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  1. Not sure if it really matters what you tell yourself. People have different methods but not everything works well for everybody. After all, we have different DNA and different life experiences. I just make it known what my likes and dislikes are and move on with my life. I discovered that my likes and dislikes are rooted in my DNA and I'm not going to force a square peg into a round hole. Humans try to show up and test those likes and dislikes but I just realize they are just humans trying to influence and kindly excuse myself from their presence. Over the course of my life, my likes and
  2. I personally think much of this can be averted by implementing population control methods. We have too many needy humans on this planet and whether or not the planet can meet these needs is up for debate. I have problems handling human beings they are so needy and desperate. I feel energies in my head and I want to grab a can of psychic raid just to kill them off and keep them at bay. Cutting way back on human breeding will significantly increase the quality of life for all life forms, once it reaches a stable level (enough workers to support the retirees). We need to teach abstinence at
  3. May I recommend a good book? Neurobiology and Treatment of Traumatic Dissociation by Ulrich Lanius, Sandra Paulsen, Frank Corrigan.
  4. This is exactly why some of us are delving into the neuropsychology, neurobiology, and neurochemistry of how the mind and body work, so we can have better control of our emotions and evolve as a species. We are making strides in this area, never lose hope; things are getting better. Anybody reading this--please stop the sabotage because you don't understand or are fearful. Support the reasearch for a happy, balanced, and evolved mind as long as no animals are harmed in the process. Feeling sorry for people is compassionate but probably not solving the problem. Understanding the problem i
  5. Teal, we are evolving. Period. We and every other living being on this planet evolved with us. It is our nature. For example, out in nature gorillas fight each other, have pecking orders, and commit infanticide for no good reason. Coincidence? It is the truth of our past and current existence, but it probably won't be our future as a species. We have magnificent brains, and our limbic systems will evolve too, just give it time. I do my best to avoid difficult and dangerous situations because they serve no useful purpose other than to encourage conceit. Am I growing despite this?
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