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    Teal's Favorite Movies

    Teal there's a movie I always loved. It's called "Twelve Angry Men", 1957, with Henry Fonda, Martin Balsam and Lee J Cobb. I watch it over and over. I've never seen anything that so accurately and transparently (and engagingly) shows the disowning and projection of childhood wounds and prejudice, and lays bare the nature of perception as well as this one does. It is powerful and moving....
  2. aquaom

    The Magic Of Yoni Blood

    Teal I totally agree. I always loved my periods and was saddened by the shame I saw other females go through. My first period my mother took us all out to dinner to celebrate! When they would come, I would stay home, lie in bed and eat a favourite food. It was a time I especially liked being read to or told stories. I would indulge myself in every luxury and be very gentle to myself. After some initial brief pains, a benevolent languid feeling like - well, I guess it was a natural drug - would overtake me and I would sleep the most deep sleep. I called it my morphine period, since I imagined that bliss to be what morphine must feel like. I know the periods to be a great blessing-an opportunity to get insight from the unconscious. The San Bushman of the Kalahari see a female on her moon as fearsome due to her power to cross back into "first creation" , become an eland, and devour them! Sadly I have had menopause (did not know it was happening) til I noticed they hadn't come for a while... I miss them. I always used to feel much more loving and affectionate towards EVERYONE during them. I didnt do any paintings and now is too late, but i love that you share your love and joy in this. I think its so beautiful and healing. Love, love.....
  3. aquaom

    Resistant To Teal

    I agree with Crystal Rob. Teal ,you need a SUPER great publicity expert! Most everybody famous is resisted by some. To me you are truth, period. Everything you say feels like my own being = and makes immediate sense to me . I am SO happy you are on our planet .?you are the Avatar for our age. Whenever I tell people about you, (all the time) I also warn them of your "haters" and they always reassure me knowingly that,"everyone has those" or "o,I never listen to them"... so people in my experience are mature and wise enough to see things as they are in this context. You knew this life wouldn't be exactly easy...i think you're doing a SUPERB job with it.i love you.
  4. aquaom

    Intentional Communities

    Hello all?? Teal I have had the same desire to buy land in nature for quite some time now. I've travelled to hawaii and Ecuador in my search. My next stop is Costa Rica. I'll be there for three weeks this December. The first week, I'll be taking three ceremonies of ayahuasca in San Ramon! I'll then be spending a night in Atenas then on to visit Eric rivkin's La Joya Del Sol .he told me that he had designed Philia's permaculture gardens for you and Ale. So, yes I feel intentional community is in my future. If Costa Rica feels like the right place for me, then I would be excited to be part of a comm unity there. I'm also interested in the Greek islands ikaria and crete (I've always felt drawn to Europe and Europeans)..... india, africa, portugal and italy ! Your vision for the world is mine as well. My personal passion, though, is animism and improving humans' relationships with other species ( animal,plant, mineral, nature and off-planet beings). I want us to resuscitate our innate telepathy (the primordial universal language) and restore Interspecies communication. I've long yearned to live in a frame panel yurt. Round like Earth,eggs, time... and so much else....
  5. aquaom

    Work Ethic

    I love how you look with out make-up! This clip and also the "what is love " video. So nice and soft!!
  6. aquaom

    Psychic Attack

    Beautiful Teal, Thank you for your honesty and openness. Yes it is so hard to feel inclusive toward someone who hurts you. Just today, I had three experiences at work where I was ignored/not included. In one, I actually looked straight at someone, said hello and , looking right at me, they (2) did not respond. ?? For all three, I felt hurt, angry and in one case, I actually did ask the person, "why did you just abandon our conversation when you saw someone else more compelling and then not return to it? She thought our conversation had ended. She apologized very warmly... so , I guess it was more a trigger of a childhood wound for me.....(exclusion) Last weekend, I was at Byron Katie workshop in Omega Institute. The thought I had after these incidents at work was to do a worksheet. ..... I get confused though, because if I see , via enquiry, that it is my thoughts causing the suffering, how does that address the felt childhood wounds which these incidents trigger?? They still remain don't they? I wish you and she would do an interview together because there are some points on which I don't see your work and hers agreeing and that bothers me. When I was on stage with her and we embraced, I told her that I had found her work through you! I absolutely know that the "school shooter" is in me. Yes, there were so many times in school when I felt that I wanted them to know how their exclusionary behavior makes one feel. I even remember that my first thought when I read about the Columbine shooting was "good, now those cliquish classmates know how it feels and maybe they won't continue to exclude others. (but they probably will). I know that these school experiences are an echo of the rejection my father expressed toward me early on .... I saw a homeless man in the subway last night after I returned from feeding the pigeons. Actually, he was sitting right next to me, stridently expressing vocally out- loud his anger at women "tricking" men into buying them all the stuff they want , then abandoning them... ; I could see that I could also be he; it would feel good to speak openly (literally) about the anger I have over ... .(whatever the thing at the moment would be). Some people were mumbling about him and making caustic, cautionary remarks . I felt compassion; his behavior was a release valve for what he was feeling so , yes, it was appropriate for him, even if it made others uncomfortable. I would like very much to be able to remain in compassion even at the height of emotional injury from others. But I cannot do it yet. It's like a reflex; I just want to hit back. Is it possible to circumnavigate this reflex? It seems impossible because it is like you say, self-preservation. .... I guess someone who had totally let go the ego could do it. But is that even possible .... or desirable? Many teachers would say yes, but I don't think you would.....? I guess what I would do is ask the being, if possible, why s/he is harming me and ask why it is necessary. But if I am too hurt and angry, I could not do this. I don't know.... seriously, maybe do a BK worksheet for some insight?! On the drive home from Omega, I saw two large animals dead by roadside. .. I didn't break down the way I usually do. Instead, I was fascinated by the black vultures who were circling above and who descended to disembowel the remains , as is their sacred duty...; I stopped the car to watch; they are fascinating birds. But I like to do this = to dissect the symbolism: what is the correspondence to this inside of me?? So, I guess I would try to find that. Sometimes it's obscure; sometimes it comes right away. In this case, I feel it means that , because my reaction was fascination rather than horror or grief (which it always was), I have changed and the message was that I can now witness my internal world unflinchingly and allow it to be cleared out to prepare for new expansion and self-knowledge. I hope you are well and safe. I love you, Kay
  7. aquaom

    New York City

    Hi Teal! I was in the workshop and it was brilliant. I got so much from it. Thank you. I hope you have more like it. I smiled so wide when you stated your feelings about NY because my entire being is devoted to escaping this place. I must be in Nature and have now traveled to Hawaii, Ecuador and next year to Costa Rica to try to find my place in Nature.....also considering South Africa and Crete. My being is screaming for softness, slowness, beauty and the sea.....and animals.... I have wanted this for so long now and keep trying.... but I guess Divine Timing is at sixes and sevens at the moment. I really think the pace of this place prevents authenticity because it prevents feeling. This atmosphere encourages surface response and automaton, clone-like behavior. It also prevents courtesy and kindness since that takes time (it takes time to hold a door open etc...) so , overall you're left with a frenzied , unhealthy highly unnatural existence. Notice I said "existence" and not "life"! I focus on my favorite animal, which happily, abounds here - pigeons! If humans took the time, they would gain much stress relief and happiness/laughter by spending time with these marvelous creatures. They are just love, pure love. Sweet, highly intelligent and so funny to watch!! But most people just walk on by. I spend time w/ them everyday, feeding and loving them. I also focus on things I want to learn. Next weekend, I'm attending a Byron Katie workshop at Omega institute (beautiful place in Nature) and the following weekend, I'm going to Findhorn in Scotland to learn telepathic animal communication 1. Back in Sept. for level 2. Travel I love and it gets me out of NY. In Summer, I go to the beach and I go to Botanical Gardens (the one in Brooklyn is best) and Wave Hill nature sanctuary every weekend. Also, I take weekend trips to Woodstock and points north. YOu might like Woodstock; it's got a metaphysical vibe and lots of trees and craft fairs/art etc.. Winter here is nearly unbearable because of course I can't be outside at all. I work in Times Square and that is really ugly. No nature at all and all the corporate commercialism. There are flashing screens everywhere. I hate it. But I won't be here for long .... if I can align with my soul's desires. Much love, Kay
  8. Hi Teal, I was there for the whole workshop. I enjoyed meeting all the wonderful beings there.... but the exersizes were outstanding especially the very last one....; I hope you will have more workshops like this. I liked the intimacy of having fewer beings than at Synchronization Workshops. I also liked having three days. Some months ago you had an online workshop whose theme you identified as "denial". After it, I wondered of what I was in denial.... clarity wouldn't come. Now, I've got it. I'm in denial of my pain. It's why I'm so drawn to animals . Their suffering is the only thing I've found that reaches that deep. I felt so sad after the workshop ended. Felt like I was walking through molasses. I felt that way for a day and a half; now it has lifted . But it left me with no doubt that I need and want intimacy/connection (not just with animals but with humans too). I could not see that before.... Thank you - as always, you're helping me align closer and closer with my soul's intention. I love you Kay
  9. aquaom

    Creating Pain

    I am crying about this one because the thing to which I have the most resistance is suffering and pain, especially to other species. I am fruitarian; maybe I will become breatharian next so I don't have to consume fruit and vegetables, though I will be consuming air. But I have already decided I am not coming back to this planet because of the suffering. I disagree with suffering being the way source learns about about itself. There has to be a better way a better way. So I trust that I am involved in creating a new mechanism. Suffering should never be necessary for anything. It is cruel.
  10. Dear Teal I am glad to hear this. Thank you. I hope Timing indeed improves for me... as it was crappy in 2017...or so it seems to me now. I am learning Reiki and seeing one of your wonderful CP. practitioners; I feel now so different after my first session with her. I also do the C.P . sometimes on my own, but I like the connection w/ her. Reclaiming oneself is so self-loving. I am also getting a pigeon or two as companions- my favorite animal - s/he will help me transition into interspecies telepathic communication ( and I also will be learning animal Reiki). So, I hope that what my heart longs for is truly what my soul has in mind for me. (you've said it is so it must be). I've also bought your Frequency Tarot; I will have fun with that!! I haven't so far been able to manifest my change of location to a warm tropical location yet. But certainly not for want of trying; We went to Hawaii and Ecuador this year. So, my greatest prayer is that I can make it happen in 2018 - or as soon as possible. I remain afraid of 2020 as you said that would be the climax of the Forest Fire of Transformation. I want to be OUT OF NEW YORK before then. I wish you would again update us on that Fire. In your original blog about it you promised to keep us updated and guide us (through "code") on the best path .... please do this. I don't really want to stay in this country.
  11. aquaom

    Animal Cruelty

    Dear Teal, Thank you finally for talking about animal cruelty. I have submitted so many times to Ask Teal suggestions that you please issue a Sat. Ask Teal about Animal suffering. It is my absolute heartbreak. I was raised vegetarian and have been fruitarian now for a long time. I consider doing otherwise to be cannabilism - eating my cousins. I am an Animist and my passion is interspecies telepathic communication . Penelope Smith in USA and Anna Breytenbach in South Africa are my two favorite animal intuitives who teach others how to connect to other species. I feel you would love them both. It is my dream to work with them someday. ( P. Smith has retired). I will be getting a pigeon soon - my favorite creature - as a house companion! I am so very excited and my heart is in joy at sharing my life with her. S/he will be a rescue from the Wild Bird Fund. There is also a worldwide organization called "Anonymous for the Voiceless" which puts on wonderful demonstrations and presentations showing people what unspeakable cruelty goes into the hamburgers on their plates. Reptiles are wonderful ; I have had snakes wrapped around my neck and I luxuriate in the feminine sensuality and smoothness of their movements and scales. Actually the whole Divine Feminine Principle was always represented by a snake ( in pre- androcentric times) because they wend and wind themselves in the way the rivers traverse the Earth, (rivers, earth, everything was seen as feminine then) they also undulate the way the female human does during sex and they regenerate themselves, symbolized by the shedding of skin, the way the female regenerates , i.e. can reach deep subconscious shadow depths thanks to her moon times. It is only in this androcentric "iron age" that the snake (and all erstwhile female symbols) has been demonized. I long to re=habilitate those animals whose reputations have been sullied from the Bible fables or from fear/ignorance generated therefrom and re-educate humans that all beings are love, wisdom and beauty and are really our teachers in disguise. The best books I ve found about animals are by Penelope Smith, Ted Andrews and Robert Shapiro. Shapiro is AMAZING. He is a trance channel (now living in Hawaii) who has received communication from ALL LIFE FORMS - from planets to particles ( yes, tiny particles have much to say!) to animals , plants and extra terrestrials. His books are in a q . and a. format and are absolutely SPELLBINDING! I love them. You might like the one called Animal Souls Speak. Also Plant Souls Speak. They make me think of your blog " the Current" about salmon. I wish you would write more blogs about entering the consciousness of other species. I wish you could take a break from humans and concentrate more on the other species. I remember your saying that root vegetables don't really like to be consumed! I loved that! I love avocadoes and wonder how they feel?. I always talk to them before I cut them - I ask them to leave their bodies so that they have some warning and don't experience discomfort or pain. And I give thanks. I wish we didn't have to consume one another at all. Yes, Breatharianism is next for me! I feel it is my destiny. I recall being in some aquarium or some such.... and seeing a tarantula in a glass case. S/he was not moving; it was a small space and I guess I sensed her misery. I apologized to her on behalf of humans ... I just hate it too.... really don't want to be on this planet any more..; I have already decided I"m not coming back here. I don't like zoos ; I avoid them. I think one of the animals who communicated with Robert Shapiro called them "prisons".... so that tells you how they see them. His books have helped me so much to understand what the souls in human form are doing here and what the souls in animal /plant /mineral form are here for. It 's not the same thing. His book The Explorer Race explained it most fully. Another great book by a different author about insects is called The Voice of the Infinite in the Small It will warm your heart and you will shed many tears learning about these magnificent , often feared and maligned beings. I also don't like people using the word "pet" and calling the human the "owner" . I prefer Penelope Smith's word "companion" and I refer to the human also as the animal's companion. I also don't like seeing dogs or any being on a leash. All creatures should be free. In fact, one of the sacred duties of the souls in dog form is to connect humans to one another ( from Robert Shapiro's book) by wandering over to them (causing their humans to follow) ; often if they're leashed, they can't do this. Another sacred purpose I found fascinating is the sacred duty of gnats! They fly around our third eyes (even though humans are annoyed and swat them away) in order to gather vibrational information and then they carry that to other humans - another form of promoting connection between us. You see, you would LOVE his books ; you discover that so many of the souls in animal form are here to promote your favorite thing - connection!! So next time a tiny being flies in your face, try not to interfere - s/he is helping you. All is a blessing (especially in the animal world) To end on a lighter note: One animal intuitive related a story about her companion tarantualas: she said she was living in the country and there was a thunderstorm. Her tarantulas had gone outside before the storm but were terribly frightened by it and by being away from her. She sensed their fright and telepathically called to them , showing her location so they could find her. They hurried back to her and clinged to her shins for comfort! This is so sweet and shows how gentle and delicate these wonderful critters are. I despise the way Hollywood has portrayed them as monsters etc... So, if I have a purpose in this life, I hope it's to be part of the beings here who can spread interspecies love and understanding . That is where my heart lies. I love you, Kay
  12. Hi Teal, This is the best use for anyone's birthday I can think of! Wow. Beautiful. Holidays are painful to me - especially thanksgiving - because of the holocaust for animals that they create. I am most passionate about INTER-SPECIES connection ! So, on Thanksgiving what I do, aside from donating money to animal sanctuaries, sponsoring turkeys etc... is that I ask to be connected to the consciousness of turkey and pig (both of whom are the biggest targets for this particular holiday in the USA) and I have a meditation wherein I apologize to their species for human's atrocious treatment of them and then I focus upon the type of world I want to create wherein all speices would be friends and we would communicate telepathically and learn from each other, share perspectives, play together, sleep and eat together and enjoy the bounty and beauty of Nature together. I love doing these and I feel so wonderful afterwards. This feeling signals to me that my vibrations have been received by the animal beings. We are going to Ecuador tomorrow for 17 days. I am looking for a warm place to live simply in Nature, growing my own organic raw food and being surrounded by many animals. Maybe this will be the place? I have heard that South America is a place on the planet that may have more connection and more happiness (due to people being connected) than other places...... we will see... Love, Kay
  13. Beautiful Teal, Thank you. This is a gorgeous essay. Simply perfect.... I agree with another commenter ; I wish everyone on Earth could read this .... and agree..... and mend the split. That would be everything. Lately, what has been most prominent in my thoughts are accessing the feeling of being everything I percieve. Being an animist helps. Also something I keep uppermost in my thoughts is the fact that fully-realized beings allow ALL. This is hard, because this means that if you see an animal run out in front of a car, you don't save her, because everything that happens is happening because it should be happening, (Byron Katie) and "everything is perfect as it is". These are cosmic truths, yet they butt heads with my compassion sometimes.... and so it goes.... I have come to see the cockroaches in my apartment as great teachers because they help me come to accept and then love that which I have been programmed to hate. It is going well. When one is ready to make his transition ( I have noticed that they come out into the open at these times - maybe it's to give us the opportunity to expand far enough to include them i.e. love them) I often will sing to her, and I imagine soothing comforting pink and gold light surrounding her. If it is an "elder" ( larger one) I will take her outside to make her transition on a soft bed of grass in nature.... I love doing this and it certainly opens my heart. Can you imagine crushing someone under your foot at this very delicate time!? Yet most people do this. My personal belief is that all anima - ls ("anima" means "soul" in Latin) are off-planet races who have volunteered to come to Earth to guide, teach and carry specific vibrations for us until we are ready to assimilate them. Loving cats and dogs is easy but real expansion comes when you can love those you hate, because, in so doing, you're loving your own shadow elements externalized in them. I remember hearing about a woman who sounds like a fully-realized being to me: Her son had been killed by a gang of boys ( I think it was a racial attack; boy was black; gang was white) and in the courtroom when they were both present and she was asked what she would like done to him, she said she would like him to come live with her and raise him as her own. I cannot think of this without crying it is so beautiful....in fact, this shows us the POWER OF LOVE - upon hearing this, the boy collapsed , fainted away.... As you say, love transforms any vibration unlike itself. It is true, even though sometimes it seems hard to believe, that LOVE really is the greatest and only power there is...... I love you Teal Kay
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