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  1. What I am doing here is to actually make people think and triggers are the best way to advance pieces of the puzzle, okay? You hold those pieces, Teal holds pieces, her vids are sometimes the result of triggers I bring. I have actually provided inspiration for some of her vids. All of us are working towards healing of the One. Which is you too. This is the planet of free choice. I make use of Arcturian/Sirian/Pleiadian healing grids. These grids allow me to channel the best words for you to heal. Triggers heal. You know this, and you will become such a healer as well some day. Enjoy your weekend.
  2. When you are totally authentic and emotionally mature, no feedback can harm you. That is the future of mankind... Where anything can be said and we'll not have immature reactions from the underbelly. I am fully healed dude. And almost nobody truly knows what that means. I have realized my godhood, or merged with source consciousness from your perspective. You are god itself, I am not kidding. The big boss. Lol. About my triggering. You have no idea what the true self is like. Brutally honest. And most of humanity cannot take that yet. But these messages serve many purposes. All messages from source are delivered and are designed to rebalance an unbalance. My original messages were meant for Teal. Teal knows what to do. Are you Teal? Are you her caretaker? Are you reacting in her name, do you bare any responsibility for Teal Gicqeau? Because you assume much. Please don't speak for others please. Enjoy your evening. #godwashere #lol
  3. Porgy, Teal's lessons combined with Kryon's made me complete. Took me about 7 years of intense mind processing to realize the Ultimate Truth. But I also know there have been a few lives before this one preparing for this moment. But here it is. You are god itself. No shit, I really mean it. You are god walking around in your own creation. Everybody is, with their own unique filter. That experience I had in the beginning of january. I went through the core shame a few weeks later. I asked the Universe for the remaining lessons cause I still experienced some shame. You probably know that you can ask for them, and the lessons will show up in your reality. If you want to know more, ping or mail me. You have no idea what's going on here. But I see your damage.... And I feel compassion for you. I hope you are going to clean your act up with Teal's teachings. You are god too.
  4. Hi Geri, I am triggering on purpose with certain comments to illustrate my point. Triggers heal. Are you yourself a Completion Process healer? And your comments are an indication that you are clearing something here. I like that. Everything has purpose. Let me introduce myself as one who probably is as connected as Teal, but I have some different gifts. She visits me sometimes astrally for counseling. I am also sometimes called teacher of teachers and a Neutral. But that doesn't matter. I tell you this so you have an idea how and in what circles I move spiritually. In response to you: Emotional maturity is the ability to take in any feedback without it bothering you. You appear to be projecting on me that I am invalidating the reality of others, but that is not the case. That is an assumption you are making. I am simply a mirror without judgment (which doesn't even exist, one perceives others to judge), so I am making authentic statements of what I sense should be said to Teal for her to advance her awareness. This is a channeled communication, from a lower perspective. Synchronicity will take care of it if my words are meant to be read. That is how this place works... That is where we are heading as a species ; full awareness about how stuff works around here, and that the individual is god him herself, and I am not kidding about that. I am, and you are too. You are The One. But, god, or source if you like that word better, communicates in a very direct way and that can be perceived as brutal for those who cannot deal with that. Humanity isn't going to enlighten the way you think. We are not going to be so careful with each other that we cannot speak our true self. I hope that makes sense. There will be compassion, oh yes. But when asked, answers are given the way they are meant to be 'channeled' by god him herself authentically. As to provide an authentic mirror for the other. So the other can become fully aware of their unresolved aspects. Emotional maturity is a state of mind and a frequency so high, or in other words a maturity so advanced that nothing can throw you off balance. Because everything is accepted. And that means anything can be said, and it will not hurt. I am not disconnected from my emotions, they are very intense btw. It means I am fully open, and that means all layers of resistance are gone, or nearly almost. I am working now on the last mechanism of separation, but I am fully aware of it so it's almost fully integrated. But the biggest feat is that I have gone through the core shame emotion, which is truly the root cause of all suffering. It was a dirty and filthy experience, I totally understand now why the ego does not want to go there. But I did it. And I sense not many on the planet have done so. Even Teal hasn't... I hope I have made some things clearer for you. Enjoy your day love
  5. Teal, You are not responsible for the life choices of the other gods. You have realized your godhood, yes? Or are you still in the ego perception of the One? The second realization is the true One. The neutral perspective, outside of all the boxes. And then you will know this: The other gods are another perspective of you. But this is the planet of free choice. The planet will enlighten in x thousands of years and you will be here again. As another perspective, you know how the system works. But I am god mirroring you this: You are not the Madonna. Free minds. That is the job you chose. Also to free your own. Part of your learning is to stop crying like a little baby. I have indicated what I sense, a Madonna complex. You'll figure it out. We are learning a level of emotional maturity not ever before seen. You'll be able to deal with any 'authentic' feedback, right now you still feel guilty about a joke you made... That's what this blog is about. Have you gone through your core shame yet? You can always visit me. Love
  6. Hey Superdude, my comments were intended for Teal. The emotionally mature are not offended with the comments of others. Your perspective is honored, and here is my response. There are messages on another consciousness level in my comment on her blog, that you cannot yet see. But your mind obviously is triggered, is that an indication of an emotional energy that needs resolving? Are you a fixer? Teal can speak up for herself, you know. No need to protect her. She is me. And I am a mirror without judgment. Everything has purpose. Enjoy boxing day.
  7. Weren't you once accused of being a cult-leader? Source brings many messages for those who's energy is out of balance. There are only a few on this planet who actually KNOW how the system works, Teal. WE are Source. I bring another message for you today. Your plan to create a planet of your own needs to be reconsidered, Master. Your job should be to free the minds of your disciples. That is the new paradigm. This is the planet of free choice. Messiah complex is a burden that weighs heavy on the shoulders of many great light workers. What is emotional maturity? You will know what to do. Or face opposition, finding nuance is always painful. But hey, that is part of the process of connecting. LOL. I'm on a mushroom right now.... Everything is choice. No one can save us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. we ourselves must walk the path. Buddha Sourcechanneler
  8. Master, Are you encouraging people to actively 'work on others' to make them feel better? This is in violation of spiritual law. And that law is not to influence others. This is the planet of free choice. And everything has purpose. x You know who...
  9. I am Source too, but come from a different karmic group namely Europe. Let me give you my perspective, since you are in your own box of beliefs and unable to look beyond an obvious blind spot. Allow me to be a mirror please. From my perspective the US has to start dealing with their weapons industry. When I plug into the US collective consciousness, I sense your country isn't run by a dark government with a narcissistic puppet at the top (a mirror of North-Korea, Source is very funny, lol), but by old energy industries. Oil is one and the NRA is another. And since this Universe is one of manifestation and attraction, the lessons are coming into reality... How much longer are you going to allow this situation to continue? That is what the Universe is asking. On a side note, the US isn't seen as liberators by many other countries in the world but as oppressors. There can only be an enlightened planet when there is peace. And that starts with abolishing all weapons. Old structures are collapsing. Your old way of living is over. Expect more mayhem until at least 2020-2022. I am Sourcechanneler. Enjoy your day.
  10. Your motivation seems to be one of lack and it is a critique because it is not Unconditional Love, and such is the nature of Source consciousness. Are you there yet? Can you love the unlovable? The True Masters smile when asked. They stand above material needs of ego because they have creation power and don't have to draw strength from a Rolex. They can manifest one if they want to. We are Quantum. So, are you there yet? Only you can answer that question. I simply hope you will take my comments to heart as a chance to advance expectations even further. This message was especially channeled for you and me too, all words we speak are whisperings of the Higher Self... I am Sourcechanneler. Enjoy your day.
  11. "Dreamed into existence".... That is manifestation power! Everything is possible on the planet of free will. And we even have the power to create life. We are Source. love & gratitude
  12. Hello Teal, this was a great read for me. To get an insight in your mind, I thank you. I can only reciprocate by being a mirror without judgment. Here's my two cents. The hate - love dynamic, I researched it in depth. It leads to complete understanding and therefore unconditional love for the Self. And that leads to full acceptance of other. This is enlightenment. But everyone has these Belief Systems (the BS).... This is what the dimension of contrast is all about. The test of consciousness. Many modern spiritual teachers believe that the whole world will magically shift into their perspective of the 5th dimension with enough focus from them and their followers. But it doesn't work that way. Enlightenment is the choice of the individual. It is a mindset. And the spiritual BS is being exposed now because more and more souls have freed their mind. We are heading into a future of non-conformity and absolute equality. The healing process will be difficult, on so many levels. Everyone in the tribe has seen Harry Potter I guess. The symbolism of the Deathly Hallows did not go unnoticed for me. A magical wand, the cloak of invisibility and the resurrection stone. I was killed in a previous life because I communicated my views unfiltered. And so have many others. Burned at the stake or whatever, the collective has great resistance against new, old energy dies hard. I do my healing much more low key now. The greater the light of ego, the greater the shadow. Gratitude Sourcechanneler
  13. That mountain that is called 'ego' is a tough climb, even for the humble Master. And the mountain seems to get higher with every quickening. Missing pieces want to be found and identified. As long as the 'iLabels' are deemed necessary to satisfy the brain... The heart cannot find joy 4:44. At some point, words are no longer required. That is the only true Source perspective. we love you, keep doing what you are doing! Spirit
  14. Here is that line from the Matrix where Neo stands in front of the Architect, where they discuss the unbalanced algorithm of the program. "The problem is choice". But Earth is the planet of free choice, so it was designed by the Divine Creator, All That Is. And as long as free choice is suppressed, there will be resistance. All governments suppress, and on multiple levels resistance will increase over the coming years. And the Universe will kindly manifest a mirror for the human consciousness so that it can understand. Until mankind understands that freedom to believe whatever one wants to believe is our birthright. This is what the Age of Aquarius is about and will move us as a collective out of the child-mind stage into the next one. That'll be the redefinition of 'God'. Oh boy. love & gratitude
  15. How one chooses to live is up to them. This is the planet of free choice after all. So, to become more conscious is the choice of the individual. To deny their reality is to invalidate them. Masters simply smile, not judge. The God in me greets the God in you. X