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  1. Sarah Mohamed


    My moms approval and expectations, to not let her down so I can have that “special relationship” and sense of belonging, to feel temporary self esteem and pride sense of self and purpose which is nonetheless completely false, if I wouldn’t do this I’d feel directionless like my compass keeps spinning round and round and round and I’m full of fear it feels like dying and I’m running away from it by doing this. actually I could insert anyone in here that I ever had awareness of and I will self insert what I think would please that person fictional and non fictional.
  2. Sarah Mohamed


    Fear pain and suffering inside and from other humans in the world,I run to an delusional false identity false image of myself in my head to help me cope and feel more courageous to deal with it my creating an image of myself that’s far larger in my head that would stand taller than all other people to keep myself feel more emotionally and mentally safe, to deal with my low self esteem especially around others, to attempt to proof my own significance value and inherent worth to myself before other people can smash it down, and lots and lots of fantasy because I feel like I wouldn’t be able to cope with the way things are
  3. Sarah Mohamed


    Everyone, to have my existence validated, and feel like I deserve to be here, otherwise I deserve to suffer and die? Like Im constantly looking around to see if the light is still green or not, whether the right to exist is still here or not
  4. Sarah Mohamed


    I need ________ to be happy I’m gonna die I can’t handle it im always going to suffer no matter what I do without ever being able to escape ________ is not gonna work/pan out i can’t i will never I should be _________
  5. Sarah Mohamed


    That I’m not allowing and not allowing not allowing *insert eternity loop*
  6. Sarah Mohamed


    Cooking, music, climbing, traveling, artistic things
  7. Sarah Mohamed


    Physical problems: Excess weight, droopy chest, eyesight, insomnia, fatigue, migraines, fatigue mental blocks, depression, night terrors, anxiety, panic attacks passion and purpose blocks body image majorly, and poor self image, low self esteem, insecurity.
  8. Sarah Mohamed


    To find my personal truth
  9. Sarah Mohamed


    Other people not agreeing or understanding my vision Not being part of the mainstream being publicly criticized
  10. Sarah Mohamed


    Learn experience love
  11. Sarah Mohamed


    Prioritize joy
  12. Sarah Mohamed


    Singing if anything I like it if nobody hears me and i don’t make any money off of it
  13. Sarah Mohamed


    Experience and prioritize joy and my own personal freedom
  14. Sarah Mohamed


    Climb a mountain
  15. Sarah Mohamed


    I need other people’s love approval attention and appreciation
  16. Sarah Mohamed


    That it needs to come in a specific way
  17. Sarah Mohamed


    Prioritize joy and not give a damn in what form it comes in, I would find such joy and gratitude in all the tiny things moment from moment. Revel in gratitude and the beauty of what is. Making joy gratitude and releasing resistance my top priority no matter where it would take me or how ugly and inferior I would be and finally accept myself to right now be without needing to change it. I’d be finally brwve enough to face my shadow and practice unconditional presence, I’d treat everyday with care. I’d make being in harmony with what is my absolute first priority. Even I’d I would have to commit emotional suicide to do it. I’d allow myself to be as I am. I’d allow myself to feel like shit. I’d be brave enough to do inquiry on my body image. Inquiry do anything to know myself and experience true joy.
  18. Sarah Mohamed


    Unconditional love
  19. Sarah Mohamed


    When I’m working on an art piece
  20. Sarah Mohamed


    Singing, the freedom in self expression and connecting to others.
  21. Sarah Mohamed


    How hideous and shitty I look, how inferior not talented and embarrassing I am, and likewise tear the ones opposite of me down the same way. It’s the same complaints about myself that I can’t change all day long everyday for as long as I can remember

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