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  1. Weren't you once accused of being a cult-leader? Source brings many messages for those who's energy is out of balance. There are only a few on this planet who actually KNOW how the system works, Teal. WE are Source. I bring another message for you today. Your plan to create a planet of your own needs to be reconsidered, Master. Your job should be to free the minds of your disciples. That is the new paradigm. This is the planet of free choice. Messiah complex is a burden that weighs heavy on the shoulders of many great light workers. What is emotional maturity? You will know what to do. Or face opposition, finding nuance is always painful. But hey, that is part of the process of connecting. LOL. I'm on a mushroom right now.... Everything is choice. No one can save us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. we ourselves must walk the path. Buddha Sourcechanneler
  2. Master, Are you encouraging people to actively 'work on others' to make them feel better? This is in violation of spiritual law. And that law is not to influence others. This is the planet of free choice. And everything has purpose. x You know who...
  3. I am Source too, but come from a different karmic group namely Europe. Let me give you my perspective, since you are in your own box of beliefs and unable to look beyond an obvious blind spot. Allow me to be a mirror please. From my perspective the US has to start dealing with their weapons industry. When I plug into the US collective consciousness, I sense your country isn't run by a dark government with a narcissistic puppet at the top (a mirror of North-Korea, Source is very funny, lol), but by old energy industries. Oil is one and the NRA is another. And since this Universe is one of manifestation and attraction, the lessons are coming into reality... How much longer are you going to allow this situation to continue? That is what the Universe is asking. On a side note, the US isn't seen as liberators by many other countries in the world but as oppressors. There can only be an enlightened planet when there is peace. And that starts with abolishing all weapons. Old structures are collapsing. Your old way of living is over. Expect more mayhem until at least 2020-2022. I am Sourcechanneler. Enjoy your day.
  4. Your motivation seems to be one of lack and it is a critique because it is not Unconditional Love, and such is the nature of Source consciousness. Are you there yet? Can you love the unlovable? The True Masters smile when asked. They stand above material needs of ego because they have creation power and don't have to draw strength from a Rolex. They can manifest one if they want to. We are Quantum. So, are you there yet? Only you can answer that question. I simply hope you will take my comments to heart as a chance to advance expectations even further. This message was especially channeled for you and me too, all words we speak are whisperings of the Higher Self... I am Sourcechanneler. Enjoy your day.
  5. "Dreamed into existence".... That is manifestation power! Everything is possible on the planet of free will. And we even have the power to create life. We are Source. love & gratitude
  6. Hello Teal, this was a great read for me. To get an insight in your mind, I thank you. I can only reciprocate by being a mirror without judgment. Here's my two cents. The hate - love dynamic, I researched it in depth. It leads to complete understanding and therefore unconditional love for the Self. And that leads to full acceptance of other. This is enlightenment. But everyone has these Belief Systems (the BS).... This is what the dimension of contrast is all about. The test of consciousness. Many modern spiritual teachers believe that the whole world will magically shift into their perspective of the 5th dimension with enough focus from them and their followers. But it doesn't work that way. Enlightenment is the choice of the individual. It is a mindset. And the spiritual BS is being exposed now because more and more souls have freed their mind. We are heading into a future of non-conformity and absolute equality. The healing process will be difficult, on so many levels. Everyone in the tribe has seen Harry Potter I guess. The symbolism of the Deathly Hallows did not go unnoticed for me. A magical wand, the cloak of invisibility and the resurrection stone. I was killed in a previous life because I communicated my views unfiltered. And so have many others. Burned at the stake or whatever, the collective has great resistance against new, old energy dies hard. I do my healing much more low key now. The greater the light of ego, the greater the shadow. Gratitude Sourcechanneler
  7. That mountain that is called 'ego' is a tough climb, even for the humble Master. And the mountain seems to get higher with every quickening. Missing pieces want to be found and identified. As long as the 'iLabels' are deemed necessary to satisfy the brain... The heart cannot find joy 4:44. At some point, words are no longer required. That is the only true Source perspective. we love you, keep doing what you are doing! Spirit
  8. Here is that line from the Matrix where Neo stands in front of the Architect, where they discuss the unbalanced algorithm of the program. "The problem is choice". But Earth is the planet of free choice, so it was designed by the Divine Creator, All That Is. And as long as free choice is suppressed, there will be resistance. All governments suppress, and on multiple levels resistance will increase over the coming years. And the Universe will kindly manifest a mirror for the human consciousness so that it can understand. Until mankind understands that freedom to believe whatever one wants to believe is our birthright. This is what the Age of Aquarius is about and will move us as a collective out of the child-mind stage into the next one. That'll be the redefinition of 'God'. Oh boy. love & gratitude
  9. How one chooses to live is up to them. This is the planet of free choice after all. So, to become more conscious is the choice of the individual. To deny their reality is to invalidate them. Masters simply smile, not judge. The God in me greets the God in you. X
  10. Live versus evil ... Have you noticed the palindrome ? Source is so funny, lol ... And loves you unconditionally. There are more pieces of the puzzle to come, Teal. Unfolding all beliefs is a tall order. x
  11. Quote: One of the most painful things about this path is to recognize things about yourself that aren’t “as they should be”. It's the endless self-judgment that is this conditioning in our minds. And releasing self-judgment is surprisingly easy. Acceptance of a fact is easy, setting the intention is all that is required. It's a simple choice that generates its manifestation. Wanting to find meaning IS the eternal destruct button of the ego, and sustains the self-judgment ... Things to ponder, tribe. The God in me greets the God in you, I am the humble mirror, Marcel
  12. Source judges not, the path you took was meant for you. When we are confronted with fears, we all have to make a choice. Deal with it and practice our thoughts, stay in a box of beliefs or release them? Fight or flight? Whatever we decide, Source does want to let you know that you are loved and seen. And asks all of the Ancient Masters reading this to awaken again and look at your 'sense of Self'. Why do we keep seeking validation from the rest of the World? And so the puzzle continues... love & peace
  13. @Graham Horner here's the channeled information I received from Source. We passed the 2012 marker. The world won't destroy itself and we are on the path of Enlightenment. But it will take at least decades, and it takes as long as it takes. And since you are an infinite being that chooses to come back again and again, well, you get the picture. The ride will sometimes be uncomfortable, but that is what finding your divine self inside is about. The word 'enlightenment' litterally means shining light on your dark side. Becoming aware of it. Namasté
  14. Wha a great story... In my experience, it isn't so much about the processing of the inner crap, it's dealing with the constant feeling of guilt wrapped around these emotions. Now, 9 ayahuasca's and around 20 mushroom journey's later I am freed from resistance to such a degree that I can reason my way around the contrast of the 3D perception... But my freedom finally came when I realized I always did right, the way I do what I do. The whole world is damaged. And that now that raises sympathy and compassion inside me. Looking at the world without judgment. It can be attained. Teal, my magic is still at your disposal. I talk people into awareness. It works like Ayahuasca but you are fully conscious. You know where to contact me. Love & peace