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  1. lenalena

    Auckland Workshop 2016

    Thank you dear olga.
  2. I want to Know one thing; what is the difference between codependency and covert narcissism? Thankyou.
  3. Hi Rob. I do not see that you see my dilemma. Because there is none. Thank you for your idea that it had been a triggering reaction in me. But it is not the case. I am glad that I can differentiate between these two things today- Maybe it is triggering for you to read my lines. But I am fine. Anger is not always a trigger, my friend. What I am writing is very different from what you are mirroring. That makes me aware that you do not get my point.
  4. The segment of the last interaction with Blake is extremely insensitive. you can not go with any kind of truth while ignoring the place where the other one is in that moment. at least not if the sake of the process is awareness. I feel that Teal is ignoring the physical reality and the state of the nervous system of Blake completely in this moment. It makes me angry to see what is happening there. The conversation is driven by one idea, and one conviction of the beginning of the conversation, to make this belief a proof over 10 minutes, but in my eyes the reality from that idea shifted many times, there were softenings and spaces, different nuances of emotional vulnerability, but these werent seen, only the strong and driven belief. The anger of Teal which was caused by the question before that last interaction with Blake had not enough space and compassion and so it took over to Blake into last interaction. I am actually really shocked about the last part. Because of the emotional damage it is causing. By the way a narcissist is not better or less than a codependent. Both are in a state of denial of their true self, so no need to make one of them worse or better. I had to stop the video when Blake in the end should speak about the new announces. I feel such anger about this!
  5. lenalena


    I am seeing two present ears behind the bed? Who is that? Or what :-) ?
  6. so cool, thanks for your answer. I got an answer from gabija already, cause I needed to know so badly. They forgot to load up the part of the video where Teal was mentioning this specific Teal- episode. But I coulnt remember what she just said in the live stream and some parts werent uploaded on premium in the beginning. Thank you again for your answer!
  7. lenalena

    Auckland Workshop 2016

    I would really love to be in contact with the asian guy.
  8. I am still searching for that one question, which was asked; "what to do with a trigger." Teal was recommending one of her videos to calm the nervous system. Did you delete that question? I can not find it anymore
  9. hello. which video was it, teal referred to, when someone is extremely triggered? thanks
  10. lenalena

    Narcissistic Parents

    more than helpful! that is what I always tried to explain to my therapist who had no idea of narcissism. thank god I dont go there anymore. it was adding so much more damage to me! I feel I need to know everything on the consequences of narcissism for a child. Where can I find more on that? What I love about this video is that is shows the effect on the child and doesnt focus on the narcissitc parent. I need that!
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