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  1. Hi all, I appreciate everyone’s reply. While I am no expert on unconditional love, I think it is easy to confuse it with unconditional relationships and other behaviors that are less than healthy, and perhaps not even humanly possible. I think unconditional love is a healthy and carrying emotion towards oneself and others in recognition that we are all expressions of source, and therefor can not truly do anything “wrong.” That said, I don’t think unconditional love means that we subject ourselves to abuse or never have a negative feeling. Unconditional love exists not despite our flaws, but because of our flaws. Being awakened to our true nature does not mean that we suddenly become "perfect", but rather that we become aware that we are, and everyone else is too, wonderful as-is. - Aaron Personal Boundaries vs. Oneness (How to Develop Healthy Boundaries) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/hnKU-hL2Uag
  2. Hi Booom, Whenever anyone asks me what anything means, I ask them what would they like it to mean. We can choose the meaning we assign to our experiences, so I suggest choosing whatever meaning is most beneficial to you. When I was younger, I had problems dating myself. And I remember thinking, as you, “Anyone who likes me, I don’t like. And the ones I like, don’t like me.” Eventually, I did find someone I love, who loved me, and we have now been married for nearly 20 years. But we have some compatibility issues, so even though we still love each other, it is not an easy relationship. As much as you may be tired of being single, it could be helpful to be more specific on who you are looking for. “Masculan, smart, confident, loyal, handsome” actually leaves a lot unspecified, like what do they like to do? How affectionate are they? What kind of things are they interested in? What religion are they, and how they want to raise kids? Do they even want kids? Somethings you maybe flexible on, others not so, but it is good to know yourself well enough that you have this thought out because when you finally find someone you feel a lot of love for, and they feel love for you too, it is easy to lose yourself in that relationship and forget what you really wanted from a partner in the first place, besides not being single anymore, and a handful of positive characteristics. I don’t blame anyone for wanting a partner they find physically attractive. I think that is just human nature. However, I do think the importance of how someone looks diminishes rather quickly over time, and there character becomes much more important. I think when we have seen someone many times, our level of attraction to them becomes more about who they are. And their smile can be their most attractive feature. You may be resonating with the idea of not wanting to be single anymore rather than resonating with having a partner. There is no negative frequencies, so this is the same as resonating with the want, rather than with the having. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but I would suggest giving up. Focusing on making your life as enjoyable and meaningful as you can as a single person. Do visualization exercises for the manifestation of a partner if you want, even join one or more dating services, but let go of the idea of finding someone anytime soon. Just be happy, have friends, do what you want in life as a single person. Then, just as you get really good at that, that’s probably when you will meet the right person for you. And in any event, you will have not put your life on-hold while waiting for someone else to appear. I’m not saying you are doing this, but a lot of people do make this mistake, in one way or another. I hope this helps. I wish you all the best. - Aaron How to manifest partner. Teal Swan https://youtu.be/xB-plU7y56E Meaning, The Self Destruct Button - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/Qfuwz5kK99I
  3. Aaron

    Hi badbananacat, Try to breath deeply and know that there are people who care about you that you don’t even know. I think you ask some great questions. And as best I can, I tried to answer each of them in a Q&A format below. Further below that are links to some Teal Swan videos that seemed most on topic to me. Q. Life and death is scary Hi I don't really know to put this so I'm just going to type quickly. I'm freaking out right now. I've had 2 panic attacks about this before. I think life is scary; I mean why does it even exist? A. Cats Q. I feel like I'm in a computer game that I can't ever escape and that has no purpose. I know what Teal says about us being one, us being here for expansion, source, "what happens after death" and all that. But it still doesn't make any sense!! WHY THE HELL has life created it self?!! A. Again, cats. I understand that in this moment, it feels like hell, and senseless that life even exists. But is there nothing you enjoy about life? Personally, I love cats. To me, there is nothing more important in life than loving cats! I love the feeling of their fur. I love their personalities. Call me crazy if you want, but I think life exists for the love of cats. What is it that you love in life? Have you discovered it yet? Songify This - CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT (now on iTunes) -- a song about loving cats https://youtu.be/sP4NMoJcFd4 Meow Mix song [10 hours] https://youtu.be/SbyZDq76T74 Q. … at night my thoughts about this get even worse. I can't sleep and I worry that I'm going to die in my sleep. Something I've wondered a lot about; if everything that ever exists is me then aren't I in reality lonely? A. This is something I’ve wondered about myself. Or more precisely, if everything is me, am I alone? Here I think it is helpful to consider how the human perspective, with its ego providing a sense of individuality, differs from source perspective, which relates to unity of all there is. As we are both human and expressions of source, we can have both perspectives. But we sometimes get into distressing thoughts when we try to the mix the two perspectives in certain ways. Likewise, on a human scale, you are obviously not alone. You are surrounded in fact by people who care about you. Yes, there are some people one must be careful about, but the majority of people have benign intensions and a sincere desire to help others. Humans are a social species and most of us are only too aware of how much we depend on each other. And some of us depend on cats. Q. And why even live forever if all that's ever gonna be is pain? A. I understand right now you are in pain, and from that pain it may very well feel that you will always be in pain. But can you think back to a time you were not in pain, and believe you can feel that way again? Can you engage in anything you like? Or can you find a way to be OK with the pain for a little while, perhaps through meditation? A lot of suffering can occur when we are in resistance to what is, thinking thoughts like this shouldn’t be happening, or that should be happening. I personally find the Buddhist perspective of non-attachment very helpful in attempting to trust the universe more. Q. Please somebody help, I think I'm having another anxiety attack right now. And this "Big shift" everyone talks about scares me even more. I'm afraid that life will start to like a "dream"; not in the good way but dizzy and not real. I wake up a lot during the night and I feel dizzy or surreal and I see glimpses in the darkness which freaks me out even more and I'm afraid that's what life's gonna feel like after the shift and forever more. And the thing Teal talks about with being more than one persona bc of trauma scares me too. Bc then who am I???? A. I don’t know how to help with anxiety, but please check out the links I provided links below. I like to sleep with a light on myself, and with a couple of cats, one are both are often being on the bed with me. I sleep very comfortably and never worry about who I am, as I know I am simply who I am. And so are you. Q. As you may see I worry A LOT and it makes it even worse that no one else knows what it's like; it seems like no one else thinks that this thing called life is HELLA SCARY. I've tried talking my mom about it and she listens, but ofc she can't save me (and I can't tell her everything bc then she would think I'm crazy). I've been to the school psycologist bc of the panic attacks and told her a little bit about these thoughts, but she just told me to stop reading and watching videos about spirituality. And yeah ofc it seems obvious to do that, but even if I did it wouldn't stop the thoughts from occuring. I know that none of you can save me from the terror, but I was just hoping for relief by writing this down and maybe some of you had something to share to make me realize something what than what my mind tells me??? A. You are not alone in that everyone experiences fear. And many people, including myself in the past, experienced panic attacks, anxiety and worry. When I was younger, I was know as The Worrier, (a pun on The Warrior). I’m generally happy now, but it took emotional and spiritual growth. While it may be true that no one can save you from your own thoughts, other people can influence them in ways that can help you to save yourself from thoughts that terrorize you. I hope this helps. I wish you the best. - Aaron How to Stop a Panic Attack (Episode about Anxiety Attacks) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/y5PWwTv-FEM How to Get Rid of Anxiety (A Natural Cure for Anxiety) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/Py_jRvkP7ho How to Stop Expecting The Worst (Catastrophizing) -Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/xrSjXpxVz0k How to Stop Worrying (Ask Teal Episode on Worry) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/avhLg3gUFlw I Want To Kill Myself (What To Do If You're Suicidal) - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/lXi7vcnvl5c What To Do if You Feel Hopeless - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/42Kn4f6Mgks Spirituality 2.0 (How to Set Yourself Free) - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/UvglEmkhpzY Spirituality 3.0 (The Path of Choice) -Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/h4UcPVPtOa0
  4. Hi VeronicaEcheverria, Below are links to some more of Teal’s videos on the topic of relationships. There is a lot to know about relationships. Again, I wish you the best. - Aaron Personal Boundaries vs. Oneness (How to Develop Healthy Boundaries) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/hnKU-hL2Uag How To Say No - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/bCRxzjp0MNw How To Overcome The Fear Of Conflict - Teal Swan- - https://youtu.be/RSzjnJ8_1W8 Fear is Good (The Benefit of Fear) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/jM-b9Dej-AI Why You Keep Attracting the 'Wrong' Person in Relationships https://youtu.be/uEeKJUnm7eg The Sacred Directive of Relationships - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/7c8ZVU9lwOY Get On The Same Page (Relationship Advice) - Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/40M2g6qECDg The #1 Relationship Obstacle (And How To Dissolve It) - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/2vAOyEVKJ8M Stop Trying to Love Them and Start Trying to Understand Them - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/pr0SguyqkyQ To Help or Not to Help? (Helping Others) -Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/XVhraNCkBnY "The Great Rescue" of Relationships - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/11jfXcQpncY 10 Tips For a Successful Relationship - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/F6fXUPhrq7I Spirituality 2.0 (How to Set Yourself Free) - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/UvglEmkhpzY Spirituality 3.0 (The Path of Choice) -Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/h4UcPVPtOa0
  5. Hi VeronicaEcheverria, There is always two sides to a relationship between two people. Sometimes, what may be perceived as “rejection” by one person, is something different to the other. Now at age 53, I’ve seen a lot of relationships come and go, and some come back again. Sometimes, there is clear intention by one person to “reject” another, but more often people just grow together or grow apart, and I think that is just a normal part of life. As you become more conscious, with higher vibrational frequency, energy, and self-knowledge, you may indeed find yourself growing apart from some of the people who have been friends in the past at an increased rate. Generally speaking, these will probably not be the people you, yourself, resonate with that much, or you may find that you yourself are feeling less of a connection with them, and wanting to let go of the relationship. If there is a particular person you think you will miss, I would suggest trying to have a conversation with them. Sometimes, people will mistakenly think that you are not as interested in them, and think you rejecting them, even as you think they are rejecting you. It can be a misunderstanding as simple as a missed email, or something trivial like that. Society often encourages the idea of having many friends, but as we become more deep in our thinking, most of us also want friendships that reflect that depth. These tend to take more time. Plus you may be wanting more time on your own for meditation, study, etc. So your total number of friends may go down even as the friendships that you keep, or gain, have more significance in your life. You will probably find new friendships forming too, though this can take some effort. While participating in events or activities that you enjoy, I would suggest looking to see if you feel drawn to talking to anyone. Someone you might resonate with could be more shy than the people you have spent time with in the past, so you may find that you need to be the one to start up the conversation. Even when you are rejected, either by someone you know, or by someone you are trying to get to know, try not to take it personally. I’m not saying that this something you do. I bring it up because it is a mistake that a lot of people make, including myself at times, especially when I was younger. If someone does reject you, or is simply not interested, it can simply be because they don’t appreciate what you have to offer. But that can say more about them, then it says about you. In any event, as long as you are treating people with kindness and being authentic, I expect you will not have problems having as many friends in your life as you wish to have. With regards to myself, as soon as I have time, I plan to get more involved with the Buddhist community because I love the teachings their too, and think I would have more to talk about with people in such a community. However, TealSwan.com makes it possible to see where in the world other members are, for those members that share that. Plus going to TealSwan Synchronization Workshops and local chapter groups can be a great place to meet people. But again, remember that a lot of people are shy, so you may need to be outgoing. That increases the risk of “rejection”, but if you don’t take it personally, it will not matter much. The very nature of what it means to be "friends" shifts for a lot of people as they experience more unconditional love for themselves and others, and practice more spiritual ways of thinking about others, including things like non-attachment. In that sense, the way you experience friendship may change considerably. Teal Swan did a great video on “How To Connect With Someone” which I recommend watching if you have not seen it already. I’ve provided a link below. I know this has been a rather long answer to a simple question, so I hope this has been helpful and not way off from what is wanted. I wish you the best. - Aaron How To Connect With Someone -Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/X-SdqaGS_jc
  6. Why Don’t We Recognize Our Own Positive Emotions? It is sometimes easier to recognize and appreciate positive emotions in others than ourselves. We say or think things like, that person is so loving, or so appreciative, or so happy. We may be impressed by those feelings in others, but dismiss the importance of, or even not recognize, those emotions in ourselves. At least, I know I do that sometimes, and I think others do that too. Many people, including myself, will be more alert to the sensation of negative emotions like anger, frustration and fear. We can feel the effect on our body, and take note of it to alert us that something is “wrong”, that we are disturbed or stressed by something we are thinking. But will not, as a general rule, take note of positive emotions the same way. They will not alert of us of something being “right”. So what is that about? Why don’t we recognize our own positive emotions as much as negative ones? That is, for those of us who do that? Some others will suppress the negative emotions, which is not healthy either. Both positive and negative feelings are beneficial to notice. Maybe we ignore positive emotions because as children we were just expected to be happy, and therefor it was considered the “normal” state? Or perhaps it is different reasons for different people? I really don’t know. But one thing seems certain. We can only ever truly experience our own emotions. And I think when we don’t really recognize or appreciate our own positive emotions, we are missing out on the best thing life has to offer. We are missing the opportunity to feel the positive all there is. Seeing someone else as loving, appreciative or happy is great. But deeply feeling these and other positive emotions in ourselves, that’s where we connect with our own divine nature. I think that this direct experience of positive emotions is where we tap into the energy and inspiration to be our best selves. And to be most helpful to ourselves and others. There is a lot that goes into understanding emotions, our own and others, and their importance, and how to change emotions. Below are links some of Teal’s work on the subject. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and hope that what I wrote is helpful. I wish everyone the best. - Aaron The The Ultimate Life Hack (The Secret to Understanding People) - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/p8wNtsNflGc Emotional Wake Up Call - Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/wMC7ULTSPEE Teal Swan’s article on “How To Feel” https://tealswan.com/resources/articles/how-to-feel-r223/ Teal Swan’s article on “Why We Can't Feel Loved For Who We Are” https://tealswan.com/resources/articles/why-we-cant-feel-loved-for-who-we-are-r220/ Teal Swan’s article on “Invalidation of Positive Emotion” https://tealswan.com/resources/articles/invalidation-of-positive-emotion-r212/
  7. Aaron

    Hi Garnet and all, I would like to think "insurance => assurance that me (or my family) would be taken care of". In personal experience, as well as what I've heard from others, over the years is that its not as straight forward as that. Every insurance policy one can buy has its limits and stipulations, which makes sense. The problem however is that these sometimes lead to situations where one expects the insurance to cover a loss, but it doesn't. Which can be triple painful because (1) you do not have the coverage you thought you did to protect you and your family, and (2) you may have been paying into it for years money that you could have used elsewhere, and also (3) not proceeding to get what you intended, because you thought you had it. It is also possible to understand the policy correctly in terms of what it covers, but fail to comply with some aspect of it, such as providing some piece of information incorrectly. That can be the basis for the insurance not covering a person as well. My comment here is not to recommend against insurance, for it may be just the thing that saves a family from financial ruin. Having insurance has helped me and my family. My comment is only that it does not provide me as much assurance as I would like, and therefor self insurance can be a more attractive option that it would otherwise first appear. But this also has its limitations as it takes time build up an emergency fund, and even then human nature is such that it may be spent on other things than what is intended. Or the wealth being otherwise lost due to a failed investment. Either way leading to no emergency fund even once it has had time to build up. In any event, it is sometimes required by law that people have insurance, and proof of that insurance, such as for driving a car. There seems to be no way of removing all risk, but I try not to worry much, as stress can be both unhealthy and unpleasant, and not make things any better either. I’ve included a few links to Teal videos below that are on that topic. Perhaps the best situation, if one can manifests enough wealth, is to have insurance AND some emergency savings. Aaron How to Stop Worrying (Ask Teal Episode on Worry) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/avhLg3gUFlw How to Stop Expecting The Worst (Catastrophizing) -Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/xrSjXpxVz0k How to Get Rid of Anxiety (A Natural Cure for Anxiety) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/Py_jRvkP7ho
  8. Aaron

    Hi Aquarian, Your welcome! I actually don’t find it exhausting, but energizing, to write posts. It provides me an opportunity to feel loving. I have limited amount of time to do it, but it’s no trouble. I did get a sense from your questions that something is bothering you and I look forward to getting more of your questions if I can be of help. I wonder if you meditate, and if not, if you would find that helpful. Just attempting to slow down one’s thinking, and deciding what to focus on, can be critical to peace of mind. From a human scale perspective, there are huge injustices every day, and to maintain mental health, we need to know how to take care of the mind. Though I am a fan of Teal’s work, I also like a lot of Buddhist perspectives too. Below is a link to a talk given by the Venerable Robina Courtins you may find useful. http://www.dharmakayacenter.com/venerable-robina-courtins-teaching-audio-files.html I am not in position to know if you are “wrong” in your thinking, or to judge you in any way. Though to be totally honest, I don’t understand a lot of what you and Kielbasa Johansen are saying. For example, I have no idea what the following words mean... I try to keep my thinking fairly simple and straightforward. There is not a lot of drama in my head. I tend to go with the easy to understand things, keeping it simple, rather than esoteric and mystical. I identify a lot with my cats, who I imagine have little use for more complicated perspectives and worries. Though I don’t know what they think, they seem grounded (with all four legs) and just focused on meeting their needs as opposed to pondering where they can, or can’t, express themselves. Which is fine with me, unless they go outside the box. ;-) Much love, Aaron
  9. Aaron

    Hi Jules95, I’m no expert, and will just make up some stuff based on my intuition and personal experience, so please take what I say as just something to consider. For the purpose of discussing your question, I think it would be very good to try to consider “love”, “attachment”, “emotional intimacy” and “support” as four very different things that are often all referred to as just “Love”. In western culture, these things are often seen as the same, and that can be very limiting in how we think about relationships with ourselves and others. I think recognizing the differences can perhaps help immensely in understanding your relationship with the sociopath you describe, and with yourself. Independent of your particular situation, I’ll describe what I see as the difference between the four things. These are not intended to be absolute definitions as much as just working concepts for the purpose of discussing any relationship. Different people will use these words differently at different times, so it can be confusing. But just recognizing that the word “Love” is used to mean so many different things can be very helpful, I think, to anyone trying to sort out there feelings. In the words of Teal Swan “Love is to take something as part of yourself. When you love something you pull it towards yourself, you include it as you. … The exact opposite vibration of love is fear. To fear is to push something away from yourself. To dis-include it. You don’t take it as you. … The ultimate reality is that of oneness. … We’re all expressions of the very same energy. … and that collective energy has a consciousness, this consciousness is what we have been calling God or Source.” (From Teal’s video What is Love?) I’m a big believer in unconditional love myself in that I recognize my unity with all there is. I love people who I just met. I love people I don’t even know. I love things too. I love beautiful crystals I have on a shelf. I love the poop I scrape from the cat box. I recognize everything as being connected and made from the same energy. And it is significant as I feel I can’t intend to harm anyone or anything without harming myself. If we all felt this way, we would stop fearing each other, and peace would be the order of the day. But “feeling love” is just a matter of feeling in touch with the ultimate reality of what we are, the unity that exists between us regardless of how kind or cruel we are towards each other, how much or how little we seem to be in each others lives, or whatever else we may feel or don’t feel in the moment. From our ego’s perspective, we reduce love to a feeling, rather than the reality, because our egos are designed to provide us the illusion of being separate. To the extent that we feel actual love, we are simply in touch with the reality that binds us all together. This is not satisfactory to the ego that wants something romantic, affectionate, even magical. Thus we get the feeling of love mixed up with those of desire for attachment, emotional intimacy, support, and even things like drama, danger, anger and fear. The darker aspects pushing adrenaline into our bodies and causing to think things which when we really think about them, or highly delusional. Sayings like “Love hurts”, “Love is a battlefield” and “Love kills” for instance. Love, and feelings of love, never hurts us, but what we mistake for love can. Love is perhaps confused most with feelings of attachment. But love is very different from attachment. Attachment can be thought of as the desire to keep something in your experience. I can love all people because I don’t confuse it with the desire for, or feelings of, attachment. None the less, to harm anyone, I would feel like I was harming myself. My feelings of love then inspire me to truly wish whatever is best for everyone, and still not be overwhelmed with attachment issues, or limited by what experiences can fit in my life. It also allows me to let go of relationships that are not healthy for me. I can be fully loving of someone, but feel no attachment at all. Being a conscious being, I can choose attachments based on what is nurturing and healthy for me, or what brings me joy, rather than be stuck in a life filled with drama from being attached to a person for me that will encourage suffering in my life, and then staying in the relation not realizing that it is not about love, but an unhealthy attachment. Unhealthy because it does not serve my growth and expansion in life, but instead keeps me stuck in a painful and stressful situation. Emotional intimacy has to do with trust, attunement, openness, empathy and trust. Emotional intimacy is being able to see the other person’s authentic self, and them see you. Personal relationships that lack emotional intimacy are inherently dangerous because people make themselves very vulnerable emotionally and physically to someone who has hidden needs. In other words, someone is getting used. And based on the law of attraction, it is generally both of the people in the relationship. One is lying, the other is accepting of lies, or is too oblivious to notice, or too needy to care, or perhaps both are telling lies. The point is, its not a healthy relationship for either party, and both contribute to the problem. Alternatively, relationships with real emotional intimacy may seem boring because of the lack of drama, or scary because of what they require from us, which is typically a lot of growth. Support is another area of relationships that is worth recognizing on its own. Do you support the other person’s development, joy, and well-being? And do they support yours? Relationships based on mutual support can be very wonderful indeed. This, combined with emotional intimacy, can create an “emotional base” for the two people which can empower both people to meet even more of their own and each other’s needs and desires, and contribute to the world around them. Being supportive to someone can bring out the best in us, and their being supportive to us can do likewise for them. Healthy attachment combined with emotional intimacy can create an “emotional base” that not only facilitates our growth, but supports us in our individual efforts to help yet others. So, you might already see where this is going, but let’s look at these different things in terms of your relationship with a sociopath. Regarding feelings of “love”, this can perhaps be seen best in how much you harm each other, harm yourself, or facilitate each other doing harm to anyone. I can not speak to what’s in your hearts, but from what you wrote, creating space emotionally and physically from this sociopath or any other is the best, and probably only, way to experience genuine feelings of love for yourself and others, verses just the many other things that can be confused with love. You and him obviously feel some attachment towards each other, but without any consistent emotional intimacy or support. Keep in mind that when you allow someone to hurt you, you are facilitating their harm of another person (you), and in this way you are hurting them to. Thus, if a person has a personality disorder that is preventing them from not harming people they interact with, then yes, I would say they are not capable of feeling love as evidenced by their actions. And your subjecting yourself to harm from anyone is not helping them. All the above is just my opinion. I provides some links below to Teal’s videos that I think are related to this topic. I sincerely wish you and the sociopath the best. I hope you find healthier relationships where you can truly feel love, and be loved. But don’t be surprised if such a relationship does not feel as good to the ego. The ego is a wonderful tool for experiencing unity by providing the illusion of separateness, and by contrast love. But it is only moving beyond the ego that we can truly be in love. - Aaron What is Love? - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/L39DzzsixRQ Personal Boundaries vs. Oneness (How to Develop Healthy Boundaries) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/hnKU-hL2Uag ATTUNEMENT (The Key To A Good Relationship) - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/7OIOkd43ev4 Openness (Why it is Crucial to Be Open) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/9Kp_PlHHbrw Fear is Good (The Benefit of Fear) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/jM-b9Dej-AI
  10. Aaron

    Hi GabijaCij, Sorry, I have not read all posts in this string before responding, but here are just a few things to consider that are independent of much of how things are organized in general. 1) I hope, as much as possible, that old posts will be retained. I would really like to not see content lost. 2) I make use of the “Latest Posts” listing a lot and would like to see that list become longer, or have link to be able to see more. Also, it would be nice to have the option to filter the list in a variety of ways. Mostly, I’m thinking it would be good to be able to see those discussion posts that have not yet been responded to yet. I personally like to have an easy way to access that as I try to give responses to those more priority so people hear something back. 3) Does Teal herself ever respond to forum posts, or start any discussions. I think there is confusion around this, especially in the forum category “Ask Teal”. I find myself jumping in to respond, but then providing links to Teal videos that I think may be helpful in a response. Thus the response could be thought of as being at least partially by Teal, in that it includes some of her teachings. 4) I’m aware that one of the forum rules is “Do not post advertisements, or referral links to other services.” If, as a matter of discussion, I’m wanting to provide a link to another website that does not belong to Teal, is that considered another service? For a concrete example, I was recently responding to a post that talked about different spirituality of different religions, and the person mentioned Buddhism. I was quoting some on why I didn’t view Buddhism as religion in western sense of religions. I wanted to provide a link to provide credit for what I had written, but felt I might be violating the rule if I did so. 5) Teal has created a huge number of extremely informative videos. I’m wondering what might be doable in terms of organizing them, and how that might possibly connect with the forum. For example, I could imagine a table or spreadsheet somewhere on your site that along the vertical column might contain the title, and link to, all the videos, and then along the horizontal was a list of topics, or key ideas. The table could be interactive in the sense that when scrolling through it vertically or horizontally, one could always see the left hand column with videos, or at least as much as would fit on the page, and likewise with the header. Further, one could click on header column subject, such as as “Parenting”, and all the videos with specific insights to that would filtered by that subject. And the list could be further filtered yet by clicking on other headers. 6) Relative to my idea just above about videos, it would be helpful if the subjects also corresponded to forum subject areas, and there was a way to jump easily between them. So, for example, if you were looking at the table, and saw the column subject “Parenting”, there would be forum link just below the the Parenting that would take you to the discussion area in the forum. Likewise, at the forum, there would be a link that would take you to the table, filtered already by the subject parenting. I realize that there would be significant work involved in setting this up technically, and perhaps a lot more in just identifying what videos connect with what topics. But at least for the later, you could probably find volunteers to help with that. I would be one. As it is, I’m constantly going back over videos trying to see which I should recommend people watch based on their blog post questions. 7) The idea above could also be expanded to include quotes, and perhaps even blog posts of Teal’s. And perhaps even outside resources that Teal and her staff approve of if Teal wants that. The ability to link content for providing more information on subject of interest is, I think, a very powerful way to use the abilities of the internet. 8) For those, like myself, that like to post a lot of responses, with a sincere desire to help others in this way, I’m wondering if there could be any kind of training or support organized. Something that goes beyond just posting rules and helps people to help others through the forum. It might be something like becoming a completion process practitioner, but instead be focused on helping members post the best possible responses they can for other members. Or perhaps it is just a discussion area where people discuss what is helpful or not in how they respond, and can get feedback on how to be more helpful through the forum. I hope this helps! Thank you for all your efforts to maintain and improve the forum. I wish you the best. - Aaron
  11. Aaron

    Hi MC2, If you have not already seen it, you might enjoy the following... Truth? What To Do When No One Can Agree On It! - Teal Swan
  12. Aaron

    Hi MC2, Buddhism is not a religion in the western sense. According to an online definition I found, a religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. But there is no Buddhist God. Nor is Buddhism a form of atheism either, that is the disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods. I think Buddhism is often confused with religion because Buddhism provides a path of practice and spiritual development such that many who identify with it don’t feel a need for any religion. And though I am no expert, I don’t think Buddhism teaches “the importance of eliminating the concept of dualism altogether.”, as much as guide the practitioner to see the grey in between. Thus Buddhism is sometimes referred to as the Middle Way. Polar opposites of dualism are generally viewed as in conflict. For example good vs evil, light vs dark, love vs hate (or fear). The Middle Way, as I understand it, is not about eliminating this way of thinking, but transcending it to see things in a more complete view of reality. Speaking for myself, I feel drawn to Buddhism, and I have no desire to abandon the ego. The ego is, as I think about it, what provides me a sense of being a unique individual. Which, perhaps ironically enough, is what allows me to perceive and appreciate unity. Think of it this way, a fish may live its entire life without a concept of, or appreciation for, water. Then one day it is pulled from the water and then released back into it. If for the fish, being in water was the sense of connection one calls unity, then being pulled from the water could be considered the ego. The ego further provides the opportunity for individual expression. I love my ego. I learn much from having an ego. And I enjoy having an ego a great deal. There is indeed good reasons for the ego and the illusory self to exist. I believe as you do that it exists for the purpose of spiritual development. But I don’t know that the only spiritual growth can occur from the full amount of ego we are born with in this reality. And in any case, I don’t want to be limited or defined by my ego, as that is what I think can keep us from unity and unconditional love. And that being limited by ego would keep me in a perpetual state of suffering, much like a fish out of water. Peace! :-)
  13. Aaron

    Hi Kielbasa Johansen, I like the way you ended your post with the word “Peace”. I think there needs to be lot more of that in the world. Especially when discussing justice, because too often two people, two gangs, or two countries, will be fighting each other, and both sides will be seeking “justice”. Can you describe what you see as justice if different from what I would describe it as, “Helping each other with kindness and compassion”? (Note, I just added the words “with kindness and compassion” to my post above for additional clarity.) Or do you literally mean that “Judgment IS the mirrored_reality that one slowly evolves oneself out of.” and that “Judgment and Karma and Law Of Attraction are one in the same.” Are you saying that if you go out and shoot someone, that it must be a justified killing because the bullet would only hit someone who it attracted that through law of attraction, and therefor deserved to be harmed? Or if you got shot, it would also be justice because that too is just mirroring from the law of attraction? Well, if so, that would explain a lot of violence in the world. Along with all the suffering that is associated with it. But yikes, that feels like such a brutal concept of justice. As expressions of source, is that the best we can do? I say “no”, we can do better. We are expressions of source, and as such, we can choose kindness and compassion if that is what we want in the world. We can say things like “Fuck the law of attraction”, and make up better laws anytime we choose to do so. Finding peace is in the power of source, me and you, if we just start believing enough in our selves. And wake up to who we really are. But we can’t get there by running from war, as there is not a “no war” frequency, and anytime we emotionally resist anything, feeling like things “should” be different, we are sure to suffer. No, we must bravely accept the condition of the world, our personal world, and the illusion of a bigger world, as it is today. See and accept all the suffering in it. And then simply choose something else, and act in accordance with that desire. I sometimes expect that I wake up to news that all wars have ended, that the world unanimously has declared peace, and that the amount of violence in the world has plummeted. My ego, or some part of me, tells me this may not happen, and I laugh thinking that may be the very thought that keeps it from happening. I would perhaps then reject that thought, except that rejection would be resistance that causes suffering, and gives energy to that which is not what I want. Violence will never be solved by choosing not to be violent. Only by choosing to be helpful to ourselves and others with kindness and compassion will violence end. Unconditional love is what must be chosen on every level of consciousness, starting with my own, that is to also say your own. Governments with armies will never be able to create peace. That is up to all people with hearts to create, including those in government and armies. We are not nearly as powerless as our fears would have us believe. And before we have world peace, we can, and must, have inner peace. As the world is just a projection of what is inside of us, and the concept of “other” is just an illusion. The future awaits us. Let’s make it a peaceful one. Below are some links regarding this topic. I wish you the best, Kielbasa Johansen, and hope this helps. Peace, Aaron F*ck The Law of Attraction - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/V6xCjY39_t0 Fuck The Law Of Attraction https://tealswan.com/resources/articles/fuck-the-law-of-attraction-r196/ THE FUTURE - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/A4NF1aWg7K0 Fear Of The Future (How To Stop Fearing The Future) - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/8dSl82gAqqo
  14. Aaron

    Hi Aquarian, I appreciate your reply to mine, and will do my best to answer your questions in a Q&A format, to the best of my abilities. However, as flattered as I am by your comments, I make no claims to be either wise or evolved, so please take everything I write as just something to consider. Or in other words, I’m making this stuff up as I go, so you decide if it has any value to you. In my first draft of a lot of my answers, I found myself stating that "from a legal perspective, that would be a question for an attorney or judge to answer." Please accept all of the answers below as being my own personal perspective relative to spirituality. Q. What is justice? A. “Justice” is a word, a label, that like any other means what we define it to mean. I have no consistent sense of what justice is beyond looking it up in the dictionary online. To me, personally, it is meaningless to whatever extent I can really identify with the concept that we are all really one. That said, from a spiritual perspective, I would like to think that justice is about truly helping yourself and others with kindness and compassion, and will proceed to answer your questions from that perspective. Q Who is authorized to serve (justice)? A. We all have the opportunity to help ourselves and others. Many would argue that we have the obligation to do so. But I would think it is more like the necessity. Q. Can I serve (justice)? A. You can help yourself and others, yes. Q. What is the justice for emotional hurt, overstepping boundaries? A. It sounds like you are asking: What is the “punishment” for emotionally hurting others and overstepping boundaries? Punishment, like justice, is a meaningless concept to me. If we are all one, who is there to punish? Q. Can darkness serve justice or is it the responsibility of light? A. The concept of darkness and light is helpful to a lot of people. Though I think a spectrum of colors is perhaps even more helpful as darkness and light implies judgement just as good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative, etc. Q. God is said to be the harsh judge, is he serving the justice at the moment? A. I don’t know. Are you? As an expression of source, are you judging harshly? Are you serving justice? From my perspective, we all need to help each other as best we can with unconditional love for ourselves and others. Q. Will the judges in our existing law system be punished for their crimes? A. I’m not sure I understand your question or can give it a meaningful answer, but it sounds like you think being a judge in existing law system is a crime. My guess is that there are many kind people who work very hard to be of service to others in the role of judge. Many of them are helping others as best as they know how, trying to serve justice for the benefit of society at its current level of development. Q. When and where the law system was originated? A. I don’t know, but it does seem deeply rooted in the idea of there being “other”. Q. Is law natural? A. Everything, even those things made by man, can be considered natural. Just as a damn built by otters, or a birds nest, can be considered natural. Q. Why there is a sign libra in our zodiac? A. Sorry, I don’t know much about zodiac signs. Q. Is the balance really important in this world? A. Sorry, I don’t know what is meant by “the balance”. Q. Can we create a parallel justice system in this world? A. There are many ways to help people, but otherwise I don’t know what to say about that. Q. Why jesus was punished and crucified? A. Sorry, I don’t know much about Jesus. Q. If we can not change the world, then does sacrifice can change it? A. I think change starts from within. If you want to the world to be more loving, then start by being more loving yourself, etc. In this way, we do change the world. Even if one believes that is an large objective world outside of us, then we have at least changed one person in that world. Q. Should we resign like buddha or how to go about it? A. I was not aware that Buddha resigned, or what that means exactly, but it does make me think of Teal’s videos on Spirituality 2.0 and 3.0. Links are provided below. Q. How to change the mindset of law makers? A. All change starts from within and to hurt anyone is to hurt yourself. Therefor, being nonviolent is always desirable. Q. Who is the relief and where is the relief for victims of injustice? A. To the extent that we understand “other” as an illusion, there are no victims as such. I hesitate to say that because it can sound very invalidating, and I mean no disrespect to anyone, or to minimize anyone’s suffering. I’m just trying to say if we are all one, then it would seem to logically follow that anything one does to another, they are doing to themselves. That said, real relief, to end suffering, I found it to be able to accept what is, as opposed to emotionally resisting it. This is not to say we should not try to help ourselves and others, but rather we to try not to think in terms of our current situation should or should not be what it is. Q. Is the revenge a type of justice? A. No. Never. Though some say living well is the best revenge, which I do like the idea of. Again, if we are all truly one, then you can’t anyone without hurting yourself. Revenge makes no sense in that context. Q. What is the best form of justice? A. I believe that is helping yourself and others. Q. Can we start a spiritual justice system? A. Its already started everywhere people are helping themselves and others. Q. What do you think? A. You ask a lot of questions. I sincerely hope these answers are helpful to you. Q. What if next step in the game is equally important as the first step? A. I’m not sure what is meant by this question, but the following answer comes to mine. Every step counts and is uniquely important. When you are helpful, or harmful, to others, you can not know how many will be effected as that actions causes other actions. That is why is important to treat every step, every action, as the most important and to be, to the best of your ability, kind towards yourself and others at all times. Q. My worry is the current situation wherein i feel the efforts are not reaching to the masses. Traumas are taking place even today and will take place tomorrow also in the relationships. We are trying to complete ourselves singlehandedly with her process, where perpetrator have no idea that he has created a victim. I know that the answer is patience and we have to wait until the collective conciousness reaches to that level but you can see its a long inning. Time is moving very slow and the efforts are less. At least i feel that way. Is anything improving at all? Or is it getting worst? A. I don’t necessarily agree that the answer is patience and that we have to just wait. There is no time like now to help yourself and others through acts of kindness. And in so doing, I believe things will improve, if they are not improving already. Q. When the light will pierce the darkness? A. I think your asking something like when will people be unconditionally loving towards each other. I’ve been thinking about that myself. I think it will require an alternative to the law of attraction, and started a discussion about that. I’ve included a link to that below. Basically, I would like to see a “Law of Unconditional Love” in which all people connect with everyone and everything, and truly love and appreciate ourselves and “others” as being a wonderful people. Where we do not forget who we truly are. And I suppose my writing on Teal’s blog is my own way of expressing that desire to the universe. Q. We are trying our best but still the situation is desperate for many people surounding us. In one of the book i read, there are only 2 types of people; basterds and victims. Most of the spiritual people try to be in the middle. Will there be any equalization between these 2 types or is it natural to have those 2 categories of people at all times? A. I don’t really understand the question. Again, I think it is based on the illusion of "other". But your question does bring one of Teal’s videos to mind, “The Victor Trap”. I’ve provided a link to it below. Q. When the light will become agressive? A. If, by “light” you are referring to source, then source is already aggressive, as it is everything else as well. If, by “light” you are referring to the opposite of darkness, then I think it is part of the illusion as is good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative. I believe all these things are part of the contrast that goes along with the illusion of “other”. Aggressiveness is all to often with the intent to harm another, and that could be though of as darkness. But very often, its a matter of perspective. When two countries go to war, neither side considers itself the dark side. I, personally, would like to see a lot less aggression in the world. And so I try to have less aggression in me. I hope that my perspectives are helpful. Much love to you too. Spirituality 2.0 (How to Set Yourself Free) - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/UvglEmkhpzY Spirituality 3.0 (The Path of Choice) -Teal Swan- https://youtu.be/h4UcPVPtOa0 The Victor Trap - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/wUEaMTKyLa4 Alternatives To The Law Of Attraction https://tealswan.com/forums/topic/3045-alternatives-to-the-law-of-attraction/#comment-23070
  15. How do I know if I am unconditionally loving? Hi all, In a recent post I titled “Alternatives To The Law Of Attraction”, I wrote… ‘I try, as many do, to practice unconditional love. And I feel like I can do it with a fair amount of consistency in that I feel some connection with everyone and everything, and I truly love and appreciate myself as being a wonderful person, as I do "others”’. In that post, I state, “I would like to discuss alternatives to the law of attraction.” But I would also like to know, how an individual can know if they are unconditionally loving. I mean, I know that I have compassion for everyone, including those who don’t seem to feel the same towards me. I know that I strive to understand things from others point of view, and consider “other” to be an illusion. And I know that I genuinely like being me, in that there is no one else I’d rather be. But how does one know if they are unconditionally loving? For most of us that try to practice unconditional love, our ego is at least somewhat attached to success even in this non-ego based practice. But if we think we have succeeded before we truly have, then we run the risk of not pursuing it further, before we have actually attained what we were after. In this case, being unconditionally loving, an awakened state of mind. I have heard in Teal’s videos that our emotions are our compass. And I do feel happiness. I feel it even now as I face issues that I could view as very sad, or could be a source of anger or fear. Indeed, it seems the world is in a perpetual state of chaos in which no one is safe. We could all be wiped from the earth in nuclear war at any moment, or some personal threat, but somehow I feel perfectly safe having accepted the idea I am not my body, and death is an illusion, as is the idea of “others”. At least, much of the time I can do this. (I certainly have not gotten perfect at it.) Does this mean that I have reached the state of being unconditionally loving to myself and others? My ego likes to think so. But that aspect of me that seeks spiritual growth does not, for it wants to keep seeking. Hearing the thought, “You have arrived!” is not satisfactory to me, especially as I don’t feel like I’ve done anything that extraordinary, nor do I feel continual bliss. Life indeed still seems challenging, especially when sometimes despite your best efforts to be kind to everyone, someone still thinks negatively towards me, or something I did. Oh well, time to practice more unconditional love. But am I truly practicing unconditional love? I am aware of growth in myself, and I am thankful to Teal for being the catalyst for a lot of it. I resonate a lot with her teachings, and through the forum, do my best help others understand them. This I feel, as much as anything, is an act of unconditional love for I do not know who is reading what I wrote, only that I sincerely wish to be of help to them. So, again, how does one know if they are being unconditionally loving towards themselves and others? How would one know the difference between this, and simply being a compassionate person who genuinely likes themselves and sees themselves in others? Is there a difference? In Teal swans video on “Unconditional Love”, linked to below, she states that “If you are the one who controls how you feel by controlling what you focus on about another person, then your emotional state is no longer dependent on what that person does or does not do. Your love, which is positive focus towards them is not conditioned upon something that they are doing. This is the most important step when it comes to learning how to unconditionally love.” I’m aware that I’m not perfect at this, but I think I manage to do it most of the time. So is that it? Or what is the indication that there is a lot more to do? I see a lot of suffering in the world and think that must mean there is a lot of suffering in me too. That I have just not uncovered that part of me yet. Perhaps none of us are truly and completely unconditionally loving until everyone is, and that is certainly not the case yet. But how does one access those parts of themselves that are yet to be awakened then? Is it though finding more ways to be helpful to “others”? I used to be very attached to the idea of being a “good” person and doing “good” things. Now, not so much. I see good and bad, right and wrong, as just judgements that we use, all too often to create a sense of separation between us. My ego thinks that if I was truly unconditionally loving, I would spend my days working at a soup kitchen helping the poor. And indeed, that is the expression of unconditional love for some wonderful people. For me, my highest joy, is just being home with my cats, loving them like there was nothing more important for me to do in the world than that. Our four cats certainly seem to like that idea. :-) Unconditional Love (How to Love Unconditionally) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/n-17-pXauLE I wish everyone the best! - Aaron