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  1. I'm a potato .... From spudinex-7 ...
  2. Nice to meet you !! Not an "aspie" per se.... But would love to share thoughts !! I arrived a little late but I'm here none the less !! Looking forward to the near future!! Its gonna be fun !!
  3. Ahhhh.... Good Will Hunting !! Very good interpersonal development !! Where's Robin Williams when you need him? Dogma is a blast !!
  4. Recently Awoken Visitor !! Helloooooo Earthlings !!! My given name is George 😊 I am a fairly competent creator. Love, love, love people !! Hoping to make some new and fascinating friends !!! Rock on people !! Life is good !!
  5. Death is an illusion.... We are eternal. Every single being on this planet stems from the source. You are a strong, brave person !! You've only forgotten!! Control your inner dialogue !! Never be afraid to ask for help or guidance !! Its all good !! Everything works to our favor and growth as long as we remember to stay positive and glean the truth from every trial. You are loved !!! Don't forget this !! I'm your friend !! You have many more you haven't met yet !!
  6. Hello Rainbow !!! You seem like such a sweet person. Know that love and light are ALWAYS with you... They are always there to guide you, sustain you, heal you and even change you !!! You are gonna do great !! I promise !!
  7. until

    Looking forward to meeting Teal. What a wonderful opportunity!