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  1. Sarah Mohamed


    Projected Failure
  2. Sarah Mohamed


    For this world and the magic world to merge and have everyone’s dream come true and being able to live their own dream adventures
  3. Sarah Mohamed


    To the mountains in the wind and just be so present, climbing, and looking at the view 2nd one, rehearse music for an upcoming show
  4. Sarah Mohamed


    That I enjoy to explore, especially when it comes to awareness
  5. Sarah Mohamed


    My terrible looks and lack of talent and social skills.
  6. Sarah Mohamed


    To learn experience love and passion and play
  7. Sarah Mohamed


    That I’m not very superior, that im average, ordinary, my physical appearance, that I’m ugly and not very nice to look at, that I don’t have much or any talent, that i wasn’t meant to be incredibly beautiful or great or talented but..mediocre. And often below average.
  8. Sarah Mohamed


    Curiosity and wonder the need to experiment and invent something new
  10. For me the variables change all the time I can’t get a clear picture without it changing
  11. I think it’s to not only be against each other but to take away our freedom and use this as “proof” that sharpened laws and restrictions are justified... that them taking is giving when it isn’t
  12. I’m also born on a solar eclipse, 1999 ^_^ solar buddies
  13. this is for me personally a really difficult process, it makes me feel so.. afraid.. it makes me freeze up and panic a lot. probably shows me how much i actually need it. at this point, i really don' t know anymore what i like or don' t like, i only have a sense of, these are things you should like, these are things you should be doing, and when i wanna do new things i freeze up again, thinking of all the reasons why i cant do something new, or how its going to be a waste, me being my own buzzkill i guess. this is so so difficult, and partly i fucking hate it. its so scary. and i feel so.. watched? anyway, time to embrace my shadow, and say its okay to feel this way and to totally panic if someone for once asks what you really want to do and like, without implying something. i feel quite like a burden and a dumbass for even posting this, and im terrified of leaving this comment, cause im so afraid to be wrong, to be judged by others as wrong.

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