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    Nice blog! I've always had difficulties relating to "national pride", I don't identify or feel belonging to any specific country. And as I read your blog, I was wondering, if you've considered making a "ask teal" video about national pride..It's been confusing to me. I remember reading a quote about how being proud to be from a specific country is meaningless, because we don't choose where we're born..It's not an "achievement" to be born in a specific area..I was wondering if you agree on this? Since we create our own reality, do we also choose where to be born, before being born?
  2. AmandaH

    Being ignored is the worst. Because when you're ignored you don't exist. Being hated or criticized, acknowledges your existence.
  3. AmandaH

    Hi.. When I read this, I thought about the last time I felt my "unwanted"/Uncomfortable feelings. I used Teal's technique from her video called "How to heal the emotional body".. The emotions took me back, and I felt that I had an opportunity to integrate the feeling in a lighter way. I hope this can help you too. Have a wonderful day.