty good to me. It's been needing to happen.

    2019 really taught me that the universe will take any plan you have, throw it out the window and hand you a better one. It sucks when you keep looking out the window "why the fuck did you throw that out I want it back" and can't see the new thing that's being offered because of it. But I've learned this, and am even expecting it to happen again. I have a sense of a plan, several things that I want to do this year, but even though I have chosen a way to do it, I try to be ready in case the universe decides to throw things off course. Not getting attached to the how to, or even the ultimate end result. Simply a choosing of direction, not a destination. That is how I hope to approach the future. Let's take this ride and enjoy it.

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  6. I imagined a desert with sand dunes, so I couldn't see how large the desert was, but the cube was a size that could easily be held. It was black and a few meters away from me, a bit further down the side of the dune. I think it was made from something non-natural. Like plastic but not plastic, idk I don't know much about materials ig. It felt sturdy.

    The ladder was wooden brown, lying one or two meters down from the cube. It looked like it had slid down fairly recently. I just wondered what a ladder was doing in the desert, away from everything it could be used for.

    The horse felt like it was in its natural habitat, like it belonged there. It stood between the cube and the ladder, but a little closer to me. Its rear was closest to the cube, but it turned its head to sniff in the direction of the cube. Then the horse jogged up to me. Brown fur and manes, playfully darting around the area, but never going far. No saddle, no reins, free to go wherever it wanted.

    The storm was a dark cloud, far away. It was a large storm, and even if it were to decide to come my direction it would dissipate before it got there. I don't think it was moving though. (when I got to this part of the exercise there actually was a sound outside that could be mistaken for thunder XD)

    The flowers sprouted at the lowest point between the dunes, along with some grass. Some lone flowers found their way up the dune the ladder and cube (and me) were on. The horse got all giddy, lifting its legs high while walking in place, then headed over to the patch of grass and flowers and rolled in it. The flowers made it feel like this was no longer a desert. They were white and a light yellow, too many to count.

  7. I never really liked the idea of cut flowers much, but just because they'll die and then there's nothing left. With the whole plant, even if they're done blooming, they'll bloom again. Wanting to enjoy what I got more than once is still selfish but I guess this view is better for the plant. Although I'd love to get a girl flowers. Bringing a potted plant gives with it the responsibility for caring for it, which makes it not fitting for a gift unless said person asked for it.

  8. Reading this, I can tell I've already been headed in that direction. 

    Last week I asked myself why suicidal thoughts kept coming back and it came down to discarding my truth without even considering I had a personal truth. 

    With that out of the way I really feel like I'm ready to tackle challenges on my authenticity and free will. It won't be easy, especially since people will get pissed off by not getting their way with me. But for the first time in my life I am actually positive nothing will sway me. I don't ever want to go back to having suicidal thoughts. I want to live, and I won't let anything get in my way.

  9. I actually had a conversation about suicide with my family the day before you posted this.

    I was trying to make the point that suicidal people are being treated in a very detrimental way without mentioning the fact that I had tried to kill myself before.

    My family believes so strongly that there is no better way to deal with suicidal people than there already is, and they would not listen to a word I said about what is actually needed.

    People who have felt suicidal often feel shame regarding that time in their life, or at the very least feel like it is wrong to speak up about what they learned is actually needed.

    You're very brave in what you're doing, Teal. I think that what we need is more people to be brave. More people to get better after having been suicidal and daring to talk about what they actually needed at that time. If there are a lot of people saying "this is the only thing that actually helped me back then" or "if someone had told me these words I would not have attempted suicide," then slowly the reality of what is actually needed in these situations will become acceptable in society instead of taboo.

    I'm sorry that you're going through all of this. Thank you for being brave enough to stand up for those who are not seen.

    Next time the topic of suicide comes up, I'll try to be brave too. I may not be famous, but you don't have to spread this message on your own.

    Together, we can remove the taboo around suicide.

  10. On 3/1/2018 at 9:44 PM, Marcel said:

    When you are totally authentic and emotionally mature, no feedback can harm you. That is the future of mankind... Where anything can be said and we'll not have immature reactions from the underbelly. I am fully healed dude. And almost nobody truly knows what that means. I have realized my godhood, or merged with source consciousness from your perspective. You are god itself, I am not kidding. The big boss. Lol. About my triggering. You have no idea what the true self is like. Brutally honest. And most of humanity cannot take that yet. But these messages serve many purposes. All messages from source are delivered and are designed to rebalance an unbalance. My original messages were meant for Teal. Teal knows what to do. Are you Teal? Are you her caretaker? Are you reacting in her name, do you bare any responsibility for Teal Gicqeau? Because you assume much. Please don't speak for others please. Enjoy your evening.

    #godwashere #lol

    Have you watched Teal's latest video? 

    Because from everything you've said in all of these comments give me the same feeling I get when listening to most spiritual teachers/guru's. 

    It feels like talking to a mountain that is convinced anything smaller than it has no right to speak. 

    I said I'd share my point of view, yet you tell me not to speak for others, which I did not.

  11. I don't really want to get into a deep discussion here, but I'm just gonna share my point of view on Marcel's comments, do with it what you want.

    Marcel said Teal feels guilty for a joke she made. But when I read that, I understood it as her experiencing a painful realization. She cares deeply for other people.

    On 2/25/2018 at 9:24 PM, Marcel said:

    Part of your learning is to stop crying like a little baby.

    It is exactly this type of thing that causes shame. Crying is good, it is a release of emotion and I assume everyone here knows what bottling it up does. "Purposefully triggering" honestly just makes you an asshole. Teal has made it no secret that she still has healing to do, and triggers are gonna pop up anyway. I honestly doubt she'd take time out of her busy schedule to read comments. If you really know her, talk to her face to face. In a respectful manner. It is possible to make people see their unhealed parts without triggering them.

    Part of being human is experiencing the ego. We may all be "god" walking in human shoes. I doubt we decided to take on the ego (or rather, create it) just so we could struggle until we manage to take it off.  To me, making becoming ego-less the end goal sounds like making being non-human in a human body the end goal.

    I don't like it when people talk in that type of manner, as if transcending the messy things that make us human is the end goal. Not liking something would be a sign from my higher self that at the very least, it's not right for me. And when I just wrote "the messy things that make us human" that felt good. I'm here in a human body to be human. Sure there may be things to heal or improve, both in myself and society at large. But I don't think that requires getting rid of the ego. If we did not want to experience ego, the lessons we can learn from separation, we would not have chosen to be human. And anyone who talks about the end goal being free from ego just sounds fake to me.


  12. On the low down, I've been thinking about raising a child.

    I think I'd do pretty well, for a few hours. But not all day. Probably not even every day. Not with those too young to walk. I could never make up my mind if I was genuinely interested or not. But this really opened my eyes. This is everything I was feeling but didn't know I felt.

    It's been less than a year since I started wondering about raising a child, before that it always was a resolute no. Yet somehow I ended up with these same feelings towards it as Teal.

    I've always liked the idea of a tribe, ever since a kid. I'd draw islands with a little community, or a few treehouses in a forest. I like the idea of living close to friends and everyone helping out with raising children and all the chores that must be done. That idea feels like home to me.

    And with the line of work that interests me, all I'd really need is an internet connection to earn money. Maybe a few trips, but I doubt I'd have it anywhere near as tough as Teal. I can definitely see a tribe type of community work out.

    But if I really ask myself what the reason for becoming a parent rather than an occasional caretaker is, it would be because the person I like wants to have a child. And I don't think that's the best motivation. But I would like to interact with kids as a caretaker, just not that often.

  13. Reading this, I can recognize that the past few weeks have been leading up to this.

    I have really felt that my anger and resistance to what is, is gone. Instead I've naturally been taking more and more steps that feel good. It is nice to see that your forecast lines up with where I felt myself heading. 

    Authenticity does feel like the only option left. It was a tough year, but it really cleared up what was stopping me from living my truth.

    Thank you.

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