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  1. Hello elfen _ca! Sorry have not been here in a while, life is overwhelming sometimes ?
  2. I am trying to find the menu bar that has the Resources, Library, Shop ect. in it, when I change to my home profile it flashes for just a second and then disappears. The only menu bar that ever loads is the one that says "About Teal, Events and Blog" as shown in the screen shot attached. It must be a website glitch? Not sure if others are having this problem.
  3. Csj


    Just Being, I also feel this way a lot. I also have to admit being 'human' I struggle daily with trying not to be the one 'judging', the 'ego' loves to judge others as it makes itself feel better. I do my best to feel things from my heart. It is really hard to not defend myself when I am being attacked by others as well however I try to walk away from that too, it is still hurtful though. I find it is often the most vocal, loud and negative people that we hear from the most and this is to help us integrate our own broken pieces into ourselves. If these parts of us were healed then what they said would not bother us as we would not attract there 'nastiness'. I believe there are more very honest loving people than there are negative people, perhaps many of them are afraid to post for the same reasons you are, however keep posting because your bravery and honesty will help them too. '
  4. Csj

    Thank You @AbsoluteWave for seeing in me something I don't always see in myself
  5. Just curious what you are referring to by indirect communication?
  6. Something someone told me that I tell myself every time I find I am on a negative downward spiral. What if Im okay with things not going well? How much freer would I be, because I would no longer be under the illusion that Who I Am is What You Think of Me. When you can fall in love with not knowing what is going to happen and you can listen to that voice inside of you, you will be totally free. Our minds are brilliant they are always creating, when we are not steering our own ship it is creating chaos.
  7. Very interesting @Stephanie Wintermute I was presented with the information on Ascension about two years ago and often think about where I am on my ascension journey, I would so love to be included in the third wave however time will tell. It has been absolutely amazing to watch the opening consciousness of so many over the last 4 years, myself included. The collective consciousness has opened up so much since 2011! I find it more uncommon to come into contact with people who have NOT begun opening, questioning and transcending now. It is 'jarring' when I meet those who still have there consciousness battened down tight, if that makes sense?
  8. Amit, for me I am going to take her guidance and wisdom, and do my very best to be authentically Me.
  9. Yes true Amit and Teals wisdom is amazing.
  10. Social Media has created the perfect place for people to feel unwanted and ignored. It is especially painful in the case of the 'famous' and the followers. On the one side there are those that become 'famous' and are in 'lime light' so to speak and everything that they do and say is acknowledged by masses of people on Social Media. Thousands of people want to know them and be noticed/ acknowledge them. The person who has amassed a following of people and uses Social Media as a platform for their message and expansion receives such a large amount of feedback that I would imagine it becomes impossible to acknowledge each individual person that admires them and comments on their posts. On the other side you have all the individual people that make up the masses who admire and follow this person. That want desperately to connect and be a part of the more famous persons (I am using the term famous for lack of a better term) life, to be acknowledge, to be noticed, even if it is just a comment acknowledging that there voice has been heard. However the 'famous' person can not possibly acknowledge each individual persons 'voice' on Social Media, thus is created a situation where the masses of people who want to be acknowledged feel 'ignored' by the person they are following. Social Media makes it easy to share with the masses it is a great platform to be seen and heard by hundreds of thousands of people AND it also gives those hundreds of thousands of people the tools to comment on those views. However because of the large amount of feedback that the poster receives the poster may be unable to acknowledge each person who comments or shares on these posts. This can create resentment on the part of the follower, especially when the follower sees the person they are following, acknowledging some but not all the people who comment. Before Social Media, if I for example absolutely 'Loved' A certain spiritual teacher and purchased all their books, I had a couple choices to contact this teacher, I could write a letter or go to a workshop or course put on by them. Now the letter may not be answered which would be disappointing, or I may not get to meet them in person at an event, however I would have been in the same 'space' as them and they would have been talking to me along with everyone else in the room so it would satisfy my need for acknowledgement. However in the case of Social Media I now have the opportunity to share how I feel about their teachings repeatedly and I am putting myself in a position to have my feelings repeatedly ignored. I begin to see the person as so famous and so above me in station that they have no time to acknowledge my 'love' for them. After a time I start to feel resentful at being ignored. I am not sure what the solution to this particular conundrum would be, as the leader uses Social Media to share there insights and teachings and the follower wants to acknowledge the leader and let them know how much they are impacted by their teachings however they are rarely if ever acknowledged back by the leader they admire.
  11. See?  It only shows up on other peoples profile.  I don't have " what's on your mind" on my profile at all.

    1. Csj


      Hmmmm are you using an iPad? 


    2. AbsoluteWave


      @CherieJ  Naw.  I figured it out few days ago with the help of another from here.  ^^

  12. Csj

    You are not alone. Here is my take on it: Each and every one of our personal experiences/lives are different we choose to come to this Physical Plane to facilitate our expansion from these particular experiences. You chose the family your were born into, as there are things we wanted to experience and learn from observing and experiencing their life paths along with them. As 'humans' we tend to take everything personally and resent things we observe as better in other peoples lives. In order to fully appreciate our own life trajectory, it helps to accept that we are exactly where we need to be to experience and learn from our life lessons. I, as I am sure many people do, find I often tend to feel sorry for myself because I am not living what I observe to be someone else's 'better life'. It took me a very long time to accept that my life is perfect just the way it is at this moment and that just loving it and loving myself and not 'wishing' I was like anyone else went a long way towards making me feel more content. I understand where you are coming from as far as having 'friends' goes. Really close friends that stay connected to me constantly are not something that I seemed to pick up along the way on my life path here this time around. I do make friends and many of them I have known for many years and I do love them but we are all content to just connect randomly if not continually. I do admit that when I am in contact with people that are 'close friends' that have been together since childhood and are always in touch and do things together all their lives I am a bit envious, this also includes observing very close families that do everything together (which my family does not) however I know this is not what I chose my experience of this life to be like this time and perhaps I will choose to experience that next time I am here, as I am pretty sure I will choose to come back again for another round LOL. I know crazy! I also have come to realize that although I sometimes envy those I observe as having close constant friends, I personally value my alone time more than I value having a large group of constant companions as I would rather not expend all my energy into maintaining these close/constant relationships I am to busy expending my energy doing other things with my life, if I truly valued having a plethora of close friends I would have them. Always try and remember 'YOU ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE'
  13. Csj

    Perhaps it is a glitch however I do not have an edit button the following is what mine looks like There is an edit button on all forum posts but not the Status Posts
  14. I am not sure if there ever was an edit capability on Status updates as there is not one now? It would be nice to have it though. Also just curious have you decided to not show the reputation points that used to show how much each person and myself had? I would still like to be able to see my own if possible.
  15. I have known many people who feel like you do twisted love. Have you tried any of Teals Shadow Work Processes yet? If your mind has been hardwired (taught) all your life that the mental abuse you encountered from those you love is 'normal', it can be extremely hard to let those beliefs go because in doing so a person is allowing themselves to know that the things the ones they love said to them were wrong. This can be hard to accept because then you may ask yourself ' if they really loved me why would they do that to me?' One thing I always try to remember is "anything negative anyone ever does or says to me is not a reflection of me but a reflection of there own internal struggles" I found I had to really learn to love myself and listen to what my heart had to say to me, if that makes sense?