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  1. I'm getting better at relating to the people. I used to focus more on their story, and couldn't relate to it because every life experience is different. But now I focus on the emotional aspect of what they talk about and find it pretty easy to relate to. It does mean that the backstory gets longwinded and full of unnecessary details, which makes it too easy for my attention to wander off. 

    "If that's not the right choice, don't make it." Teal just validated my decision to not have a job. And by that I mean I never had a job in my life. I do think I'd want at least a part-time job once I move countries just to make sure I have something to do/not sit bored on bed all day until I figure out what I'd rather do. It just takes feeling good first to feel the need to be out among people, doing more than sitting around.

  2. Ugh I really want to go to one of those curveball retreats but I have quite a few reasons for not wanting to fly anywhere for the immediate future so all I can do is hope she comes to belgium sometime soon. Costa Rica sounds fun though. Maybe after I get my local shit dealt with I'll take my chance, even if she's come here before that.

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