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  1. Hi followyourjoy,

    I just found out about this forum. I found out about the meetup late and am curious how it went? I am farther north and not in NYC/Brooklyn. Take care and have an excellent day.

  2. followyourjoy

    Hi there! Our meetup is coming up in just a few short days and Tuğçe and I are excited to see everyone there! Here is the map with the exact location where we will be: Dropped Pin Let us know if there are any questions. Keeping fingers crossed for the weather : We look forward to seeing everyone soon!
  3. followyourjoy

    Enjoy Bermuda! We should likely connect another time at a different meetup
  4. followyourjoy

    Hi there! Yes, sure thing! I was planning on bringing ours too, although he does not really get along with other doggies, but as long as your furry baby is on the leash, we should be OK!
  5. followyourjoy

    Hey guys! I saw there was a thread started last year and a meet up My friend and I are planning a Teal Tribe gathering this June in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on June 4th (Sunday) at 2pm. Would love to meet everyone there and connect! Here is the FB link for the invite: @Vala Dawn Fawn @Joe Greco @Tantra_Guy @YOD @Swara @Alongcloudnine @san_zen_ @Cassy @Mw Yamada @Francesca Gela @Jesu @Freia @Tom Rogers @laurenj158 @Vala Dawn Fawn @duckwithlips @Machiko @Fenix @Philip D @Pessy Steinfeld @Tugce @HelenCastillo @Boris Patino @Kellos01 @Miss Patricia @ambers @AutumnAir @So YounG* Blessings, xo
  6. followyourjoy

    @HappyCowHi there! The date has been changed to June 4th (Sunday). We would love have you there if you can make the track across the river! Prospect Park is a beautiful place and it would be wonderful to connect with the like minded people from the community and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  7. NYC Teal Members Meet up- June 4th! Hello Dear fellow Members of the Teal Tribe! Warm weather days and the summer are right around the corner and i think it would be a perfect time to connect with the like minded spiritual oriented people and form a community! I would like to organize a meet up for those members of the Teal Tribe that are interested in meeting each other and hanging out! I'd like to plan a picnic style meet up in Prospect Park on Sunday, June 4th @ 2pm. For those of you who are interested in attending, please let me know and provide me with your email so i can send out all the details of the meeting place, etc. Look forward to connecting with like minded individuals and forming a community ! <3 Diana
  8. followyourjoy

    I'd love to practice with you!