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    I don't understand why people hold you to such impossible standards and sending you so much hate. If people don't like a yoga teacher, they would just move on to another class, not hate the teacher until she's out of a job. You're a teacher and a real person and I love you! It's because of all your suffering that you're able to teach what you teach. Lately I've been struggling with the same thing. As a yoga teacher, I feel like there's so many "should's" I should follow but it's probably just me imposing it on myself more than anything. I am currently struggling with abundance and knowing what I know, I feel like I "should" be able to manifest my desires more easily. After doing some shadow work and observing all the emotional reactions I have towards my partner, I realize that I'm afraid to desire, I doubt my creativity. And I project this onto him. I'm afraid to desire specific things and I dismiss so many emotions that are calling for my attention. Which is also what I blame him for. haha! Isn't life so much fun when you're conscious? -Margaret
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    I think we're all old souls by this point in time, perhaps the older ones are the ones who are not quite fitting in because we're not here to do that, we're here to smash things and create the new Margaret blog: