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  1. Sarah Mohamed


    To be present with me. Give attention to me. Inquire.
  2. Sarah Mohamed


    Deciding that I really wanted to live but just didn’t know how to
  3. Sarah Mohamed


    After my 3rd suicide attempt when it didn’t work that I was either gonna die or do everything I can to learn how to live. I realized That I didn’t actually want die, but that I wanted to live but I just didn’t know how to. I pulled out all the stops to do whatever I could to make myself happy and love myself. Didn’t last long though those darn onion layers. oh well it sure did propel me on the world of self actualization and I could never go back
  4. Sarah Mohamed


    To be enlightened, so I’d be at peace, to be free
  5. Sarah Mohamed


    That I not want what I think I want but only want it for power. That I’m really a small inferior person and not like the heroins and hero’s I always wanted to be like as I grew up. That I’m more the side character who is just in the background living a mediocre life without any significant talents or desired.
  6. Sarah Mohamed


    Shame fear guilt disappointment disullusionment
  7. Sarah Mohamed


    Problem solving, thinking of third options, climbing, playing bass, playing electric guitar, public speaking/presentations, debates,
  8. Sarah Mohamed


    iPad because it has all my important things in it
  9. Sarah Mohamed


    Inner just everything.
  10. Sarah Mohamed


    Having an open mind, not getting what I want
  11. Sarah Mohamed


    That certain traits and purposes and qualities are better than others. That there are inferior souls and that they pretty much shouldn’t exist when there are superior ones. That its a joke to be less.
  12. Sarah Mohamed


    Fitting into society standards.... yikes. whatever gets me approval from others, and the same for them
  13. Sarah Mohamed


    I keep myself isolated and not engaging with the world because Im not good enough
  14. Sarah Mohamed


    That my spiritual practices would have to get me to those goals.
  15. Sarah Mohamed


    Being cynical, depressed and sarcastic. To have no hope and always a view and expectation of doom. Then blame my inferiority for it.
  16. Sarah Mohamed


    Socializing. Succeed. Win. Compete. Look nice. Be excellent. Create something incredibly beautiful exquisite refined and elegant looking. Honestly the list would be as long as the Great Wall of China
  17. Sarah Mohamed


    I blame my negative beliefs
  18. Sarah Mohamed


    Do more inquiry, absolutely commit to self development and changing patterns to have bomb ass relationships and life find what’s actually true for me look at sharks from within a shark cage which is funny cause one of my worst absolute fears is to fall into the ocean and have a shark face me having nowhere to escape
  19. Sarah Mohamed


    Force myself to be someone and have traits I am not, don’t have. Instead of discovering genuine authenticity and desire. keeping obsessing over making things come true for me that I don’t actually desire but only want to keep me safe because “it’s more superior”

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