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  1. Ryuraven

    Today's Mission

    Every time Teal starts something with "this is gonna piss a lot of people off, but..." I end up wondering how it could ever piss anyone off by the time she's done talking. At worst it's just "dang, I felt that. I need to think on that for a while." I never really plan to compliment anyone, typically I just pass someone on the street and it just comes out. Although I have noticed I'm doing it a bit less lately. Still, planning it may make it feel less authentic and a compliment should come from the heart.
  2. I imagined a desert with sand dunes, so I couldn't see how large the desert was, but the cube was a size that could easily be held. It was black and a few meters away from me, a bit further down the side of the dune. I think it was made from something non-natural. Like plastic but not plastic, idk I don't know much about materials ig. It felt sturdy. The ladder was wooden brown, lying one or two meters down from the cube. It looked like it had slid down fairly recently. I just wondered what a ladder was doing in the desert, away from everything it could be used for. The horse felt like it was in its natural habitat, like it belonged there. It stood between the cube and the ladder, but a little closer to me. Its rear was closest to the cube, but it turned its head to sniff in the direction of the cube. Then the horse jogged up to me. Brown fur and manes, playfully darting around the area, but never going far. No saddle, no reins, free to go wherever it wanted. The storm was a dark cloud, far away. It was a large storm, and even if it were to decide to come my direction it would dissipate before it got there. I don't think it was moving though. (when I got to this part of the exercise there actually was a sound outside that could be mistaken for thunder XD) The flowers sprouted at the lowest point between the dunes, along with some grass. Some lone flowers found their way up the dune the ladder and cube (and me) were on. The horse got all giddy, lifting its legs high while walking in place, then headed over to the patch of grass and flowers and rolled in it. The flowers made it feel like this was no longer a desert. They were white and a light yellow, too many to count.
  3. Ryuraven

    Halloween Explained

    Growing up in europe in a non-catholic household meant that halloween was just another fall day. My grandmother was catholic so I do remember accompanying her to the graves of her family once, but other than that halloween was just something from cartoons on tv. I just expect to see fog and fall leaves on a chilly day tbh, but since I'm in australia now I would have completely forgotten halloween existed if it were not for that one employee that was dressed up as Wednesday. It was just a wig, really. It's kind of weird to see people make a big deal out of a holiday that doesn't really exist in my experience. Dressing up is for kids during carnival, and sweets is for sinterklaas and easter. Halloween is american culture.
  4. Ryuraven

    False Altruism

    Doing something "for" someone else while really it's all for yourself... I don't see how that applies to me. I've always hated the idea of doing volunteer work because I'd get nothing out of it. Growing up I was never able to do anything to make other people see me as good, so the only way for me to see myself as good was to view my own moral standards as "better" than those of society. (Hence why Zorro was my favorite character, he's the hero, the good guy, always wins but he's seen as a bad guy by the authorities) Since I watched this I'm trying to see how I'm a match to this but I can't figure out how this applies to me. Even if there are things of which I could say that I'm doing them for others, it's really just me doing it for myself while recognizing that it will benefit others as well. It's just a bonus point. I don't think I've ever done anything for anyone else. Out of fear, maybe. Example: I'm vegan because meat tastes bad and I'm lactose intolerant so going vegan seemed like the easiest way to navigate that. I can recognize it also benefits animals and the environment but I really wouldn't bother doing anything for those reasons. I just don't care. I can give several examples of things that I do (or don't do) that benefit others in some way but I'm only in it for my own benefits. So how the fuck does this apply to me?
  5. I actually walked through a golf course for the first time in my life today. Synchronicity
  6. Ryuraven

    Teal Tribe Refresh

    If by making it easier to find out how many people there are in our area you mean making it easy to find the members map, that would be great. Because every time I look for it it takes forever to find it. Such as right now. Kind of why I clicked on this update in the first place.
  7. Ryuraven

    Cinnamon Rolls

    I want to eat those!!! I hoped I would find a recipe here but alas, I am left to starve. I hope that when she finally gets on top of that cookbook she'll make a second one that's just desserts. Healthy, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free desserts. And then I'll need a kitchen. tbh I don't care about the gluten thing as I haven't noticed any issues with eating that but if I'm going for healthy desserts why the fuck not? I doubt I'll miss it.
  8. Ryuraven

    Teal's New Book

    A novel? Teal, now you're speaking my language. I like writing myself, but it mostly came as a replacement for playing with other kids (because they outgrew playing). Still, it's fun to share an imaginary world with others, and I always thought it'd be interesting to see your teachings portrayed in a fictional setting. I'm glad you're doing this.
  9. I never really liked the idea of cut flowers much, but just because they'll die and then there's nothing left. With the whole plant, even if they're done blooming, they'll bloom again. Wanting to enjoy what I got more than once is still selfish but I guess this view is better for the plant. Although I'd love to get a girl flowers. Bringing a potted plant gives with it the responsibility for caring for it, which makes it not fitting for a gift unless said person asked for it.
  10. Ryuraven

    Fear Of Intimacy

    The problem with these "what's up in the ether" is that I can only watch them at 5-6 pm at the earliest. Most of the day has already passed.
  11. Ryuraven

    Rose Garden

    A narcissist is someone who is incapable of taking other people's perspectives into consideration. Yep, accurate for Mike. Love is like the opposite of that. And I know from experience that it is impossible to be both a narcissist and love other people at the same time. Honestly, just fuck off. If you think triggering people purposefully is good, you're just justifying abuse. If you think someone who doesn't even notice you needs you, you're trying to cover up for some massive insecurities. Your burning man thing is all about playfully provoking people into seeing things, well people here have been trying to do that for you but you actively choose ignorance. "Welcome home." Really? Get out of my house. A place with people like you will never feel like home to me. I deserve better. Don't @ me, I'm done.
  12. Ryuraven

    Rose Garden

    I know. Spelling it out for him probably won't work. He'll get his whack-a-tree at 70 mph moment, as Teal likes to call it, soon enough. Just kinda wish it didn't have to be that way because even a metaphorical tree can really fucking hurt. As annoying as he may be, it's never fun to see someone head towards that type of experience.
  13. Ryuraven

    Rose Garden

    How the fuck does one confuse compassion with love? Love is being unable to see yourself as separate from someone, as if in your heart you're one being. Love makes it impossible to differentiate between your and their feelings because you are the same person. Compassion is feeling like comforting or wanting to help someone when you know of their struggles, but still feel separate from them. Unless you've got a wildly different idea of what the word compassion means, I'm gonna have to guess you've never felt that kind of love. @Mike Lopyrev, you seem incapable of empathy towards the others in this comment section. I can see that you want to see yourself as superior to Teal (ironic how she mentioned she deals with a lot of people like that in her last ask teal episode), but to be frank, you are making yourself look like a complete idiot for insisting that you're living in such a high vibe place that Teal can't see you. I didn't mention it before because I thought maybe kinder words would do, but you seem very insistent on embarrassing yourself rather than looking inward. It's honestly painful to watch you make a fool of yourself and hurt other people in the process of trying to be superior to Teal and whoever else. I know it's not my job to open your eyes to this, and no amount of words will reach you unless you are ready for them to reach you, but god damnit it's painful to watch you push away and even mock the people here who're just trying to connect with you.
  14. Ryuraven

    Rose Garden

    @Mike Lopyrev Do you believe in the law of attraction? You know, everything outside of you is a reflection of that which is within you? Like you cannot be in the same space with something or someone unless you have something in common with them? Yes, maybe you did manage to mask your energy so Teal wouldn't notice you. But do you really believe she would have noticed you if you didn't? She's working when she's on stage. You say the people on stage with her are spiritual noobs, but since you are present there to witness it, that means there is still a part within you that is a 'spiritual noob'. Someone here in the comments gets annoyed at you and tells you to tone it down, which means there is a part within you that is annoyed by the way you act and wants you to tone it down. You may be identified with the parts of you that are happy and popular with the ladies, but that does not mean that's all there is to you. Yes, this also means there is a part within me that is reflected by you. I decided on my words here after speaking with that part. Maybe it reaches you, maybe it won't. But that part of me felt like it never again wanted to assume it has it all figured out, that there could ever be an end to awakening and self-awareness. To act as if you are at or nearing perfection is to push others away, which causes pain on both ends. It's okay to not be perfect. It's okay to not have everything figured out. But most importantly, give other people a chance. Whether they are right or wrong in their perceptions of you, you will know yourself a little better by the end of it. Goodluck in your journey.
  15. Ryuraven

    Rose Garden

    I'm inside. There are no plants inside. I haven't seen any roses in like a year. By the end of this video I could faintly smell roses.
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