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  1. Wow, I just signed up as I read your newest blog, about belonging, and decided on the username Lavender. Then I read this one. Gave me chills when you used that name. I gave a good bit of thought to what I wanted to be called here if I decided to have interaction. Maybe not coincidence? Really! I'm shocked right now and then left with even more shock as I see someone else had coined herself violet. I truly envisioned what would define me best and Lavender was it. What does this mean? Did I pick up on your thoughts? Is this a form of metaphysical talent? Or is it all from you? Is it just coincidence? Everyone who reads this may be thinking, get over it, big deal",but little things like that help me verify connection I suppose. I was really wishing we were friends right before I decided to create an account. I was going to just tell you what I saw in you, but felt silly and awe struck so I didn't, thinking I was being like a pathetic groupie, though I suppose my judgement on groupies could stand to be less critical. Im sure you've surrounded yourself with plenty of people that feel like me.
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