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  1. Faithfluro

    Taking Requests

    No, I agree. I much preferred it when it felt more intense and helpful like at the beginning of all the lockdowns in 2020. That was far better content imo.
  2. Faithfluro

    Taking Requests

    Can you please talk about the traps and potholes people can fall into whilst applying some of your teachings? I see people that warp them all the time and end using them to abuse each other.
  3. Faithfluro

    Frequency Heels

    Arcturian is from around the star Arcturus. It's known as the most advanced civilisation in galaxy.
  4. Faithfluro

    Seasons Change

    Did anyone else notice she stopped for a moment when she dropped one, and then immediately found it? That was so cool, haha. Oh, what I would give for Teal vision sometimes... I hope my crystals understand me when I tell them I care and everything. And they don't blame or hate me because I can't hear them and stuff!
  5. Faithfluro


    Firstly...thank you Teal and the team My answer is....I love to help people "get" things that they are otherwise struggling to grasp. I deeply enjoy learning, investigating, and translating in ways that are personal to whoever needs it, so I can talk to people in a way that they will understand whatever it is that they need to know. I love to deeply empathise and give people validation. And I love to dive into their perspective to see where they are getting caught up and going "wrong" so I can help them to find a better path for themselves. I love to help shift perspectives into a more expansive place. I love showing people that there is so much more to themselves and to life. I LOVE to blow people's minds! I love to show people that someone will sit with them in the darkness. I'll sit with a light and help them find their own again. It means everything to me when I see someone who feels alone and is in pain realise that I really see them. I'm really good at seeing potential, I think, so I like to slowly infuse people with how much I can see for them. I feel like I can give a higher dimensional perspective on the past, present, and future that helps people to see the bigger picture. And when they can see that, they feel empowered and like they can take control of their lives. That brings me so much excitement and passion in my blood to basically "unlock" people. And the last thing is that I love to help people to find radical compassion, understanding, acceptance, and love for themselves without forcing it or bypassing stuff.
  6. Faithfluro

    This Is A Sign

    Teal, would you consider doing an update or a video on breath work? What breathwork to do, how, and why?? Also, do you have any advice for how to remember dreams more clearly, or how to have them to begin with? I struggle to remember all of mine even though I feel like I do so much, and my partner feels like he barely dreams at all.
  7. Faithfluro

    Childhood Story

    I relate highly to ever single feeling you mentioned, Teal. I wish we could talk... I don't recall ever being super obsessed with one thing as a child, but I do remember highly identifying with one movie to the point where I've been like "That's me!" just like you Teal. That movie is Matilda. The child who was brilliant in a family that was highly dysfunctional and quite unaware. Being on a quest for knowledge and absolutely loving learning, as well as any decent teacher. Wanting to save everyone by being outspoken but smart. Wanting desperately to find my "Miss Honey" who would adopt me and whisk me away to a wonderful home of love, fun, and learning. A person that truly saw my power and ability. And of course...the telekinesis and the self-empowerment that came with it. I've been so obsessed with telekinesis, haha.
  8. Faithfluro

    Lucid Dreams

    I had a dream last night I remember... There was a red light in the sky that was heading towards Earth (I didn't know what it was exactly. Mars came to mind, but I'm not sure it was). It started to flash, which apparently was not a good sign, and we all began to prepare/expect impact.
  9. Faithfluro


    I'm proud of my ability to expose myself to and even go toward the darker parts of life. For things where most people would look away and avoid, I can sit with it. I've seen a lot of the most horrific parts of humanity willingly. This makes me the type of person people feel really safe with. People will open up and tell me things they've never told anyone else. I am able to see the darkest of shadows, and I know because of this ability to reach far deeper into the dark than most, I also have the opposite ability of reaching further into the light. I can advocate for the people in th dark, who a lot of people would like to pretend don't even exist.
  10. Faithfluro

    Life In One Word

    Isolated. Like even my soul family has betrayed me and left me to rot.
  11. Faithfluro

    Anxiety Crystals

    Got it and noted ;) Creation will be happening.

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