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  1. "Teal Swan is like heroine.. only more addictive, thrilling, and dangerous." - the_initiated (2017)
  2. You are definitely executing your plan, Teal. KUDOS! I think your spiritual resort and intentional community reality (and ambitions) are perfectly aligned and ideal for showing humanity new and better possibilities for high-consciousness living. Thanks for sharing your life and spiritual insights. Teal!
  3. Write something.. or put a new picture up somewhere. Thanks! ha-ha
  4. Clearly, I need to move to Philadelphia, since I'm a bewildered addict morse so now than ever before and perfectly equipped to help (either) city manufacture more pain. Detroit is a great place to read about another person visiting. (ideally an in-law and not Teal). BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT, DELICIOUS, and DIVINE are 4 things the city is not. However, it is a superb place to work on your auto-matic writing. I've spent much time in my past around there going to college and having a kid in Southfield. (Note: I also developed a promising career as a rapper once I made it out past 8 mile rd.) ["The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world.. are the ones that do"] If crazy is the starting point consensus will be I'm a fast starter. Have a great trip, Teal. Love, zEsteban
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    I'm reading *The_Completion_Process* now.. and am quite impressed and pleased with this epic work of yours! I could say more but I am currently practicing SILENCE. Thanks for the great book and process, Teal.
  6. (1) [" I can see that I am being called to some awareness beyond both practices "] That's called IMPRESSIVE, folks (and a bit of a turn-on).. since no one else in the New Age realm seems to have the mental flexibility to see nor value the VERY BEGINNING of a powerful new "movement" (or actually.. level of understanding). It seems Teal may have some foresight here as well! (a) LOA and (b) FREE-WILL are retained laws and rulers of the universe. (c) IDENTITY fortifies (does not dissolve) while resistance dissolves (through elimination of emotional wounds) thus enabling expansion of (d) AWARENESS (associated with IDENTITY). (2) Teal needs to make a (compiled) book out of her energetic analyses. Something like "Best Psychic & Spiritual Place to Live" (??) Her city analyses are consistently brilliant. .and I believe resonant with amazing accuracy within those of intuitive bent. This is ANOTHER area where she shines.. beyond leading-edge emotional healing. (i.e. The Completion Process) (3) ..And her view of why /how people respond the way they do to handicapped persons in public, etc.?? WELL, I have insights there as well.. but that will have to be undressed (or is it addressed?) later behind closed doors. WONDERFUL BLOG, though! Thanks, Teal Swan Spiritual Catalyst and Meddler.
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    When the beholder beheld is also my mir-her, perfection is in the thigh of the beholder.
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