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  1. Thank you for this clear real and vulnerable piece. Belonging has become a huge issue for me as an older woman. Brave is a quality that you have stepped into and have mastered. As I am the " secret weapon" behind the healer, often helping them overcome this or deal with it so they keep going. You are doing that. It is inevitable that anyone Brave enough in anyway to become a public figure as you named it is also one that will continually feel they will be " burned at the stake" or " head chopped off" as it's beyond " haters" it a feeling of death will happen. So it's just sad it's stilll in the collective and it's a real feeling. You are so strong, stand in that power, even your voice tone vibrates it.....yes it's about tribal belonging but even more so tribal death. I get it and glad you can write to everyone about it. It has been amazing to me how many wonderful healers stay quiet or I have pushed them through the fear of this in their genuine desire to help and free others like yourself . It feels like you have the love and support personally that you can trust that make sure you can handle it Brave Soul.
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