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  1. Kinetic


    In 5y: published 3+ albums at least, a very healthy lifestyle physically, spiritually, emotionally, relationally and mentally, having published some courses and/or books, financially much more resilient, knowledgeable, aware, rich and contributing to a better future and world for all, have decided wether to have a kid/s or not, and played bigger experimental classical and more pop inclined concerts, and realized how to teach music to kids and youth in the most effortless, flowing and fun way! Damn, Im looking forward to it ALL!
  2. Kinetic

    Raven Meditation

    Houray!! & Whats the premium discount code, to redeem the discount? Got all the meditations.. Gosh I keep forgetting to listen to them lately, so thanks! Imma upload them to all devices, so it will be a part of my evening routine to listen! Thanks for reminding me!
  3. Kinetic

    Frequency Card APP!

    I love the deck and the app is super awesome! The spreads are great! Got clarity on really important subjects in my life now! Gonna leave an epic review asap!
  4. Kinetic

    Thank You!

    Love you, Teal!
  5. Help him develop boundaries and a stronger sense of self by asking him questions about those things and try not to be a part of the cycle of him letting him self up. Se him as a part of yourself and therefore "getting what you want" is you both getting what you want. So bulldozing him won't be an option anymore.
  6. Got all meditations and they are all amazing! Got my favourites though! And this one is absolutely one of them! Felt my body melt into relaxation + bliss.
  7. Awesome knowledge! Thank you! Im a Sagittarius sun, so yes it is a contradictory force. Feels like a hard life lesson yes.
  8. Why dont you feel it applies to you? Im Virgo rising too. But I dont know so much about what it means. So it would be great to know your take on planning for Virgo rising!
  9. Kinetic


    This whole week has been like this for me. Soo tired and doom-feeling; thought I was just over worked from the last weeks 7day work week. Thoughts were like; but like it doesent make sense that it's This bad atm...?! So greatly appriciated this clarifying update..!
  10. Kinetic


    Music? All though I did. Hmm...
  11. Oh dear, this is so sad to read! Condolences for the loss of you sister! I send you a lot of best wishes for the healing and grieving prosess. And I really hope you and I both will be creating more real meaningful connections with people we feel safe with and nourished by! With people we get to know and friends we already have; this manifesting more and more abundantly every month of 2021. I am manifesting this and you can too if you want to? Let's use time and have faith that even though life hurts so much in periods. There will be light periods of life blossoming and lifting us higher to ecperience we never dreamt was possible. So keep dreaming and have faith in youself! You rock! Lots of love to you!
  12. Kinetic

    What We Love About You

    Naaaw! That's super sweet!! I recognize those qualities in you, me and in the tribe, in all of us! Lots of love to everyone reading this! Hope you all are enjoying these day of love, self love and coziness! Hugs!
  13. Kinetic

    Teal's Safe Space

    Beautiful! Places in my island are precious spaces. I'll admit: I actually have resistance towards doing the completion prosess, a bit ironic since I love more or less all you do. And got the book. Hmm.. Let me do parts work on the parts that dont want to do completion prosess right..?
  14. Kinetic


    Hi! When does the code for premium members appear? It doesn't seem like its appearing before checkout?
  15. Kinetic

    Taking Requests

    I would LOVE updates about/with - Short live meditations that you channel, so we get more into the Now and less into the content of the mind - Dealing with anxiety - Concrete focus and productivity hacks

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