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  1. Sara Hong

    Energy Technology

    Thank you.
  2. Sara Hong

    Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there who are trying their best!
  3. Sara Hong

    3 Things

    Hi Teal! You may have already answered this question but can you answer the reason why we, (I), someone would get initially excited about something and then you are not excited about it anymore. This is a consistent pattern with me. Thanks! Teresa
  4. Sooooo thankful for this video!
  5. Sara Hong

    False Humility

    I'm so glad Teal made this video. This topic has personally been on my mind for the past week or so based on my passion for Psychology.
  6. Sara Hong


    I was just speaking to my sister a few days ago that I'm the one holding myself back. It goes back, as usual, to fear of disapproval/shame/not enough. This looks externally by me procrastinating or perfectionism. I did leave Los Angeles a month ago so hopefully, that will help my energy. I do miss California and would like to try San Diego as I know other cities aren't so narcissistic and the men have more masculine energy. I had a Birth Trauma Reiki session a few weeks back!
  7. Sara Hong


    Happy New Year guys and gals from Los Angeles, California!
  8. Sara Hong

    How To Feel Safe

    A few days ago I was just thinking about what Teal's advise would be on feeling safer. Awesome!
  9. Sara Hong

    How To Feel Safe

    I notice I feel unsafe most of the time. Living in Los Angeles doesn't help either. I will practice making decisions by asking myself softer or harder.
  10. Sara Hong

    L.A. Social Life

    I live in West Hollywood and if I didn't have the passions I have regarding the entertainment industry I would DEFINITELY NOT live here. It's so freaking hard to find and develop genuine connections here in LA. I noticed that the men here are very very passive when it comes to relationships which is wierd because on the flipside people are very driven and ambitious. Everyone is so damn scared they aren't enough here so they are passive and hesitant. I always say that it's very easy to meet people but it "sticking" is another story. I organize women's groups in LA and it's still hard to have meaningful connections. I do see that the beach cities are a little different so if you get out of the inner city bubble of LA I think it's a bit better. Ugh. I'm currently working on attracting real friendships with the LOA. Wish me luck!
  11. Sara Hong

    Sibling Trauma

    FANtastic video. I have three older sisters and I can see how this happened to the first two older sisters.
  12. Sara Hong


    For those who are showing aggressive behavior or making others feel unsafe by comments, you can educate them on what is expected. Possibly a video series for those who get removed so there is that understanding on both sides working together. After they receive some form of education and what is expected, you can let them back into the Tribe and see if the behavior has improved. I think it really comes down to educating them and then deciding what type of format will be most helpful for both parties.
  13. Sara Hong

    Nourish Yourself

    It's very strange this is coming up because last week I was thinking that I really need to be sitting with the "positive" emotions and not just the "negative" emotions.
  14. Sara Hong

    Our Ego's Last Stand

    Teal stated she has immense hope. THANK GOODNESS.
  15. Fantastic! I'm hoping at some point Teal will write a book about health and food.
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