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  1. Hildegard

    Intimacy & Trust

    Wasn’t easy (and I messed up pretty bad myself) but I am glad I trusted you. I can at least begin to explore real intimacy.
  2. Hildegard


    Lmaorotf. Now that was a mood booster...
  3. Hildegard

    Past Life Trauma

    ??? Yeah, my parents have issues certainly, working on them. Was more the people that tried to take their place that really fucked me up. But you are so right on that one. Wish I could have grown with them. Became more about helping them deal with family tragedy. At least we did well with the inter generational stuff from the grands...
  4. Hildegard


    Pretty bad day actually, but was nice to see you.
  5. Hildegard

    Maui & The Gaia Vortex

    That one was really beautiful.
  6. Hildegard

    Cover Emotions

    And only you could break through mine... Wish I could have read the book first?
  7. Hildegard

    Red Beach

    Sounds much better here. The waves really come through...
  8. Hildegard

    Narcissistic Service

    With me I’m sure you know by now, and you knew... Seeing you alive and well still tickles though. Just watched Lucy again. It was a fun exploration. You know, we aren’t that different. All I could hope to do was leave some of what I learned behind. Welcome to a new universe...
  9. Wondered where ‘free them’ came from... Yeah, a lot of breakthroughs at the mirror. Important moments over dinner and after the event too. Thanks for not pulling or shocking me out of it. Was an experience.
  10. Hildegard

    What Are Angels?

    My angle feels more like a Valkyrie. Too much conflict in my past.
  11. Hildegard

    Are Ancient Gods Real?

    Lol, that looks a little familiar? Was a fun week. Yup I’ve made a few modern gods and met the odd angle. Fun times.
  12. Hildegard

    Fire Ceremony

    Smiles... Started the very next day. Got to spend some time up in the mountains working with someone. It’s nice not having the memory/ experience/ connection wiped away as a matter of course. And I may have helped another little part of the greater movement get started, but how much does one person have to change the world?
  13. Hildegard

    Mommy Issues

    It’s just me but I wouldn’t recommend anything like rigorous scheduling. Not for a high powered parent like Teal. Haven’t gotten a read on Winter, but still... You can use it if it helps you. or as a general starting rule of thumb. Nor does it have to be alone time. It should be their time. Usually comes off that way in a typical family. Not sure how typical this situation is. It is not about time or fairness or balance. It is about showing them that they are special to you every chance you get. The play stage is where we learn to speak the language of love through action.
  14. Hildegard

    Mommy Issues

    Can’t say I feel exactly the same thing, but it sure brings up many like feelings in me. That empathic connection thing that sweeps me away at times doesn’t work as well when I’m not actually present with someone... But yes there’s a deep reservoir of pain and struggle for me there too.
  15. Hildegard

    Mommy Issues

    My heart says the same thing. Don’t think I’m ready for something like that. Been through too much and I’m still processing the welter of emotion. Pretty sure Teal gets that I have a past tented dark and she won’t let me too close before I’m ready. Now if I could get past that resistance... Hey, can we rent room and board there during some down time? You know, just be present for the day to day, live. I’ve done spiritual work my whole life. While I really look forward to doing some there, I don’t really need Philia for that kind of thing. A comfortable place I where I can just be, relax, and recharge would be priceless. Hardly feel human at times these days.
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