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  1. Angelo77


    Some days like today the longing for a better collective state, the desire for more human connection in the world is so strong within me that it is eating me up alive. Recently I often look back at certain childhood memories of playing with my friends in nature, laughing joking around, feeling free... obviously life changes when you grow up however where is the fun, play, connection, spontaneity ect.? Life in this level of seperation is not life... What makes me sad is that people are so disconnected that they don't even perceive living in such extreme seperation. I keep asking myself how the hell are we going to get there, to a better more conscious collective state where life is what life is meant to be about? Today I'm just sitting with this intense desire and longing for true authentic human connection as I feel like holding on to the awareness about what really matters in life is all that there is left in these times... Just wanted to share some thoughts as I can imagine many of you are feeling the same.
  2. Angelo77

    Two Dominant Shadows

    I think I've never been more nervous about reading a blog post than this time. LOL
  3. Thank you for this Teal. I've been really struggling with slipping in and out of depression and the state of being where it's a constant "what's the point anyways?". I'm seeing more and more about what we are in for in the near future and it's so hard to come to terms with it. The future seems so dark. I don't know.. so far my way of dealing with it was actually becoming ok with my life ending earlier than I thought and just being present each and every day and put my focus on what I want and need. But yea it's not easy with this global mess that we are in and will continue to be in even more...
  4. Angelo77

    Election Anxiety

    "Don't tell yourself stories about how that makes you wrong, that makes you highly perceptive". Exactly what I needed to hear.
  5. I have no idea how I would prepare at this point like how can we prepare for such a global conflict and war. For me personally I feel less resistant just accepting that I might leave this planet earlier than expected. For me the thought of having to prepare causes panic and stress because I do not have the full picture of how these scenarios will play out in my individual life specifially, therefore how the hell do I prepare lol.
  6. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this!
  7. Angelo77

    Tips For Now

    Thank you so much for doing this Teal! I'm literally drowing in anxiety and stress right now...
  8. Angelo77

    Energy Technology Pt2

    A bit off topic but I want to make a video suggestion since this came to my mind today. I remember Teal once mentioned that it's not just women that have a cycle but men as well. I think it would be super interesting to know more about the male cycle since I've never heard anything or anymore talk about that.
  9. What I am working on is constantly asking myself: AM I OBLIGATED? I became aware of that I made so many decisions based on the belief that I am obligated to do so. This is a process of letting go of self hate based decisions, behaviours, statements ect.

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